21 Guys Share What Feature of a Woman They Find Most Attractive

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To Prove That Guys Aren't as Shallow as We Sometimes Think

21 Guys Share What Feature of a Woman They Find Most Attractive

- Seth, 24

"If she has a muffin top stomach. I like it when a girl is confident in her own skin and doesn't workout hardcore to make her stomach super flat. Also, calves."

- Luke, 20

"Her top lip. And the way she walks."

- Ryan, 20

"The first physical feature I'm attracted to in a woman are her hips and her thighs, that whole arc of the figure. I don't care at all about what size of bra that a woman wears, but if they have nice hips, that's a big plus in my book."

- Steven, 23


- John, 24

"Teeth. There's just something about certain teeth that is so attractive."

- Collin, 21

"I'm a complete sucker for a pretty smile. Like, I'm done."

- Jacob, 24

"Eyes. Because they can tell so much about a person."

- Justin, 24

"Eyes. She doesn't have to have the prettiest eyes, nor am I turned off if she doesn't. But I always am drawn to pretty eyes."

- Zachary, 23

"First thing I look for in a girl is her smile."

- Keegan, 19

"If a girl doesn't exude confidence in a couple different ways, I'm not super into them. Their posture (mostly their shoulders) and also how they walk. I'm in to eye contact and smiles just for the sake of it. And people that come off as shy or uncomfortable just kind of bum me out."

- Andrew, 20

"My favorite feature in a girl that catches me are the eyes."

- Joey, 18

"Eyes. I've always found myself attracted to a person's eyes, even if just in a friendship. But romantically, there's something about the softness of one's eyes that does it for me. It's no joke when they say eyes are the windows to your soul. Blue and green eyes are also my kryptonite."

- Mitch, 24

"That's an easy one for me: her smile. There's nothing more attractive than a girl who can smile and has a beautiful one at that. The most attractive trait a person can have is happiness. The more a girl is smiling/laughing, the better time you two are obviously having. For me, personally, I want someone who I can make smile just by looking at her or saying something stupid that makes her laugh."

- Andrew, 21

"The first thing that I noticed about a woman are her eyes. I'm not just talking about the color. You can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. I love to see the life in someone's eyes. I love to see that fire that makes people wake up every morning and strive to do better. I find that the most attractive."

- Eder, 19

"Her eyes and complexion. I can't explain it. There's just something about a person's eyes that draws me in."

- Joshua, 20

"Well I guess what pops into my head right away is a girl who's taller than average. A girl that's fairly tall is instantly much more attractive to me. I'm tall, so I guess it's not really a shocker. But a girl who smiles, especially at me, wins. Not her smile specifically, but the act of smiling. Some girls have a great smile, but you don't see it often enough. I mean, like you know when you see someone who just smiles a lot and you can't hep but smile too?"

- Levi, 23

"I have to say eyes. Someone's eyes can tell me how willing they are to open up to me. They show honesty and intent."

- Anthony, 21

"For me, it's the eyes. I don't completely understand it, but I think part of it has to do with how much you can learn about that person just by looking into their eyes. They say they're the window into the soul, and they're not wrong. But also, eyes are one of the few things that keep me staring. They are beautiful to me. Combined with a beautiful smile, I'm pretty much under her spell. To be honest, all eyes are beautiful, but some just really stand out to me. And I couldn't tell you why."

- Cody, 22

"Cheeks and jawline. Both support the structure of when a woman smiles/laughs, which is ultimately my favorite action."

- Josh, 31

"Her eyes. There is a light that some women have in their eyes, an intelligence of sorts, almost a dare to the world to try to beat her, because she knows she's gonna win. It's that light that I am attracted to, and without it, I feel no desire for her. It's a physical manifestation of her spirit, and it only shows in her eyes."

- Mitch, 23

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