5 Signs That You Are Dating a Fuckboy

by Imola Q 2 years ago in dating

If you notice more or maybe all of these signs, just run!

5 Signs That You Are Dating a Fuckboy

If you are an attractive female who is active in the contemporary dating scene, there is a big chance that you have come across at least one so-called "fuckboy." Unfortunately, if you happen to develop a crush on a person of this kind, you might end up being led on without you realising it. Read the below characteristics which are based on my personal experiences to see whether you are dealing with an actual fuckboy or not.

1. You never spend too much time together or meet too often

He doesn’t want you to become a significant part of his life so he won’t invite you out two nights in a row or see you multiple times a week. Even if he talks about planning trips or other things to do together, he will always be "too busy" to spend more time with you. Besides, he is only available for you when he is the one suggesting the date. If you ever ask him out, he will definitely be "busy" and won’t make any effort to change his schedule or plans.

2. Keeps His Non-personal Interactions Short and Straight to the Point

The usual text exchange between the two of you hardly ever exceeds five messages in total. He mostly texts about setting up a date and is not likely to engage in a lengthy conversation. He is not the guy you will be texting with for hours. Sometimes you will notice that when he is answering your question, he ends it with a farewell expression like "Have a nice day!" or "Have fun!" to indicate that he wants to close the dialogue.

3. Doesn’t Remember Things You Have Said

When you are telling him something about yourself, don’t expect him to remember it the next time. Unless he has a connection to it or finds anything remarkable about your personal details, he won’t even find it important to keep your surname in mind. Don’t even hope to think about him remembering your birthday or other things that matter to you, and be prepared to talk again about topics that you have already discussed on previous dates.

4. Won’t Introduce You to His Circle

As every average person, he likes to go out with his friends, but in his case, this means that he has a good excuse to use when he doesn’t want to meet you. If you have been around for a while and he took you seriously, he would suggest to tag along with them or maybe bring your own friends. If this does not happen, he doesn’t feel the need to involve you more in his life. If he texts you late on a night out, he is definitely drunk and horny and it is not your company that he is missing. He might even "lose" his friends by the time you two meet.

5. Doesn’t Do Favours and Is Not Reliable

Small things that anyone would do for a friend are not to be expected from a fuckboy. This could be checking on you when you are ill, having time for you when you are feeling down, or giving you a hand when you are moving house. He has to feel that he is always in control. He decides when and how long is he available for you, so if you need him for anything... don’t count on him. Whenever he wants to see you, you have to be ready for him, but at the same time, he won’t do the same for you. As long as you let him, he will do as he pleases, "summon" you and then cancel last minute, and so on.

Imola Q
Imola Q
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