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8 Minor Things I Adore About My Partner

by Eshal Rose 9 months ago in love
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Love is in the little things.

8 Minor Things I Adore About My Partner
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Do you remember the minor things about your partner you love? It may be a quirky habit or a silly question. It may be something that warms your heart or annoys you every single time. These are what make them special in your eyes. It shows you how much they care and reminds you to be grateful for having them in your life.

My current beau and I have been together for more than two years. Here are 8 seemingly insignificant but significant things I love about him.

How are you?

This question is something I noticed early in my relationship. He would ask me how I was every single day.

It didn’t matter if we had stayed up till five in the morning giggling like teenagers. The question would be waiting in my inbox the next day. The first few times, I replied casually.

‘I’m good!’ or ‘I’m great.’

To be honest, I found it a little weird. Nobody I dated previously had been interested in knowing how I was every single day. Soon enough, I was asking the same question back. Over time, the query changed form to:

‘How are you feeling?’

‘What’s going on in your mind?’

‘How is your heart?’ — This one always has me melting into a gooey puddle.

At some time in the day, this question would come without fail. And recently, instead of giving generic responses, I think about how I am feeling at that moment and communicate it to him. This has led to many goofy statements from both of us.

‘I feel like a truck ran over me.’

‘I feel like I am flying on the clouds cos I feel good.’

‘My period is competing with Niagara Falls today.’

‘I feel like the world is a simulation, and I can’t adult anymore cos I keep forgetting things and work sucks, and can we just run away somewhere?’

‘I wonder what the parallel universe me would be doing right now.’

This simple question always has a way of bringing me back to the present moment and arousing my curiosity at the same time.

How was your workout?

Whenever my best friend declares that she has gained weight, her boyfriend would say no. This only frustrated her even more. I would look at her and ask her to go workout — girl yes, that dress looks tighter than before. I say this not to shame her but because I know that’s what she wants to hear. That push is what she needs to do those damn burpees.

To me, accountability is a love language. This is why ‘How was your workout?’ is one of my favorites.

He doesn’t have to care how my workout went, but by asking about it, he keeps me accountable. If I laze around for many days, he’ll put his question in front of me as a reminder of my promise to myself.

He asks me to show up and do the work rather than making excuses. Because he knows it is important to me, and I would feel bad if I failed to reach the goals I set for myself.

Wears socks

This is one of those quirks that make him so damn adorable. He wears socks all the time. He’ll walk around the house in boxers and socks because ‘I like to keep my feet warm.’ It doesn’t matter that he lives in the middle east, where you can keep a frying pan outside and boil an egg in the sunlight.

And yes, he is proud of his quirky socks collection that he loves to show me every other day. I receive more pics of his bright yellow Spongebob socks than his face.

A pair of socks is all it takes to make him happy.

Gives me his things without asking

The first time we met, he asked me to try on his hoodie because he had never seen me in one.

‘You look good!’ he said with a bright smile as I twirled around in a grey Levi’s hoodie that went past my knees. ‘Can I give this to you?’

‘What? Why? I don’t need a hoodie. I never wear them!’ I argued.

‘It’ll keep you warm. And you look hip. I want you to have it.’

He was right. His hoodie has kept me from shivering on lengthy journeys and during winter many times. Whenever I wear it, I send him a thank you for keeping me warm text. It also feels like a hug from him because his scent still lingers on it.

Does not smoke near me

I am a non-smoker, and I am surrounded by friends who blow the smoke right into my face to annoy me. Cigarette smoke makes my eyes burn, and I feel suffocated by the smell.

While my partner is a smoker, he also knows how I feel about cigarettes. Around me, he always refrains from smoking. If we are with friends, he makes sure I am nowhere near the smoke so I can breathe properly.

This little act shows me how much he cares.

Likes to tell me things, even if I find them uninteresting.

The other day in between a conversation, he said, ‘I want to tell you something. I know you are not interested, but I want to tell you anyway.’

‘Um, okay, what?’ I asked, confused.

‘There’s a match today. My team is playing.’ he said, bouncing on his feet like an excited child.

This had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

‘Was that it? I thought it was something serious!’ I said, wiping the tears.

‘I know you are not interested in football, but I wanted to share it.’

To share his happiness when the team wins and sadness when they lose, I now follow the score whenever a game is on.

Lets me know earlier if he will have a busy day

Many months back, I had expressed that I dislike feeling ignored. After my previous boyfriend made it a point to ignore me whenever he was mad, no response for a long time always had me overthinking.

‘If you are busy, just let me know.’ I told him that day.

Ever since, if he knows he is going to have a busy day, he makes it a point to let me know. I told him how and why something upset me, and he made sure it didn’t happen again whenever he could.

His thought and effort spoke volumes to me. And I try to do the same when I am busy.

Never talks about beef

As a Hindu, I do not eat beef. Cows have a holy significance in Hinduism and most Hindus refrain from having beef.

As someone whose faith differs completely from mine, he never talks about eating beef in front of me. I have had it earlier, and many of my friends enjoy having it too.

When with friends, he makes sure I do not accidentally eat beef as it goes against my religious beliefs, and because he knows I do not enjoy it.

He respects my faith and tries to learn more about our differences, the same way I learn about his.

Too often, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, forgetting to be grateful for the ones next to us. While the grand trips and night outs are romantic, we find genuine romance in the little things unique to your person and relationship. Take a moment to be thankful and let your partner know what you find endearing about them.


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