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A Perfect Relationship

by Brittany Medvetz about a year ago in advice

Are they real?

A Perfect Relationship

If you scroll down social media you will see your friends post different things about their relationships or relationships in general. "All guys/girls are the same." "No relationship is perfect." "My relationship is perfect."

Honestly, they are lying. Why do I say that? Whether the relationship is perfect, they are hiding that they have had some hard times during their relationship. Or if they say their relationship is terrible, they are hiding that they have had their good times. Sometimes it's so that they can always put on a good show for the crowd and other times it's so they have an excuse to leave the relationship.

My opinion? I don't think "perfect" relationships exist. But what I do believe is that every relationship has its perfect moments. Some can last for a few minutes and others can last for days on ends. Which is amazing if yours last for days and days! What you do have to realize is every relationship has its ups and downs.

Some bad times might really hurt you so that you question why you are even still in this relationship with that person and other bad times might be over the smallest thing so that you don't even know why you two are fighting over that stuff. Then the many in between.

A relationship is about sticking by one another through everything. The ups and downs. Loving each other no matter what happens. You need to support each other. You need to tell each other how you guys feel; when you're upset and hurting or angry.

To have a "perfect" relationship, you and your significant other have to make that happen! It's your choice if you want to make the time you have with them fun or fighting. I'm not saying that you should ignore your problems with them but I'm saying you should solve them calmly and DO NOT accuse them of anything until you have actually talked to them face to face that is. You get a better understanding of their reaction when you talk your problems out face to face.

It's okay to hurt a little but not too much. It's okay to need some space for a little (not a break-up). You're not in a real relationship if you don't ask for simple things like those. Yes, your partner might try and tell you that you don't need space, but then they might also just give you space when you ask for it because they understand that you need time to process and think. Depends on the person.

Now I want to make this loud and clear... I am NOT saying that if you are being abused or cheated on, that you should stay with them. You shouldn't! If they keep physically or mentally hurting you on purpose when they are angry, you need to leave. Either leave or leave and get help to get away from them. For cheating, that's a little bit different. I have been cheated on by different guys many times. If you think they shouldn't get a second chance after the first time, then great! You're very good at standing your ground. Now if you're like me, you will give them a second chance. But once the third time comes around and they do it again... you should really end your relationship then. But that's my opinion. I'm not telling you that you have to. But chances are, they won't stop. But they know that you will forgive them and stay with them still so they go out and cheat again.

Anyways, no relationship is perfect... but ALL relationships have their perfect moments and terrible moments as well. Always make sure that the good outweighs the bad in your relationship! That is the most important rule in the "Relationship" life.

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