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A Criminal Of Love...Or Lust?


By Jassy La’Nae Published 3 years ago 3 min read

Is it wrong to want someone to be emotionally attached to you? Not the obsessive type, but the genuine type. To know when I am upset, and to ask me what’s wrong & how they can make it better. To know what I am thinking before I even say the words verbally. The type of affection you don’t have to ask for because it’s clear to them that you need it.

To have that connection spiritually with my life partner. To know they feel my pain & I feel theirs. To know if I fall backwards they will push me forward. To laugh at inside jokes that only the two of us understands. To keep the love authentic & for the vibe to be organic.

Is it wrong for you to commit to someone when you have open wounds? Knowing that you are still a little damaged, but you want to experience that electric shock from their kisses and touch? To give your all even though you don’t have much of yourself to give? Can two damaged humans fix each other by giving the other what they’ve been missing. To fill the voids no one else could...

I am after all human. A person filled with a variety of emotional wants and needs. I am understanding. In knowing that I cannot receive what I do not give out. But what if what I am giving out is too much? Or isn’t enough? Will they run? Will they stay?

I am human. The type of human that is fueled by the spark of uncensored passion. The type of human who feels complete from a simple compliment from the one who loves me. A simple human satisfied with not the material things in life, but the emotional. The gravitating energy of my soul mate.

Would it be wrong for me to not want you to love anyone else? To not kiss anyone else the way you kiss me? To not want you to hold them the way you hold me? To never have to witness you care for another like they are better than me? Would that make me crazy? To want to lock you away for all eternity because I know how powerful your energy is? To know how strong your love can go? To keep you away from anyone who is not worthy of the love you give. Knowing you are like a precious gem I must keep hidden away from thieves?

It could not possibly be wrong, right? If I know we are meant to be. If I know that no one else will take care of you the way that I do.

It can’t possibly be wrong for me to dream of a romantic love like in the book and movies. It has to be unfair to have to believe that none of us are worth that type of gifted bond. What person on this Earth would not submit to such a vivid trance? Who would not give up all to have that pure happiness with a soulmate? How can you look someone in the eyes and tell them “you are wrong”?

Why would you want to tell me that I am wrong? What would you gain from telling me that kind of love is a fairytale? Why not instead try and make it possible for me and others? Why can’t you learn to love someone that deeply? Is it out of fear? From the thought of your deep love being rejected? If so, then why not just understand that person was not meant for your soul? Don’t you agree that assumption would be better rather than to give up in looking for it at all?

What position would you rather be in? If you knew you could make it happen, what kind of love would you create for yourself? What kind of woman or man would you give yourself to? What kind of lifestyle would you create with them? Is that person easy to love and willing to fly to the moon if you asked them to?

Am I wrong for only wishing for what could be so easily given? For wanting something that does not take much effort to give? Does that make me a selfish human being? Does that make me sound needy if they know they are needed? If so, what does that make me? A criminal of love...or lust?

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Jassy La’Nae

A woman who is gifted with her words.

You can follow me on my social platform(IG @thecrystalhaven_) for affirmations for every day issues we deal with. You can also order beautiful crystal jewelry from my website or by dm'ing me.

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