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6 Reasons I Love Drinking Wine with My Friends

by Jus L'amore 5 years ago in friendship
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Drinking is fun. Drinking wine is even more fun. But drinking wine with your girlfriends is the best.

I love wine. No, like I REALLY love wine. Best part is, I used to dislike wine, but then I met friends who loved wine and guess what, now I love wine. Up until last year I was always more of a vodka and beer kind of girl, only drinking wine on special occasions. Wine made me tired and usually gave me a killer headache the next day, however, I soon learned that those were only side effects of a wine-drinking amateur. A young, naive, inexperienced wine-baby who then gave herself a goal and worked very hard for six months to build up a tolerance. It wasn't always red wines and rainbows, I had my fair share of splitting headaches, dry mouth, and next day nausea, but I kept with it thanks to my super enthusiastic friends. Friends that didn't let me quit, friends that held their wine like a bunch of old Irish men (and no we are all Italian). And then just like that it happened. I enjoyed wine, experimented with it, and soon found my mouth watering over it. Red wine, white wine, pink wine, wine spritzers, you name it, I like it. Something about that fancy stemmed glass, the unscrew of a cork, and the smooth relaxing liquid that now, really gets me going.

Now while I do love to drink wine by myself, shit, I would probably like drinking wine with a homeless stranger, but drinking wine with my girlfriends has become a traditional hangout that I hope never ends. A typical wine night goes like this: we drink wine and shoot the shit while we munch on snacks then we drink more wine and make fun of how much we love to drink wine. Next, we continue the wine drinking and usually start yapping about our husbands. After that we bring things to a close by gulping down some more wine and sharing personal information that grown women probably shouldn't share or bring up next time we are together sober. Lastly, we say our goodbyes, kiss and hug and proclaim our love for one another and swear this was the best night ever. Until next week, of course.

Here are six reasons I love drinking wine with my friends.

Like I said, wine is fun!

There is nothing more exciting than having a wine night with my besties. OK, maybe that is a bit dramatic but I assure you, not by much. There is just something about getting together with my girls, whether at home or in public, and opening up a bottle or four of vino. Not because anything majorly epic is going to happen during this hangout but because I am 100 percent positive that a good time will be had. Of course, I know it isn't just the wine causing all this happiness and it's the company I keep as well, but during a long day or rough week the plan of wine and friends is exactly what I need to get me through. Oh yeah, cheese too. We love cheese! Some days it's because the kids are sick, other days it's a bad case of PMS or argument with the husband, but just being able to chant in the back of my head, 'two more days until girls night, two more days until wine,' can often provide all the comfort and excitement I need. I realize that may sound cheesy to some, but for me, I consider it a blessing to find so much joy in something so simple and to be surrounded by people who feel the same.

Wine calms down our overly-active minds and relaxes us.

In addition to adding excitement to my life, it also acts as a source of calmness. I know once the girls and I are together and the wine starts flowing that the stresses of the day, week, and year will soon be a distant memory; even if just for a few hours. With every sip I can feel my shoulders relax, my anxiety lessen, and the need to make another mental note of all the shit I have to do, disappear. Best part is, this is science and not just a wine-o's declaration. Studies show that alcohol, including wine, can significantly calm anxieties since it is a central nervous system depressant. Boo-ya bitches, take that science and sip it.

Wine gives us the giggles.

I love to laugh. I know everyone says that but seriously laughing is one of my favorite things to do. I will probably need a face lift by 37 just because my "laugh lines" are so prominent. It should also be known that I have a laugh that is borderline obnoxiously loud and totally recognizable from across a room. While I sometimes think to myself, 'Jeez Justine, bring it down a level or two,' I have heard people say they enjoy the sound and is contagious (Yeah, I just complimented myself, and.....). Anyways, when drinking wine with my crew there is bound to be laughter. Like uncontrollable, almost pee your pants, tears falling kind of laughter. Whether it's the confessions, the gossip, or just straight weirdness, wine and laughter go hand and hand in my world.

Wine makes gossip way more fun.

Ahhhh, there is nothing like a freshly poured Pinot and gossip. Listen, girls love to talk shit. About themselves, about others, and sometimes even complete strangers, "Oh my God do you see what that crazy person is wearing." We don't mean any harm (mostly) we just love to share information that shouldn't be shared and then talk about it in great detail. Over and over again. Perhaps, drinking wine with friends while carrying new gossip or top-secret secret isn't the best idea, but OHHHHHHHH it's so much more fun! Alert the girls, tell them to bring their best bottle or any bottle, and get ready to hear some shit that will have jaws dropping, eyes popping, and a definite, "No, fu$&king way!"

Wine tastes good.

I am no wine expert. Ha, who am I kidding, I know shit about wine. I honestly couldn't tell you the difference between most, except if it's white, red, or bubbly. I know what brands I like but I have no clue where they are from and if they are Merlot or Cab Sav. I even commit the greatest wine crime and add ice to my white and even sometimes red. I will drink wine out of a stemmed glass, tumbler, or solo cup. Actually, now that I think about it, I once drank wine directly out of the bottle because I gave my friend my last cup. Classy! I've definitely drank wine that is stale and have even mixed two left over bottles to make a glass big enough for my friend and I to share. However, for some reason, even the cheapest, oldest, and most craptastic wine tastes great when it's drank with one of my friends.

Wine bonds you.

Female friendships are like no other. After sharing so much time, tears, laughter, and secrets with one another, we begin to feel like family more than friends. Of course, we don't NEED wine to keep our friendships but it sure as shit makes it that much more fun. It can even give us confidence to step out of our comfort zone and pursue new friendships. It can help you open up and let a few of your walls down. Between its relaxing attributes and the excitement and laughter, it makes total sense that a night spent sharing wine with a few of your best gal pals will have you feeling more connected, comfortable, and closer than you had walking in. With that I leave you with a few of my favorite wine and friends quotes. Enjoy!

Women who drink together, stay together.

The best kind of wine, is wine shared with friends.

Friends don't let friends drink wine alone.

Friends are therapists you drink wine with.

Cheese and friendship pair perfect with wine.

Good friends. Good wine. Good times.


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Sometimes offensive yet mostly sweet. Always honest and often vulgar. I'm a wife, MILF, and everyone's homey. From trends and sex to mom life and fitness, I tell it how it is and not how it should be.

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