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8 Letters to Those Growing Older

No Regrets for Life Ahead

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished about a month ago 5 min read
8 Letters to Those Growing Older
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1. The first letter: think about it, look away, and let go.

Time is an arrow that never returns, but people who are obsessed with the past are always easy to be accidentally injured.Life goes on and you get old, and the most fearful thing is that you are still entangled when you are old, you are bothered when you are old, and you can’t take it or let it go when you are old.

You should think about the pain that you are struggling with yourself, blindly being stubborn and stubborn will only harm yourself.Those past events that have been floating in the bottom of your heart for a long time, you should look away, if you don’t live in the present, every day in the future you will still be like today, paranoid, confused, and unchanged.

Those who can't get it, the love they can't ask for, should be let go. It is a destiny that sometimes must be there, and there is no time to force it.For the rest of your life, look at the prosperity with cold eyes, wait for gains and losses calmly, learn to think about it, look away, and let go.

2. The second letter: The beauty of life lies in discovery

The grass is bearing its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves.

The beauty of life lies in discovery.Those bits and pieces of little beauties and little surprises are everywhere, but we lack a pair of eyes to appreciate the beauty.

Under the training of life, I am used to anyone, anything, and any scene.

But when you really pay attention to observe the flowers blooming and falling, the clouds rolling and the clouds relaxing, to experience the sunshine on a sunny day, the pond on a rainy day, and enjoy spring flowers, summer nights, autumn moons, and winter snow.

Life will be like opening a new page, taste the precious in the ordinary, and taste the taste of the middle class.Discover beauty, enjoy beauty, and be a gentle person.

3. The third letter: Make friends lightly, and slowly develop feelings

As the old saying goes:"The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water."

Friends should be made lightly, and feelings can only be dealt with slowly.A true friend can bring you spiritual resonance, joy in the depths of your soul, encourage you, tolerate you, recognize you, and support you.

It is often said that it is not easy to speak deeply when you have a shallow friendship, and you only know whether that person is your true friend or not when you associate with each other slowly.Between friends, you can hurt each other and fight, you can have no sweet words, and you can only contact occasionally.

It doesn't matter the form, it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, but when one party is in trouble, the person who should be by your side will never be absent.

Friendship that develops too fast is like a hidden danger, and the enthusiasm and friendliness of the moment are too easy to be consumed.In the end, you will find that false feelings cannot be kept, but sincerity will last forever.

4. The fourth letter: Cherish the relationship with relatives and never meet each other in the next life

Relatives are fate only once .Being a family member in this life, whether you love it or not, you may never see each other again in the next life.

In the limited time of life, cherish your family.In the rush of life, what can warm you is always the warm yellow light at home, those concerned and nagging eyes, and that sincere and simple smile.In this life, we must try our best to love our parents, children, and partners. Don't be stingy with hugs and kisses, get along with gratitude, and don't leave regrets for your family. This life is worth it.

5. The fifth letter: health is the most important, the rest are zero

As we grow older, the health of the body will continue to decline.After a serious illness, back pain, hand numbness and dizziness, people will realize that the old-fashioned word "health" is really more important than anything else.Take less effort, and let them decide their own affairs;Do less menial work, not every chore is your responsibility.

Keep the importance of health firmly in mind. After all, no one can bear the pain of your body for you. Only when you are healthy and free from the torment of illness can you live a vigorous life.

Health is the first and everything else is zero

6. The sixth letter:Embrace the solitude

Finding resonance in the noise is worse than seeing the true self in solitude.People are always alone.Perhaps it is precisely because of this loneliness that we have a preference for excitement.

Looking forward to being noticed, looking forward to being loved, looking forward to playing with like-minded people, looking forward to someone who can relieve the emptiness and loneliness deep in your soul.But after going through a lot, I realized that there are almost no people in the world who really understand you.

Understand, you can meet but not ask for.Instead of finding resonance in the noise, it is better to see the true self in solitude.

Being alone is to leave a blank space in life and let you see the truest self.Reading and writing alone, meditating alone, tending flowers and plants alone, and cooking alone, on the contrary, it shows the authenticity of life and can better appreciate the real joy that comes from the depths of the heart.

7. The seventh letter: Self-disciplined people are free from childhood to old age

Even if you are old, don't be too lazy.

After living for a long time, you will find that people who are truly economically free, spiritually free, and free in life are all cultivated from self-discipline.Get up early and go to bed early, keep exercising, eat lightly, make plans for everything, and accomplish what you want or need to do in your life step by step.Do not relax due to external changes, nor give up halfway due to excessive utilitarianism.

Self-discipline is originally an attitude towards life, a way of life that allows us to live a more transparent and comfortable life.

8. Eight letters: live an interesting life and be worthy of yourself

Life is too short, don't waste your time in boredom.The most frightening thing in a person's life is that when he gets old, he recalls the past, but there is no interesting thing that can really make people happy.The moment you bravely do what you want to do but are afraid of, overcome difficulties, and overcome fear, the joy that arises spontaneously is an unforgettable experience in your life.

Persevere in doing what you dream of accomplishing. The measure of success is never without the word perseverance. If you don’t persevere to the end, how can you see the colorful rainbow after the storm.Those are one of the "interesting" things in a wonderful life.

"Do what you want to do, and stop what you want to do."

A boring life is so boring.With a heart that loves life, do those interesting things in your eyes, and meet the interesting people in your heart, so that you can live up to this great time.

"Living in this world requires a little bit of appearance that is higher than daily necessities."

In addition to the trivial life, there are more emerging small worlds waiting for you to explore and discover.Don't just be a boring layman, add some sugar to your life, and the sweetness in your heart will last for a long time.

I only hope that for the rest of your life, you can live comfortably and enjoy your life, without regrets.

Thank you for reading!


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