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A Gift from God

by John Matthews 7 months ago in love

A story of how I meet my Wife

A Gift from God

By John Matthews

Several years ago I meet the most amazing person in the world. After several unsuccessful relationships and being worn out from the bar scene, I almost gave up. I prayed for about three years and felt like giving up. I always thought I would be the one who would never find love. I felt a feeling of hopelessness that love would not find me. One day I was browsing the internet noticed a dating website called E-Harmony. I heard this site had been successful in finding matches leading to marriage. I was the type to think these dating sites were scams and that all they wanted to do is drain people by emptying their pockets. After being disgusted from blind dates, clubs, and bars I decided to give E-Harmony a try. I signed up and did searches to find possible matches for me. It didn't take long before I got responses back from individuals. I wrote the ones I sent messages to individuals that I found interesting. It was not long before I received responses and eventually met up with people for dates. Apparently, these dates did not seem to go far and I felt myself in a rut wondering ifthere was really true love out there for me. I sent a message out to a deaf woman from New Jersey named Andrea, who had similar interests with me. I felt like this would not work out because I would have trouble communicating with her. We talked for about two months online and finally decided to meet at Laurel Lanes Bowling Alley in Mount Laurel New Jersey.

I began to worry how I would communicate with this woman who was deaf when we had language barriers. Although, I did take two college classes and worked with two deaf individuals in Maryland, I didn't think my skills were good enough. I was nervous because I

rarely drive to New Jersey and was unfamiliar with the bowling alley. It was the Deaf League's Holiday Party and everyone brought in food to participate. I showed up not knowing anyone and watched from a distance. She introduced herself to me and I watched her bowl and ate food with everyone. After the League finished we went to the bar and sat across from one another passing notes back and forth to one another. We were trying to get to know one another and were both very nervous. The night ended and we parted ways. I retumed to Philadelphia and she stayed in her home town New Jersey.

A few months later on New Year's Eve we decided to go out on our very first date. I left to go pick her up ather dad's house and got lost on the way. Apparently, the street she lived on was off of another larger street that went around in a big circle. I passed the house three or four times before I actually found the side street to turn on into the development. I arrived dressed in a black suit and tie with a white dress shirt, and was extremely nervous. She was dressed in a gold tank top with black pants and looked astonishing. We both went out to Bertucci's Restaurant which was close to her for dinner. Then we went back to her place to play Wii and watch the ball drop. I went home that night knowing I had a great time and returned the next day to watch the Winter Classic Hockey game at her house. I knew that this could be the start of something new.

We continued to date and I came to her bowling league to watch her bowl. Our relationship starting growing stronger and we began to learn more about one another. I found out we were both Flyers fans. I met many of her wonderful friends who helped me communicate and sign better. I later took books out of the library and watched DVD's on signing to try to improve my signing skills. The more I learned the more I was able to communicate with her and her friends. I also started watching the interpreters at my church. They helped me leam Sign Language and become more skilled at signing. Two years later, I surprised her by popping the question on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I knew I was making the right decision because Andrea supported my family after the death of my mom from Breast Cancer. She was not only there for me but also my family. Although, she can never replace my mom she has always been there helping me when needed.

We have now been married for about three years now. I don't regret my decision because I know that if I never taken the risk of signing up for E-Harmony, I would have never met my beautiful wife. I know that God gave me the most wonderful gift in the world. This gift was my wife. I learned that everything in life happens for a reason and learning sign language was one of the reasons that led me to my wife. I thank God each and every day for this wonderful gift.

In life there is purpose for everything, it only takes time and patience for everything to fall in place. We may not understand now why things happen to us or what we are doing now. There will come a day when everything will fall into place and one will understand that there is reason for everything you do. You may not see that reason right away, but when the time is right that reason will show itself.


John Matthews

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, and Actor. I have recorded to CD's back 2004 and 2006. I also recently released two singles last year and currently working on an EP. I enjoying excercising, reading, writing stories & poems.

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John Matthews
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