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54 Thoughts That Cross a Woman's Mind When She Is Cheated On

Within the First 24 Hours

By Jessica RowePublished 6 years ago 3 min read

Thoughts That Go Through Your Head When You Get Cheated On

When we are cheated on, we are completely overcome by a million different emotions. That’s honestly the hardest part of being cheated on; the way our mind processes it. Of course it’s hard to come to the realization that someone you love has betrayed you in such a drastic way. But what’s worse is the images our minds create and the whiplash of feelings we have to feel. Which explains why it’s common for people to go get completely hammered when their heart gets broken. We just want to shut our minds the fuck up for a few minutes.

Here are just some of the thousands of thoughts that cross (specifically) a woman’s mind when she learns that she has been cheated on.

1. Why me?

2. Why didn’t I just cheat first?

3. I need to eat an entire pizza immediately.

4. I am never eating again.

5. God, she’s not even pretty.

6. Fuck, she’s beautiful.

7. I’m so ugly.

8. No, I’m fucking gorgeous. He’s an idiot.

9. I need to call my mom.

10. No, she’ll just say “I told you so.”

11. I want to watch a movie with real love so I can cry some more over the idea of real love.

12. I need to watch a slasher movie and watch men’s guts get ripped out of their faces.

13. I need to get fucking drunk.

14. What if I have an STD?

15. I’m going to chop his god damn dick off.

16. I can do so much better than him.

17. What if I spend the rest of my life alone?

18. I still love him. Maybe we can move past this.

19. I fucking hate his guts. I hope he dies.

20. That would be sad though.

21. I want to punch her in the face.

22. She’s such a slut.

23. But she didn’t promise me anything. He did.

24. I’m so fat. Oh my god, I’m the ugliest thing alive.

25. Damn girl. You are beautiful. He was lucky to have you at all.

26. We were going to grow old together!

27. I’m never going to grow old with anyone. Lone wolf forever.

28. I need to go have sex with someone.

29. I need to go have sex with like five guys at once.

30. Oh my god, that sounds exhausting.

31. I need a nap.

32. I can’t sleep. This hurts too much.

33. I feel nothing.

34. I feel everything.

35. When did this start?

36. Is this why he was acting so shady that one time?

37. Oh my god, I’m so stupid.

38. I need to punch something.

39. I’ll never stop crying.

40. What’s that Taylor Swift song called?


42. I need to post a hot picture of myself on Instagram.

43. I need to delete Instagram.

44. I’m going to join a dating site right now.

45. Jesus Christ, I’m never going on the internet again.

46. I can find someone with a way bigger penis.

47. Okay, at least someone who knows what to do with it.

48. How could he? I’m so good in bed! I blew his stupid mind.

49. Maybe he was faking it?

50. I should just be a lesbian.

51. Men are the worst.

52. Maybe I’m just the worst.

53. Somebody, kill me.

54. I’m going to be okay.

And you will be okay. We all get cheated on and we all survive it and move on and one day feel remarkably happy again. Hold on. You’ll be okay. He on the other hand may contract something nasty sometime soon. Let that bring you peace.


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