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A Date to Remember

by C. M. Sears about a year ago in dating
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Paired with Wine

There I was staring at the computer screen long do I have to endure this torture? When do I get to go home and get ready? I can't believe I have an amazing date tonight! I am so excited that I can't even do my damn stupid job! I am sitting here dreaming about going on a date, when I should be working...and I am being watched like a damn hawk by Jessica She would be my supervisor and did I mention, that she is not fond of me simply because I am great at my job, and she hates that she cannot belittle me and fail me like she does all the other telemarketers, I won't allow her too, and she hates me for it...oh and that I am a major threat to her position here. I spend 7 1/2 hours of everyday on her radar. She waits in her raised chair, watching and waiting for the day that I fail to deliver my 60 plus calls. I can easily dial and complete 66 calls per day, oh I could do more...alot more but why would I give anymore to a company that pays me literal pennies when they make millions off of me and all of my co-workers? I wouldn't because they only pay a menial $11 per hour and that barely pays my rent and bills, and everyone knows that the corporate world only sees the big picture, how much money they can make, so I moonlight on weekends as a karaoke host at the local shit...I mean watering hole and I get paid a little more than the other two hosts because I can actually sing and that draws a crowd, which incidentally is why I get weekends...and the tips are pretty good too.

Two hours to go on a Friday, it is now three o' clock and I decide that today I am going to break my own record and complete 70 calls, this ensures that I keep my job and maintain a perfect record, and just maybe the boss will notice and I will get a promotion to "her chair". All the time I am working, of course, my date tonight is furvently in the back of my mind, popping forward every so often and I catch myself daydreaming about tonight..."ok, get back to work girl, the more you do, the faster this day will pass" I say to myself under my breath. I have been waiting for this night for a week, and I knew the day our eyes met, he was the one! I can't remember ever feeling this way with anyone was literally love at first sight. He was the presenter at a staff meeting for the entire call center, we had been having problems with a few of the staff complaining about certain managers "harrassing" them which is a very touchy subject where I work, and one that is not taken lightly. He was to speak on the topic "WORKPLACE HARRASSMENT, WHAT TO DO IF YOU FEEL YOUR BEING HARRASSED". I was chatting with Braydon, who sat down next to me at one of the many tables scattered around the room, Braydon who belongs to one of my favorite families, LGBTQIA, is my cubicle neighbor, we have become super close friends over the last two years so we gossip and giggle about other people at work, it keeps us from hating life and our jobs so much, plus he is a pretty awesome guy, he is tons of fun to just be around and I love him so much. We have been close since we met two years ago we chat via facetime on the phone every single night, we have become besties, and I we have decided we are "ride or dies". We hang out together 99 percent of the time, either at each others homes or we meet for coffee, we go shopping together weekly, and have been to a few parties together, but mostly it's just the two of us, and somehow we never fight or get tired of one another. We like to shoot the shit and blow off steam about work, life, and our possible love interests. Anywho, back to my love interest. His name is John, he is my dream of the perfect man. He stands about 6 ft tall, has an olive skin tone, with black wavy hair, light brown eyes that become even lighter when he is happy. He sports a sexy chiseled jawline and his lips are a luscious, kissable, crimson red. When he laughs or smiles he shows off his perfectly straight pearly whites, and he has a permanent five o'clock shadow which I find extremely sexy. Then there is the rest of him...he isn't musclebound but definitely tone all over, just enough muscle to be perfect! I also love his fashion sense, like today for example, he is wearing dark blue jeans, with a light blue and white striped button down collared shirt that is untucked, and a pair of what seem to be new white Air Jordan tennis shoes. He looks relaxed, which in turn relaxes the room as I am sure was his intent. He is in his late 20's to early 30's, and just the sexiest, smartest and funniest man I haven't met yet, but that all changed last Friday afternoon! He entered the room and started out by saying "Hello everyone, thank you for coming. I am glad to see so many faces here today, and as most of you know, we are here to discuss the obviously boring, uncomfortable, but necessary, workplace harassment policies. My name is John Bower and I am the CEO of TeleComm Direct" he talked on this subject for about an hour, did the Q & A, and finished with a very funny joke, and as the room was busy applauding, I was falling head over heels in love!

