'A Christmas Miracle'

by Blair❣️ 2 years ago in dating

Part 1: This should be fun.

'A Christmas Miracle'

I’m going to be telling you about how my world changed from one direct message off of Instagram.

I have always been the shy, but outgoing type. When it comes to guys I like, I don’t necessarily try and talk to them. I always think I’m going to embarrass myself. So to save from making a fool out of myself, I just drool over my crush from a distance. I know, I know that sounds weird. My friends always tell me to go for it and talk to the guy, but I’d rather not. For awhile I didn’t have a crush, but I was open to the idea of talking and getting to know some guys. Around December of 2016 I woke up in the middle of the night. I wake up randomly sometimes for no reason. Since I was awake, I thought I would go on my phone and check my notifications. I go on Instagram and I see someone has messaged me. I open it and it’s a guy saying “Hello beautiful:).” I’ve never met or seen this dude, but it shows that people I know, and follow, know him too. I look at his pictures, and I see that he is cute. I decide that it wouldn’t hurt to text back, but boy was I wrong about that.

Anyways, I see that he answers right away, so he must’ve been up all night. We just make small talk, which is usual. After awhile, I fall back asleep. In the morning I see that he texted me that he will be at work today. Before he goes into work, I ask him what his name is, and he says his name is Calvin. I snoop through his Instagram some more to see who he knows. I see that he knows my friend, Mariah’s friend. I tell her about this guy I’m talking too and that he knows her friend Ryan. I tell her to ask her friend Ryan what he knows about Calvin. Ryan says that Calvin is his older brother, and that he isn’t going to get into his relationships. Mariah and I were shocked, because we would have never thought they were brothers. Through the whole month I got to know a little about him. I learned he lived about 3 hours away with his grandparents, instead of in town with his brothers, mom, and dad. It would’ve been so convenient if he lived in town, so I could actually meet him in person.

One night we were messaging one another, and he asks to see a picture of me. My friends tell me to tell him to just go look at my Instagram if he wants to see me. Then he goes "send me a picture of you in your panties." Keep in mind I have never done or sent anything like that before. I was on the phone with my friends and kept asking them what I should do. They told me that I shouldn't do that. I left him on 'read' for awhile, debating if I should send him a picture or not. After thinking about it, I thought to myself "It's not like I'm nude and I don't have to have my face in the picture." After I sent the picture, I told my friends. They asked if I had my face in it and I told them that my face was nowhere in it. The rest of the night Calvin and I talked dirty through messages. It was weird because I have never done this before. Yes, I have a freaky side. It's just I never showed anyone that side of me before.

After that night, we talked everyday and everyday he asked for one picture. My friends told me to be careful talking to him and sending him stuff, but at this point I didn't care, because I really liked him and I felt he was kind of into me too. One day I ask Calvin for his phone number, because I don't want to be messaging through Instagram all the time. So we start texting and I also get his Snapchat as well. The next day is New Years Eve and I feel happy and like going into the New Year we might have a relationship.

To end part one, lets just say I was not expecting to go ride such a wild roller coaster in 2017.

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