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8000km,8 long months.

“Love is like metals. The weakest bond in the chemical world that few people compete for.

By meiPublished about a month ago 3 min read
8000km,8 long months.
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8000 kilometers,

8 long months.

They say love must be strong, like the covalent bond between two atoms. Let's share electrons to build and build lasting bridges. Or just need one side to give up all the electrons as common property for the other side to receive, to feel secure next to them. Together, we work together to overcome challenges.

They say love must have yin and yang, harmonizing the two extremes to have a lasting bond, like an ionic bond that exists through millions of lifetimes. Melting then merging again, melting then crystallizing. The properties, through ups and downs, remain intact and there is never any need to compare which property belongs to whom, electrons can freely move back and forth between parties comfortably, without worry.

Also they, many of those half-hearted chemistry learners, took advantage of ion theory to emphasize that a beautiful love must be between a man and a woman to ensure the yin and yang bond. It was also they, people who studied chemistry a little more advanced, who applied the law of valence to explain the formation of single substances: hydrogen with hydrogen formed H2 from the early days of the universe, oxygen with hydrogen formed H2 from the beginning of the universe. Oxygen forms O2 and also O3 in the atmosphere. They know how to protect same-sex love in a more natural way.

But he can't control that much. There are so many types of chemical bonds that change unpredictably with dozens of different interpretations like the way they puzzle in textbooks and demagogue online.

I just hope we both have a love as simple as metals - the weakest bond in the chemical world so no one fights over it. The metal bond is beautiful because of its non-polarity, there is no need for anyone to be more noble than anyone else, no need for anyone to be more masculine or feminine than anyone else. Harmony in the soul is the strongest connection. There will be times when we are angry and break up, there will be times when we are busy with work and separate. The fragile connection can easily be broken at any time, but it is also easy to mend and be intact whenever we seek. There wasn't a single scar left behind. Even if I turn from junk to pure gold, even if you turn from platinum to fate, as long as we agree to train together, there will always be a way to connect the properties to become a transcendent alloy, under heat. high or under great pressure. Unlike those who have stable relationships and are picky and picky, if only one side changes their character, they will break their burden in the middle of the road, and then have to reunite with a new compatible place.He is not greedy for something that is stable but inherently fixed. I just need the comfort to be myself, for you to be yourself, to expand and fly, to evolve and transform. Through time, through space, through polarity and chaos, then together we can share electrons freely flowing through the red thread of love. Anytime. Not a single scar. Like the first minute.

Light and dark,

Summer and East,

In both hemispheres,

On top of Hanoi and Melbourne,

Let's enjoy the quantum sensing privileges that are only available through this fragile link. Waiting for the day of reunion to unite into an eternal alloy, without worrying about change.

Happy anniversary to us!


“There's no way we can meet now. But one thing is certain. If we meet, we will know.”


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