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by Ashley Meriweather about a year ago in lgbtq
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My Bi World (Part 4)

So yeah, I walked away pissed. Not just at her. At the situation itself. I hate messy and things were becoming messy. Come to find out he was a dog. That had fleas. I found myself getting into trouble dealing with him.

My mom worked late. I use to call myself leaving after her and walking all the way to his house. When I say late I mean late as hell too. I'm talking 11:30 at night. You know when the sirens went off. Back when police officers would stop you and ask you where you going and dang near take you home if something wasn't right. I just happened to know what blocks to swing through.

I even would let him come stay some nights and we would have the living room while my younger sister stayed in her room. Oh I was a hot ass but people hardly knew because I was a tomby. I also remember this one time he was so sick. I happened to be at my other sister and brothers house that weekend. I called myself taking the next door neighbors bike riding over to his house to see if he was ok. Thinking it would be a quick visit and he lived closer to them then he did to my house.

Well lets just say that went left. He had the chills and the shakes. Basically he had alcohol poisoning. I ended up staying longer then I need be. Also did I mention I was supposed to be on punishment over at my dads with my siblings. So imagine my dad pulling up, someone coming to his room and telling me he is outside. I froze up, my dad is a softy for me but somethings he does not let go over his head. I didn't know what was going to happen.

I went outside and his first words was "Get your ass in this car, got everyone looking for you and shit." I thought that was all. I proceeded to tell him about the bike I rode over there. Tried looking for the bike but someone stole it out their front yard. So he got frustrated and my face got slapped. Heavy handed rusty truck driver hands. Yeah I knew how to take a hit but I was embarrased my boyfriend's family were right there. They even told him he didn't have to do all that, but anyone one who knew my father knew not to tell him how to run his life and the people in it.

Lets see, not to mention when I was a sophmore I had to do summer school. One of his fleas at the time tried to jump me as I was walking down the street. Just know I kicked her behind and her moms.

I just became done and decided I was gone date someone else by then. Who did I decide to date. My play cousins bestfriend. He was also my dads old bestfriend son. He was almost like family. We grew up together. I thought it would be a good idea, hadn't got deeper into females yet. Even though I looked at them, butnot all of them.

I decided to date this guy name Drew and that is just part of his middle name. If you know who he his you know that name. It was all well for a moment. It was so good he walked me to all my classes. Even walked me home some days when I didn't want to take the bus. Like somethings that are too good. It failed, and I'm happy it did. Hell I'm happy I knew better. So what should I talk about. The lies, the baby mamma drama or just him being stupid.

Maybe I should skip ahead to dealings with females. Maybe not though, that would be half-way telling the story.

Lets start by saying he did make fun of me for hanging with the "gays" he called them. I believe that was because he could never get any of them even though they flirted with him. It was kinda like fun torture and I seen it all.

Ok so we were close. I guess he figured if he told me alot I wouln't never question anything. Or was it because my mom was strict. Who knows, it could be either or.

(to be continued)


About the author

Ashley Meriweather

I have been writing since I was about 10. I love to write poetry and short stories that may or may not be based on real life happenings. I’m here to be inspired and inspire. Growth is the goal.

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