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4 Common Dating Mistakes Women Make

If you find yourself constantly chasing after a relationship, you could be going about it all wrong.

By Erika PotapPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

So you’ve just met the man of your dreams, or at least he looks like the man of your dreams on paper.... if you squint your left eye and hold the paper far away while twisting it sideways. You went out several times and really feel like you hit it off. Either that or you have flashbacks from the awful dates you’ve been forced to sit through in the past, and are now convincing yourself that this must in fact be your future husband. And if he’s not, you are determined to change that and will do whatever is necessary to make him become your future husband.

It’s your final attempt at procreation and if you don’t succeed—you’ve decided to become a lesbian. Unfortunately, however, the first thing you end up doing is precisely what ends up driving him away. But “I tried so hard” you argue when asked what went wrong—and there you have it, mistake number one and only: you tried too hard. Consider becoming a monk at this point. Even a lesbian can sense your vibes of desperation. Regardless of how close you may think you are to menopause, don’t act like it. You feel like your time's running out and you're ten years late on your 30 year plan so you figure if you start now maybe you can still catch up as long as you get married and have four kids by the end of the year.

1. Trying Too Hard

To get things moving along faster you start contacting your guy way too much or you hope that if you start acting like you’re in a relationship it may develop into one. The problem is, your guy can sense this pressure and it’s frightening. So, as soon as he feels the rise in intensity, he pulls away.

Know your worth and let things flow naturally without putting time constraints on the relationship. Get to know each other and evaluate the direction of the relationship after it’s had some time to develop but not before, unless you want to scare every man that happens to come within 12 feet of your vicinity and don’t mind living in solitude for the remainder of your days.

2. Trying to Make Him Jealous

Everyone has at one point or another been guilty of this one. Somehow we believe that if a guy shows us signs of jealousy, somehow those signs equate to him being interested. This a major no-no! As stupid as guys may be, they are a lot smarter than we actually give them credit for. Making your potential suitor jealous by setting up make believe scenarios for him to react to is bound to blow up in your face and will actually push him away.

3. Acting Cold

We all hate playing games yet for some reason we end up playing them. Perhaps we have all been guilty of trying too hard at one time or another and so we’ve decided to play it cool this time around, a little too cool. We think if we are less available and show him how busy we are it will make them want us more. While that may be true to some degree, they end up thinking we aren’t interested and move on to the next girl who has more free time. There is a fine balance. Don’t sit there staring at the phone waiting on the guy to call. Do your thing and if he happens to call you then you can answer, but don’t play games sending him to voicemail and returning his call hours later.

4. Sex Too Soon

This one is the dumbest thing I have witnessed by far. Why should sleeping with someone you’re attracted to push them away? Especially if the sex could potentially be mind blowing. It doesn’t give the guy enough time to be able to bond with you and that's what's necessary if you want something long term. Take the time to let him really get to know you and genuinely yearn for more of you on a spiritual level before you go bonding on a physical one. Not only will it allow for more bonding but that mind blowing sex will be even more mind blowing!


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I know a thing about a thing or two. Believe in the power of the universe. hope my words can somehow make you smile, even if only on the inside. Questions, thoughts or comments?

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