6 People You Should Avoid in Life

by Patricia Rose about a year ago in friendship

Make life easier.

Tired of all the drama in your life and think that you're the problem? Well, stop! Sometimes we need to realize that often we're not the ones that cause the unwanted drama, but it's others around us that bring it with them. Analyze who you hang out with and watch out for these people who you let near your life...

1. Attention Seeker

These kind of particular people are always doing things for themselves and will never let you have the spot light no matter what. Being around others, they will pull everyone away, whether mentally or physically to draw attention, feeding off of what's given and leaving you alone in the dust.

2. Hypocrites

These ones are tricky, and technically we can all have our fair share of being a hypocrite. However. these particulars will give advise, only to not listen to it themselves. Most commonly, they also will turn on you by your actions, trying to make sure your life is set by how they want you to live it and from behind your back will be living their own lives in the way they just told you not to live it.

3. Sluts

Especially if you have a partner in your life, these people will try to snatch them right under your nose, if not even more obviously. They also try to act slutty, seductive, and also try to play the role as an attention seeker because they think they look good and think they are the only ones who look good. They bring others down about themselves and make out to be very bad role models.

4. Bitches

These people speak and look nothing but rude. They will say whatever is on their mind, claiming it to be honesty but wording it to be the most hurtful way possible to others. They often go out of their way to be mean, rude, and use their sarcasm towards anything you might like, do, or even if it's just at you. They are spitfires, watch out!

5. Narcissists

They believe everything in this word is involving them and that they are the only ones that matter. When you ask about their day, you'll never receive the same question back, or any conversation touching the subject of you. They'll claim to be your best friend, acting nice to keep you close but only because they want someone to talk to about themselves. They also have it in their mind that they can get whatever they want no matter what, so I'd say watch it crash and burn because the reality check will hit them hard later on.

6. Maskers

They claim to have a mask, that how they are isn't how they normally act or who they are. They claim to be afraid of letting themselves show so they pretend to be the opposite only to really be plotting something deeper. These kinds of people look more like attention seekers to have people pity them, complain how they don't like acting this way, hiding who they really are when they have the full ability to just stop. Not only do they look for pity and attention, they'll also drag you down a pit of frustration because they claim that whatever they do won't be good enough and that they hate having to act this way because others want them to when it's not involving personality at all. Beware, Maskers can become all six of these people in one.

You don't really need these people in your life, and for some it's hard to identify who they really are. Perhaps one of these people is your best friend. There comes a time when you need to step back and examine your life, asking yourself: who is bringing me up and tearing me down?

For number one, it's all fun and games before you feel like everyone has forgotten you and is now focusing one that one person completely.

Number two, there's only so much you can do and say to a friend before you realize it's just going through one ear and out the other and that if they aren't going to listen to your advice, you should.

Number three, stay away before you end up a single pringle forever.

Four, you don't need that crap. It will only hurt you more and more and make you look like your a doormat if you just put up with it.

Number five, whether it's a friendship or a relationship, you both are a two sided page in the same book. Read together. Don't focus on one part so focus on each other, not yourselves all the time.

And six, know who your friends really are and don't hang around fake people. When you want to be friends with someone, you want to be friends with THAT person, not someone made up entirely.

Tread lightly my friends. Know who's human.

Patricia Rose
Patricia Rose
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