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5 Actresses Share Their Heartbreak Stories as #heartbreak Trends No. 1 in Nigeria.

by Jide Okonjo about a year ago in breakups

"Heartbreak is a bitch"

"Heartbreak is a bitch"

Nigerians seem to be in their feelings and going down memory lane today. For some reason, the hashtag #heartbreak is the number 1 trend in Nigeria as at the time of me writing this post.

Nigerians from all over the country are sharing their stories about heartbreak as well as their experiences and the lessons they learnt.

Of course, Nigerian celebrities couldn't miss out on such an interesting discourse and a number of celebrities volunteered their own thoughts and experiences. Here are 5 Nigerian Actresses' Experience with Heartbreak.

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Toke Makinwa

All the heartbreak talk today ehnnn, 不不不不不 nice that we can all joke about it now but damnnnn..... when its happening ehn, chaiiii no words.

All I know is that heartbreak is expensive, i cant afford it, anyone coming in to my life to break my heart, I surrender ahead, I no dey house, Ive moved towns, pls skip my address, I no fit

The shege heartbreak has shown me in this lifetime, I suppose don enter studio win Grammy. We thank the lord , we dont look like what weve been through

Heartbreak that made me walk in the cold streets of London, below 0 degree weather without a jacket on looking for a card shop to load my phone and beg this guy not to leave me. It was cold but I was feeling hot, My head wan craze. 不不不不ah, it no go better for heartbreak

Or was it when the internet broke the news that the then love of my life was having a child with another woman outside? Na una tell me say my marriage don end. Its funny now but I didnt breathe for the first 20 minutes 不不不, if I did, I dont remember how I did. Ok bye

Thank God we dont look like all weve survived. Thank you Twitter for the laughs. Heartbreak is a bitch.

Do you sometimes wonder how your heart still functions after all that it has been through? We dont salute our hearts enough, its really the MVP, the bounce back from everything is Solid.

Belinda Effah

I hear heart break is trending . Me I buy market for that one very well oh. You all dont want to hear my story cos you will end you crying for me . Loool but I am so over it

When a man cheats the relationship continues. When a woman cheats the relationship ends. Why?

Heartbreak does not only happen when you break up with someone . It also happens when you are still in the relationship but not getting the love you desire. That is even worse cos you start acting crazy

Adesua Etomi

How did I miss this heartbreak trend? 不不不不不不不 Don't lie. Have you been the heartbreaker?

Good question Adesua. Let me ask you.


Heartbreak will have you searching on google how to be strong

Omoni Oboli

Whos talking about heartbreak? I remember mine like it was yesterday! Na me breakup with the boy o. I enter bus from Lagos to Benin dey cry like say person die! I couldnt even concentrate in school. Cried for a week. My bestie in school had to enter bus to Lagos to beg him

She said she wont leave until he comes with her back to Benin. Bobo ended up coming back to Benin with her. We sha talked the whole night with plenty wailing from me. Long and short we didnt end up back together but I legit felt real pain like someone was slicing my heart

Heart break will make you feel like life is ending! Like you cant move on. Breathing sef will be tough and your heart will be feeling like theres sore inside Alas nobody is indispensable but when its happening, you dont remember that 仄

Not Omoni Oboli and her friend travelling across state lines because of heartbreak.

This heartbreak of a thing, na real wa!

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Jide Okonjo

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