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A True Story


He will not be called by his real name, nor will I, or anyone in this article. We’ll call "him" Andy. Andy and I met three years ago January 14th 2016. We were both in highschool and I was living with my sister, her husband, and her two toddlers. We met spontaneously and were both infatuated with each other. Soon after, we started dating and not long after that broke up.

I then moved to Arizona with my sister and the others. There is more about the few months before, during, and after that move that I will write in another article.

Whilst in Arizona, I attended a school where I’d be living in dorms. I was outrageously depressed and sad I contemplated a lot of horrific things but never acted. Sure enough, I had text messages from Andy on Kik, an app we used to us to text each other. I responded and that got us to talking every single day until I told him that I loved him. He told me the distance would be too hard for him and it’d be best if he would move on, so he’d go on dates and tell me not to worry.

He started dating a girl but the night before, he told me to send him pictures of myself. Only for him to say the next morning he would never cheat on his girlfriend. while I patiantly waited for him to come back. It lasted a couple months but I loved him with great intensity. He told me he wasn’t going to break up with this girl and that I should date someone else.

My friends set me on a blind date knowing I wasn’t ready. He was nice but he was not Andy. I tried dating him and things were good until I didn’t love this guy when he was telling me he loved me. Andy told me he had broken up with this girl and asked me out. I was thrilled I ended things with blind date guy, and took a great big step forward into an amazing relationship.

It wasn’t what I had expected. I’d have to stay up extremely late on the phone and talk to him and he would get mad if I fell asleep on the phone. He then asked me to start waking him up for work at six in the morning, his time, three hours after I had just fallen asleep. He wouldn’t let me go back to sleep either.

He would then begin to yell at me if I didn’t answer him in class, saying I was cheating or that I was making him wait on me. He would even break up with me if I didn’t answer after the first couple rings, telling me that I should learn better.

Things went on like this for a while until I moved back to California, where I’m from. He was angry I was now 3000 miles away from him instead of 2500, so he’d break up with me more and more frequently until he started dating the same girl from the last time (we’ll call her Ruby). He would tell me all these great things about Ruby and that I should be more like her. But “it’s okay because I still love you.” He’s said before, and it always filled the back of my mind with hope.

He then started to engineer arguments between her and I making us hate each other. I’m the reason they’ll never be happy. She’s the reason he and I will never be happy, etc. I began to loath a girl who lived 3k miles away from me that I have never even met to this day. And then...

They break up. And he talks to me for a couple of days before he’s shipped off to army basic training. Who came back was the scariest thing I have ever met.

To be continued....

Pey Clari
Pey Clari
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