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A Dating Guide for the Seasons

by ec from cle 6 months ago in dating

you heard it here first.

A Dating Guide for the Seasons
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There are some people who are summer people, some who love spring, those who “fall in love” with fall, and people who enjoy cozying up to winter; and then, there are those who (like myself) cannot get enough of the changing of the seasons—and couldn’t possibly pick just one.

That’s right, while all of you are professing your love to your one true season—I am out there playing the field (and playing IN the field) with every single one of them. I think it’s about time we ditch the monotony of seasonal monogamy,, and embrace the bunch! Unless you really detest one, or two, or three, then that’s fine—You do you! But move over, one-season worshippers. It’s time for us "Season Lovers" to get the recognition we deserve! Plus, we can't forget the fact that with every new season comes the idealistic rom-com date night. Why limit yourself to pumpkin patch dates (let's not count those out though—They're pretty fantastic) when you can look forward to year-round bliss?!

To help you ditch your one seasonal love and jump on board with one or two more, I am here to provide a ranking (in no particular order, because let’s be honest, they all offer something the other doesn’t) of the seasons, through the eyes of a Midwestern girl—complete with my top three favorite things about the season, and the perfect seasonal date to experience with your beau (or belle!).


Spring, for me, has always been about new beginnings. The snow is finally starting to thaw out (if we are lucky), the air is fresh, the sun starts making a semi-regular appearance, and bird songs are in full swing. Plus, we finally get to shed the heavy layers, and bust out our “lighter” wardrobe (hello pastels!)—which means I get a break from wearing pants 24/7.

Top Three Spring Faves:

1. Open windows—Crack those bad boys, and get that first fresh breeze through the house to air it out. There’s nothing like it.

2. The return of baseball season!! Need I say more?!

3. Flowers and blooms everywhere! Literally from tree branches to sidewalk cracks, and everywhere in between. My allergies hate it, but my soul can’t get enough of it.

Perfect Spring Date Night:

For the sports fanatic like myself, spring baseball games are ideal. There's not much that shakes the dust off your average date night like a ballpark hot dog, crack of a bat, and sharing peanuts with your better half. Do yourself a favor, and forget your budget for one night—Live it up, and enjoy the full experience!! (However, most ball parks let you bring sealed food, like peanuts, Cracker Jacks, etc.—so if you'd rather not trade your first-born child for date night, plan accordingly.)


Lakeside, poolside, oceanside... Floating on a raft, a kayak, a paddle board, sitting in a rollercoaster car, a seat in a ballpark, a blanket at a concert—I’ll take summer any way you give it to me. You can find me most days barefoot with an ice cream cone, one of my many pairs of sunglasses on, planning weekend camping trips (that only come to fruition 80 percent of the time), soaking up every minute of summer sunshine this girl can get—while simultaneously whining about how hot it is (don’t forget, us Midwesterners yearn for the summer sun 75 percent of the year, but are not nearly strong enough to handle the heat*).

* I am 100 percent only speaking for myself, and hoping that someone out there can somewhat relate, and own up to this tiny character flaw.

Top Three Summer Faves:

1. Maximizing as much time by, in, or near bodies of water (my bias lies in Lake Erie, but I am happy anywhere with water). Give me a boat, a paddle board, a kayak, a raft, or just let me swim around, and I am good to go.

2. Weekend and day trips—particularly to small islands in Lake Erie (what up, Put-in-Bay?!) or coastal Ohio beach towns (I’m looking at you, Sandusky!)—because what is better than heading to such places in the morning, and letting the day take you where it wants to? Maybe you’ll come home that night, or maybe you’ll miss the last Ferry, and “have” to stay for the next day (or two). Sure, you could do this in other seasons, but summer just feels right for it.

3. Fairs—Fair season is a season for a reason. Give me all of the carnival games, rickety rides, junky foods, animals, 4H projects, and especially, the Rough Truck and Demolition Derby—and you KNOW I am in. The sights, the smells, the people watching—It’s what we wait all year for.

Perfect Summer Date Night:

Is there an option, other than going to the Fair?! It gives you everything: animals, rides, games, junky (fantastic) food, entertainment ranging from people watching to scheduled events and performances. There's truly nothing better. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know someone if you're just starting out, and offers a completely different change in scenery if you're ready to shake up date night.


Fall has always been another “new beginnings” season for me. Maybe it has to do with the leaves changing and falling, or the crispness that comes with the air. But, for this reason, it has always held a special place in my heart—and I have always said that if I could pick one year-round temperature, it would be simply “fall." Plus, can we all just agree that fall candles and scents (not to mention clothes) are the best?!

Top Three Fall Faves:

1. Pumpkin and apple picking—The simplicity that comes with going to a pumpkin patch or orchard, and picking the best pumpkins and freshest apples, is something that truly makes me feel whole.

2. Football games—I don’t care if it’s flag football, high school games, or NFL. There’s just something about sitting outside, and watching your team (bonus points if it’s a Friday Night game under the lights).

3. Fall camping—Fall Camping is the best camping, especially as a tent camper. The weather is just right, you can comfortably wear hoodies (which should be a reason fall is great in, and of, it’s own), and you’re not sweating sitting around a bonfire.

Perfect Fall Date Night:

Nothing beats pumpkin and apple picking with your significant other for a seasonal date night. I'm not sure if it's just one of those Hallmark ideologies, or the atmosphere or what—but it is, hands down, a surefire win. If you're looking for something a little different, many museums, zoos, and aquariums offer an "Adult Only" evening in the fall, typically around Halloween—which includes festive drinks and pumpkin beer tastings, if that's more your jam.


It might be hard for some to talk about how much they enjoy winter, but not me! Sure, it can get ridiculously cold in Cleveland, and sometimes, it feels like it’ll never end—But you have to admit, it transforms the town in ways only seen in cheesy Lifetime Christmas movies. Add to that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the warmest scarves, and built-in nature crafts (snowmen!), you’ve got yourself one heck of a season.

Top Three Winter Faves:

1. Snow!! Sledding, tobogganing, ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, what more could you ask for?! Plus, snow is a perfectly good reason to curl up inside with a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket, and a good book.

2. Christmas lights—Whether you’re into the over-the-top, or the more classic look, everything is prettier with Christmas lights... AS LONG AS IT IS CHRISTMAS! (Let’s not forget that crucial detail, people).

3. Hockey season—It might seem like my season-love revolves around sports, and it sort of does, because that’s what I’m about. Much like football, whether it’s a peewee game, a pick-up pond hockey game, high school, or the NHL, there’s nothing quite like sitting at a hockey game, or watching it with your hockey pals.

Perfect Winter Date Night:

Take a drive around the neighborhood, crank up the Christmas tunes, grab some hot chocolate, and embrace all of the Christmas lights and decorations the neighborhood has in store! Sure, it might sound like the cheapest date night, but if you're with the right person, you shouldn't have to blow a paycheck to have a great time. Many neighborhoods have a definitive ranking of best Christmas lights and displays—Do some research on the good ol' Google Machine, and scout the best places to go beforehand.

So there you have it: 13 reasons to fully embrace all four wonderful seasons, complete with date ideas so you don't have to rack your brain (you're welcome). Especially if you, like me, are lucky enough to live somewhere that offers you all four seasons in their entirety—although it gives us a little more of one than the rest. I’m looking at you, winter.

So, all you pumpkin-spice-embracing, flipflop-wearing, flower-planting snow bunnies—I am here for it. I am on all of your sides, because you’re all right: Your season is truly the best.

- ec.from.cle

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