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5 Types of Guys You'll Find on Tinder

by Bella Poirier 4 years ago in social media

Tinder, only the most popular dating site the majority of people use on a day-to-day basis. As a woman, it can be nerve-racking not knowing who you'll end up with. Here's 5 types of guys you'll find on Tinder.

Before I met my current boyfriend, I've been in the online dating conspiracy for a year and quite frankly, it was tough. But as faith would have it, that's how my man and I got together. For so long though, I didn't believe I could find someone that I would end up in a long-term relationship with. While I was out there looking for someone to share my life with, here's five guys that I've encountered on Tinder.

1. The Incredibly Hot One With Zero Personality

I matched with someone on Tinder and he was basically a model. Shirtless pictures of him at the beach, in an indoor studio, and of a beautiful sunset. Having a passion in photography myself, it immediately caught my attention. His bio was an inspiring quote about life that seemed as if he had gone through so much. When we started talking, he was incredibly shallow and wasn't at all keeping the conversation going. I was the one asking all the questions, to which he briefly answered them. After like two days of talking, he never replied to me again. How rude!

This is not a real profile. This is one that I took from google.

2. The Car Guy

His profile pictures are of his super expensive Mercedes or just simply of his proud Honda civic. But none of them show who this guys really is. What does he look like? His bio only consists of him describing his precious vehicule in bullet points. This one was very fustrating because you have no idea if this guy's actually a creep who just wants gold diggers or if he's an actual decent guy who just really love cars. Maybe he just doesn't have any good pictures of himself. But the idea of me not knowing what he looks like got me on the edge.

3. The Nerd

Who takes pictures with a webcam these days? The poor quality of it makes them seem much younger than they really are. Sometime you'll see them with a Link costume, or a light saber at a cosplay convention. They might be pretty nice guys but the majority of people swipe left because of how creepy they seem. For their bio, it's typically of a huge list of movies they like, or books, or video games they like to play and how much they'd want to have someone to play with them. I've actually swiped right to one of them and matched immediately with him. We started talking and he was, in fact, very nice. Although, he started to become extremely clingy after only three days of talking. But I mean, who can blame him?

4. The Funny Bio

We've all come across a profile that had a good sense of humor. It was made to capture our attention and to have us stop a second and to scan his profile. The pictures may be alright. He seems like an average guy so you give him a chance. I once had an entire conversation, for two straight days, using only GIF. That was the most fun I've ever had on that app. It was so hilarious and a blast that I never wanted it to end. But eventually one of us broke the circle and went back to reality. It was fun while it lasted. These type of guys are low key sweet guys who believe that laughter can win a heart over.

5. The "Try to Guess Who I Am in These Pictures" Type of Guy

Maybe it's a mystery thing that they're into or maybe they just don't have a single picture of them alone but this is one of the profiles that I hated the most. In every one of their pictures, there's multiple people. That's when you try to figure out which one of the guys is the profile owner. So you look at all if them and try to pin point which one you see in every picture. It's like a bad game of "I Spy." Sometime you can't even tell because they have more than one picture with their best buddy. Maybe it's a trick to get us to talk to them because it's only when you match with them and start talking to them that you can actually ask them which one they are.

And there you have it! Five types of guys or should I say profiles that you will often see on Tinder. Keep in mind that you are entitled to your opinion. This is only what I experienced on Tinder but there are a lot of different possibilities.

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