5 Misconceptions of Pansexuality

by Angela Westgate 5 months ago in lgbtq

The many conceptions of being pansexual

5 Misconceptions of Pansexuality

I'm Pansexual myself and I want to talk about the misconceptions.

1. "Pansexual is the same as being Bisexual. There are only two genders."

The terms do overlap but pansexual and bisexual aren't the same. Bisexuality is defined as the attraction to at least two genders. The prefix "pan" means "all" or "every" in Greek. Pansexual people are attracted to all people, regardless of gender. There are several genders, trans people may not fit into the traditional gender binary but some often do. Bisexual people would be attracted to cis men and women while me being Pansexual are attracted to cis men and woman, trans, gender-fluid, gender, Demi-gender, etc.

2. "You're confused."

This is my favorite. People who usually say this are people that are ignorant about sexuality and gender. Being pansexual doesn't mean I'm yet making a decision whether I'm gay or straight. It means I'm not restricted to who I like in terms of gender. I have the ability to form connections with people's personalities and character. I'm not confused at all and neither are all the other pansexuals out there. We just like everyone, but only if they aren't assholes!

3. "Oh it's like a fashionable thing. You wouldn't have been that like 5 years ago."

Pansexual was used/reclaimed in the Nineties who wished recognition of gender and fluidity. Five years ago(age 13), I didn't identify as pansexual because I never heard of that word. I was questioning who I was but pansexual didn't go through my mind until high school where I first came out to my friends. I came out as Bi because I didn't know what pansexual was until I met someone who was. It got me thinking more about who I was and then I came out again as Pansexual. It's good that more people are talking about it now and the term is becoming familiar to people that explains who they are. Sexuality isn't a trend. It's not fashionable to express who you are. People had to fight to be who they are for many years. Many didn't live to see it happened.

4. "But you always stick to one gender."

Not particularly true. Sure I've dated more men than women or others but that doesn't make me less Pansexual. I could just like men a little more than women. I've dated girls and trans people in the past and they were great relationships but it's not like I broke up with them for only men. They ended because of personal reasons, NOT THEIR GENDER IDENTITY! I like men more romantically and girls more sexually, but it doesn't make me Bi, though. I've only dated one trans person but that doesn't mean I'll never date trans people again. I'm open to all people, as I said. Even though I have found the right one, yes he may be a man but I'm still Pansexual regardless of who I date. Same with someone who is Bisexual.

5. "That's not a real orientation."

Ugh, this makes me angry when people say this. Pansexual is real and valid. Many people identify as this all around the world. It's a form of bisexuality but not actually bisexual because they love more than just two genders. People take offense to being told they ain't real or they are just pretending. Me, personally I don't really care anymore now than I probably did like three years ago.

It is 2019. People should get ahold of themselves and not discriminate others for being who are. Not many people do anymore (which is good), but there are many out there that still don't accept people for being themselves which is very upsetting to me. Hopefully for the future people of all religions or whatever will accept the members of LGBT+.

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