After the meeting, it was almost time to go home so they told us that we could spend the rest of the hour getting to know each other if we liked. I knew I had to talk to him, so I approached as he was talking to Jessica, and waited my turn to talk to him. I couldn't help but notice, that as he was talking to Jessica, he would glimpse over at me every so often, and smile, I stood there just staring at him in awe, trying to stop myself from staring, but I could feel myself drifting into an almost trans like state, I could hear my voice inside my head screaming...stop it!, you look like an teenage girl meeting her famous crush for the first time!... oh my god! STOP IT!! as I pull myself back to reality, I hear him saying "miss, are you ok"?, as I snap back at him, "oh, yes, sorry...It.. it's just really noisy in here" then he suggested we go somewhere a little less noisy and I followed him to a small room with one giant window and a bookshelf standing right next to it, and a filing cabinet in the corner. His small desk stood in the middle of the room with a basic leather rolling chair behind it. There were two wood chairs in front of the desk and he motioned me to sit in one, in which I did smiling ever so largely. He was also smiling as he moved around to the chair behind the desk and sat down, the chair squeaked very loud when he sat in it, he apologized for the noise and reassured me he was going to either replace the chair, or throw it out the window and stand from then on, we laughed and then he proceeded to say "I know who you are, I have your stats on my board, I have been meaning to chat with you for a while, but running a business such as this comes with great responsibility as I am sure you are aware". "really"? I say in a high pitched voice that even I don't recognize as I look behind me to see a very large white board hanging on the wall and there I am in black and white "Monica, Average daily completed 350, today 400". and next to that is a large green check mark that has "broken record again" written next to it. Clearing my throat, I say "I didn't realize that you watched our progress so closely"? He then goes on to tell me that he has been watching my numbers, and me very closely for the last year, and that he would like to see me move up in the company, "how do you feel about that, is this something you would be interested in"?, "oh absolutely I would", I said with extreme enthusiasm, then he says "I know this is going to sound strange, but would you consider having dinner with me so we might discuss this matter further, strictly business I assure you"?, I couldn't get the "YES! abslotutely...I..I mean problem, when"? out of mouth fast enough, He replies just as quickly, "next friday at say...7 pm? I will pick you up at your place"? I stammer as the shock sets in, "umm....yes, you betcha...okay", and I turned and headed toward the door. Then in my haste, I remembered my manners, stopped, turned to him and said "thank you Mr. Bower for the opportunity", he smiled and nodded as I walked away. I got to my car, got in, sat down, started it up, and sat there for about 5 minutes trying to compose myself. I texted my best boyfriend and could not wait to meet up at the local bar to celebrate my exciting news!

I ended up driving straight over to Braydon's, but he was out on a date? Wait...whaaaattt! How is he on a date that I know nothing about? That's really strange! We tell each other everything! Ok, well I need to get home and get ready for my date/business dinner. Driving home I start going through my closet in my head, should I go for sexy or business? should I wear a dress, maybe a semi-formal one, or more casual and show a little skin? Maybe a business casual suit?...jeans and a cute semi sexy top? Should I wear high heels, loafers or tennis shoes? jewelry, or go with just earrings? full on make=up, or just lashes and eyeliner with a lip gloss? So, I just remembered why I don't date a's very stressful, this is where I could use my bestie, he is amazing at dressing me! I get home and start looking through my closet when I see the message on my phone "I'm here". I looked at the clock and HOLY SHIT! IT'S SEVEN O' CLOCK! CRAP I AM NOT EVEN CLOSE TO READY!!! where did the time go! so, I scramble and decide on business casual with a sting of sexy just to be safe. I live on the 4th floor of my building and today the elevator feels like it slowed down to a crawl. I get out the door and I am looking for where he is parked and I hear "good evening" very close to my ear, so I jump and turn around swinging....*SMACK* right in the nose! "OH MY GOD, I AM SOOOO SORRY" I yell excitedly, as he is holding his nose which immediately begins flowing everywhere! all I thought was...IDIOT! why in god's name would you sneak up on a person you barely know? as I am trying to stop the blood from spilling everywhere he begins laughing very heartily and then he says to me "bet you are wondering why I did that"..."well right now I am too, I feel like such an idiot right now" and we both had a great laugh at his expense, went to dinner in his 1968 ragtop Camaro, black with white double stripes down the hood, had a very nice dinner at Peohe's. As we sat out on the patio watching the ships find there way out of the dock, he asked if I would be interested in trying my hand at training all new employees to be as focused and efficient as I am on the job, I happily accepted the position of Call Center Department Manager (which also comes with a an added raise of seven dollars per hour as well as quarterly bonuses), we split an entire bottle of Merlot at the restaurant, he purchased another to go and we ended the evening at his place on top of a hill with an amazing view of the city and talked well into the wee hours of the morning...the sun was coming up as he dropped me off in front of my building. We decided that we would get to know each other before we jumped into anything and I am not real sure I want to date my boss...heard to many horror stories about that. So, that ends my perfect date and this story.


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C. M. Sears

I am learning more about writing every time I write a new story, whether it be fiction or fact. I love this platform and will continue to write and learn...if you like what you read in any of my stories please click the heart.

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