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7 Types of Women That Are Bad Wife Material

Signs to spot a potential bad wife most men neglect.

By Jessey AnthonyPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Love stories never die. As much as we rave about our independence, both men and women) we can’t deny a part of us crave love and connection sometimes.

That’s why we listen to love stories and watch romantic movies to fill that missing space for love and connection we don’t have.

The need for love and connection is so strong g that we seek it in people we date. And if we are not careful we usually end up with baggage and spend the rest of our lives regretting our choices in a life partner.

But don’t worry guys, I’m here to lead your hearts in the right direction. To save you from an eternity of misery, I have made a list of some women who don’t match the criteria of a happy marriage or any healthy relationship for that matter.

She’s a bar freak

Girls who go to the bar or get drunk all the time are the type of women you want to avoid dating or marrying.

Imagine, waiting all night for her phone call or text because you are worried she’s lying in a ditch somewhere, every single day.

Or getting a call in the middle of the night to pick her up at the police station because she was pulled in for drunk driving.

Seriously, you will become an emotional wreck if you stick around these women for the long haul. They may have some amazing qualities, but the influence of alcohol takes away their sense of good judgment when it comes to protecting your sanity and image.

She’s very possessive

Some people think when they are dating you, they automatically own every bit of you. That’s a terrible DPRD (Disaster Personified Relationships Disorder). I made that up by the way.

These women regard you as their property and they get offended when you try to live your life on your terms. They are so insecure about themselves, so they project their fears in form of control and possession.

Now before you get it twisted, possessiveness is different from jealousy. When you love a person you are bound to feel a bit jealous when they compliment another person. But for a possessive person, their jealous attitude is extreme and unhealthy.

Most people who get murdered by their partner, do so out of possessiveness because they can’t have you be with someone else other than them. So think about it when you are dating a possessive woman.

She’s got daddy issues

Daddy issues can either be ‘she had a bad relationship with her daddy,’ or ‘she was abandoned by her daddy,’ which makes her hate all men.

Or she was over-pampered by her daddy, and now she places her daddy on high bars, making it difficult for any man to live up to her standards.

The good thing about these types of women is that they are resilient. They do everything within their power to prevent depending on others. They are also open-minded. They are not afraid to tell your how shitty you are in your face.

However, they are emotional pain in the ass. Her first instinct when you show her kindness will be to push you away. They believe everyone lies, cheats, or is out to use them.

These women don’t fall in love easily even if you are the greatest guy on earth. It takes a lot of patients and tolerance to get them to open up their hearts for you. So unless you are prepared to wait an eternity for her to love and trust you, dude you are better off looking elsewhere.

She got mommy issues

Okay, just like the daddy baggage, these women are control freaks. They are skilled in the practice of pain in the ass and they will destroy your life if you try to please them in everything.

If she’s had a terrible relationship with her mom, or if her mom was toxic and a man-hater, it’s possible the mother has indoctrinated her into the same belief system.

Sometimes it could be she has a great mom and she’s super involved in her life. That means her mom will also be too involved in your relationship. And in most cases, her mom makes the decision in your relationship.

Now, these women are not all bad. If she’s wise, she can be a source of your success in life. They can be by your side through thick and thin. They will defend you anywhere even when you don’t deserve it.

However, the problem is a woman with mommy issues won’t build any confidence in her womanhood including femininity, motherhood, and self-confidence. Whatever she does or doesn’t do has to be approved by her mother or any mother figure she holds dearly.

She is a drama queen

If you like dating women who throw tantrums, great. But if you don’t and you want to know if you should marry one, sit tight let’s chat.

Drama queens are never satisfied with a healthy relationship. No matter what you do, they are always like being in chaos and stir trouble where there is none.

These women always battle low self-esteem, low self-worth fear of abandonment, and trust issues on a daily basis. They think they are not good enough to keep a man emotionally invested.

If you are a guy with low self-confidence and constantly need validation, dating a drama queen will be amplified head trauma.

One minute they’re all happy and cheering and when you’re busy with something important, they get upset and start nagging that you are always busy, you are never there when they need you, and that you will end up leaving them for someone else.

Whatever you do or do not do is subjected to criticism. No matter how old she gets, her mental and emotional levels would always be one-fourth of her age. They often act like children and crave to be the center of attraction.

Now I don’t know how some men find it appealing to be taken on guilt trips constantly, but that’s a psychological problem that can lead to depression. So avoid getting entangled with drama queens.

She is high maintenance but low standard

You know those women who like to dress in luxury designer wear and travel in first class but have no job to show for their high-end lifestyle? Yes, those ones that claim to be realtors but have no real paycheck? You better avoid them.

Guys often think a woman with high maintenance also has high standards, but that’s a fib. A woman can be high maintenance but low standard and these are the types of women we call gold diggers.

They are only there for you when the money is rolling into their pockets. The moment you go broke, these women disappear. They quickly replace you when the going gets tough.

Unfortunately, most guys fall for these women because they are usually physically attractive. So they spoil them with money to keep them happy and attractive until they either get replaced or go broken and then replaced.

Either way bro, don’t ever assume high-maintenance women with low value will stay with you for the long haul. Their game is to play and move (act nice, suck you dry and replace you).

So if you are looking for a sustainable life partner, you ain’t gonna find it in these women.

She is detective Sue

Ever watched a spy movie and seen how they snoop into everything to get the scoop on someone? That’s how these women are.

They don’t trust anybody, so no matter how honest or loyal you are, they will never believe in your good intentions. She checks on you every minute when you are not around her.

You can’t go out with your friends unless she’s included. If you come back from work late, you better have a good reason prepared to explain why. And wait! Even if you have a good explanation for your lateness, she still won’t believe you.

Insecure women tend to be spies in their relationships in order to control and manipulate their partners.

Do you still think you can handle detective sue? Go for it. If not, you should abort the ship now before it’s too late.

Parting thoughts

Alright, don’t get all rattled up and think your love life is doomed. You can have a healthy relationship with a woman with one of these bad traits if you understand what triggers her.

However, if she possesses two or more of the qualities, then you are in a real mess. The best thing you can do is quit the relationship before it destroys you mentally, physically, and financially.


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