A letter to the Heart

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A letter to the Heart
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A woman's heart is a hidden treasure at the bottom of the sea. We keep everything we want and can’t be express.

For many people, the heart is just a muscle that has its own life and beats every millisecond. On the other hand, for others it’s more than that. It is where we keep our feelings, no matter what or who is it.

Many times, we ask ourselves why it is so important to take care of our heart and it’s not only physically. When our heart becomes illness, damage, breaks or fades, the recovery is very complex, it could take years or perhaps never be cure. Sometimes we let time pass and we don’t listen, thinking that our reasoning is often stronger than our heart. The reality is that’s not true, is more than a muscle that have veins and blood. A blood, although many don’t believe it, but makes you feel. It is something more and beyond of what people can imagine. It carries the power to feel and decide what is best for its owner. It teaches you that life is lived day by day. That you love yourself deeply once in your life and others can be temporary or simple loves, but they will never be the same.

You can love all the people you want in different ways because love is infinite, dedicated, passionate and doesn’t hurt.

There are different types of love: a love to your parents, your children’s, grandparents, grandchildren’s, nephews, relatives, neighbors, friends, the most important of which is self-love and the love of a special person. That person that makes each day better for you. That leads you to dream, to see the stars, the paradise. For life to be less complex if it’s reciprocated.

Love is an art. The art of expressing what is felt in the heart in the most appropriate way that people find. It is a devotion and dedication, so he remains alive every day, which is something kind of lacking in these days.

We have lost the love for ourselves and for the loves one. It is very sad to see how people get hurt and/or hurt others at the point of killing just for not having love. Unfortunately, we live in a society and a world where love has turned into materialism and sex. We have to accept that in these days the fact that have sex with other person without love leaves you with emptiness in both ways body and soul. The moment of giving a body to another one must be contemplated by both. A love agreement where each body discover there ends and becomes one with love.

Why many people don't believe in love, because they haven’t dedicated their lives or hearts to discover new stages, the deepest part to something truly sentimental. Today and we see it daily, couples are for convenience, there are very few who today stay together for love like our grandparents or parents. Many of them found love and remain together.

Keep a relationship today is very complex. Involves all areas related to what a relationship truly entails, a lot of respect, affection, understanding, honesty among other things. There are many reasons and ways to understand why love fails or in the other hand is victorious. You may wonder why I am talking about this topic and what it has to do with the title, easy, everything that the heart, soul and head feel, or thinks is a letter dedicated to him. This is simple every time we think of something beautiful or in someone we want to be with, we send a message to the heart letting them know what we think and/or feel. It happens with the soul.

The letters to the heart are not only of joy, many of them are of sadness and desolation. Feeling alone and seeing that others are together as a couple is a message of desolation that we feel knowing that we don’t have a special love that corresponds to what we can offer.

Having lost a special one makes the heart weak, at that moment of lost everything it turns into sadness and desolation accompanies you, leaving you with an immense emptiness that we don’t know most of the time how to handle. Facing the day to day without that person turns your days into a challenge to move forward. Many don’t go through this process because they don’t care whether to move forward or not, while others decide to go ahead, to demonstrate that the pending plans can be carried out even in their absence.

Many times, we think that dreams can’t be made without that person and it’s not true, they can be realized if it’s done with love and for love. Every day, every situation, every moment that we live is a writing in our life and a letter addressed to the heart.

The moments we live, a lot of them we kept them in our hearts and others instead we leaved in the corner of oblivion, a place where things we don’t want we take it there because it was a bad memory, a bad taste or a bad experience.

The experiences we live day by day fill us with different situations. They lead us to understand many things and even the true meaning of life. We can understand that we are never alone and that we always walk hand by hand with someone even though we don’t see them, it doesn’t matter if we fall or get up, or if we are today or not, we never walk alone.

The magic of life, of joy makes us realize how great human beings we can be, regardless of the size of our hearts, that we must be more immense beings in love every day, so those letters we write every day are better and full of many things that make us better human.

The letters that are written to the heart are not made with a pencil or paper. They are made every millisecond of our passing through this world. A world full of wonderful things in which we can enjoy without having to harm third parties even ourselves. A world where it is currently full of misfortune, sadness, misery and desolation. Where we see daily the lack of values, education and understanding towards our fellow men.

Every day the world and life become more complex due to our lack of motivation, education, dedication and above all love.

Let us be aware that each day that passes is one less day of our life and one more of memories and experiences.

Let us always try to send letters to the heart that are of great joy and encouragement so the love for ourselves and fellows remains and not the sadness and misfortunes that make them sick and their recovery is more difficult. Let's see life from different points of view and understand that we came to the world to live in joy and peace, not in tragedies and sadness.

Life is a school where you learn every day. Let's learn what we are, what we want to be at some point, what we want to be and not. Where you carry in your thought and being. It is a school where education is not only provided in school but in daily life.

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