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3 Tips To Make Him Love You Like Crazy That Work

….or maybe you're imagining that he'll be drawn into somebody else 's arms .

By Sean ObusengPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Do you find yourself falling hard for that special guy ? Is your heart filled with love and desire for him, yet you don't know exactly how to demonstrate it?

Possibly you're anxious that he could find you too extreme and withdraw , or maybe you're imagining that he'll be drawn into somebody else 's arms .

Whatever the scenario , I've got three awesome techniques to make him really feel an intense , all consuming need to be close to you .

# 1. Take Small Steps To Work Your Way Into His Mind

A lot of women assume that men expect to have sex with a date as soon as possible . Yet from my experience , I discovered that you're more likely to build long-lasting love by becoming close friends with him first .

Now, I understand that sounds scary as this could get you moved to the "Friend Zone". Yet the concept is to not jump in the sack with him straightaway but instead draw it out a little .

The fact is , the majority of people love the sweet torture of the "slow burn".

If you play it right , you'll be able to maintain this seduction until his craving gets to a stage where he can not imagine being 'just close friends ' with you any longer .

He'll soon want to move things to a more romantic level.

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# 2. Win Him Over With Words

A great connection comes about when a partnership has a habit of interacting in a gentle , loving way .

Of course, in every-day life communication doesn't ALWAYS work like this , especially when opinions differ .

Although for the most part, a partnership prospers when the focus is more on words of affirmation and praise than animosity or objection .

That's why a guy is most likely to respond positively to a spouse who identifies his strengths and then honors them with words of affirmation .

As an example , you may say how dashing he looks wearing his new shirt , and even just the way he can easily recite all that movie trivia .

Think about the qualities you like about him, then put in the effort to let him know .

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# 3. Use The Right Body Signals

Maybe you've noticed the way some people in love seem to perfectly complement each other ? I'm referring to how they complete each other 's sentences and already recognize what the other person is thinking about without needing to say anything .

Probably you've observed this uncommon occurrence in happy lovers , whether it's your friend or colleague and her hubby or maybe your grandparents. They seem to naturally connect on a deep, unstated level .

To mimic that connection and set the stage for you and your man , begin with body language, gestures, and mannerisms .

Naturally , a long-lasting relationship requires you to create a deep bond through mutual growth and so forth . Yet matching his facial expressions , as an example , is a great way to put down the groundwork .

For example , when you're on an adventure with him and he's caught up in the moment , he's likely to have a happy, satisfied look on his face.

Here you can reflect the brightness of his smile and, immediately , that is going to allow you to develop a strong emotional synergy with him. This experience is enchanting , and it will certainly feel that way .

The moment you begin implementing these body language techniques , you can start moving your relationship on a better path . Treat these as behaviors you can take as part of your everyday routine , like eating breakfast or making a deposit at the bank .

You'll notice that soon , your connection will be abundant with love and you will have a lot of it to continue for years into the future .

Furthermore , did you know that you can also say a few special phrases to a guy and make him quickly fall for you even HARDER? It sounds crazy , but there exists a combination of words that will literally alter a guy 's emotional state and produce powerful feelings of passion for you.

The truth is that it's based on an odd psychological principle . Any woman can apply this through a mix of certain words that will create a powerful effect on the way he considers you.

It's practically like re-wiring his mind so he can't picture spending the rest of his life with any woman but you. Truthfully , it's a level of devotion that's almost scary.

If you're ready for this kind of dedication , however, you can discover the keys to this technique right here

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