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18 Dating Rules and Tips for Women Sick of Bad Dates and Shitty Men

You just need a little dating advice for women if you're having trouble in the dating scene as a whole. You can then approach the situation with increased confidence.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 10 min read

Dating may be a challenge. When you're single and ready to start dating again, it might be difficult to know where to begin. This is the reason we've put together this practical dating advice for ladies.

The dating scene can be intimidating. Additionally, dating has become more difficult in the current era. The moment after engaging in sexual activity with a virtual stranger you met on a dating website, you could be sleeping with them.

Has finding true love become simpler in the digital age? Finding love has, in fact, gotten much more difficult!

The most crucial piece of dating advice for women you should keep in mind

It's true that dating causes us to feel uneasy and behave differently than usual. You want to have a fantastic date with a possible match. How can you guarantee success? Being ghosted after a first date is a terrible sensation, especially if you thought it went well!

The guy might not call, or he might be running late for the date. We're talking about all the many things they do. However, there are some dating guidelines for women that you must follow in order to maintain high personal standards and avoid letting them control the course of the date.

Where and how the date ends are both under your control. It appears that dates are now simply for a fast lay, due to Tinder. That's wonderful, but if you're looking for more, that might not be so good. You might want to print this out and keep it in your purse.

1. Think of an unusual place to meet

If you want to have a reasonable time, meeting for coffee or a drink is relatively typical and a sure bet. Why not take a risk and propose a meeting place or something a little more enjoyable? a dawn rave? a color dash? Taking a ride on a horse together?

Discover your shared interests and choose a fun location because dates are all about having fun! You'll know you're onto something good if they're game for it.

2. Don’t be afraid to be set up by friends

If you cringe at the idea of your friends getting involved with your love life, remember they have a pretty good idea of who you are and what you like.

Blind dates have always been a thing and as intimidating as they seem, they also work! So the next time your friends set you up on a date, don’t be so fast to decline.

This is one of the dating advice for women you’ll regret not following. You never know, the guy your friends set up could turn out to be great!

3. Get on a dating site

Nowadays, the majority of single people find themselves on a dating service. It's the quickest and most practical method of meeting other single folks. In reality, several couples start on dating apps and end up being successful.

The usage of dating websites used to be quite forbidden. Women questioned whether they appeared desperate and whether the males on the websites were simply desperate weirdos. The game of online dating today is totally different.

Feel free to give using a dating app to find a date a try—it has so much potential!

4. Prepare a few conversation starters.

Even though you may want things between you to be calm and natural, nervousness frequently get in the way. It's normal to feel anxious when you first start talking to someone, so don't feel terrible. You're still getting to know each other, so expect plenty of awkward and messy situations.

In order to keep the discussion going throughout your date, make sure you have some conversation starters prepared. You'll probably become more at ease with it after some time and perhaps a few drinks.

Maybe ask them light questions or break the ice by making them laugh, just so they feel more at ease around you.

5. Make a good first impression

You don’t want to overdo it, but there is nothing wrong with making a bit of an effort. First impressions are everything when it comes to dating, so be sure to look your best! You don’t have to look fancy or luxurious, but dressing up neatly will suffice.

Obviously, how much you dress up depends on where you are going, but making an effort to look nice and greeting them with a big smile gives a great first impression. Also, don’t make them wait as that creates a bad impression.

6. Don’t drink too much

If you feel a bit nervous, it can be easy to drink a bit too much to try and calm yourself down. However, getting super drunk on a first date may be a bad idea.

We know you’re nervous, but drinking one glass after another also leaves a terrible impression on your date! Try to balance your nervousness and drinking.

A few sips will do, and you’ll start to feel your nerves calm down a bit. Otherwise, you may end up saying or doing something stupid or wake up not remembering what happened at all!

7. Don’t play it too ‘cool’

While many women think they should play it super cool on a date, there is no need to be too distant or mysterious. If you like them, you like them.

Make that obvious, be friendly, talkative, and genuine. There’s no need to play mind games with them just to have a successful date.

If you have to try that hard, maybe they’re not the right person for you. A little bit of mystery is good, but too much will just push them away entirely.

8. Don’t overshare

Remember what we said about leaving a little mystery? Don’t spill every detail on your first date with them. Keep conversation topics pretty light and casual, ask questions to get to know one another, but don’t reveal absolutely everything about yourself, including talking about your exes!

Unless you want to push them away by doing so, don’t reveal everything about yourself right away. Otherwise, there might not be a second date!

9. Be yourself

When it comes to great dating advice for women, nothing beats just being yourself. If you aren’t, then they won’t have a genuine impression of you.

Even if it goes to a second date, how long are you going to keep up the pretense for? It might sound so cliche, but it’s a crucial piece of advice.

You can’t keep it up for long when you pretend to be someone you’re not just for the sake of your date. It’ll get exhausting and eventually, your true colors will be revealed.

10. Don’t put out on a first date—unless you are cool with it

If women want to sleep with a guy on a first date and things are heading that way, then that’s totally great. But there are some things to be aware of. Putting out on a first date might make a guy feel like that’s what you do, and you might end up feeling the same about him.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting into bed on the first date, but remember what we’ve said about the element of mystery? Leave something for guys to anticipate in the following few dates. But in the end, it’s really up to you and your personal preference.

Never feel pressured into doing it though, and remember, if they don’t call you because you didn’t, they definitely aren’t worth any more of your time anyway.

11. Maintain eye contact

Eye contact will always be sexy so if you’re seeking dating advice for women, you should definitely take note of this.

Make sure you maintain good eye contact throughout your date—if you like them, of course. Body language plays a big part in showing whether or not you like someone, so pay attention to yours.

12. Don’t ask for anyone else’s opinion just yet

Getting other people’s opinions and analyzing every single second of your date can be pretty destructive. If you like them and they like you, then meet up again. Just see how it goes. You may love your friends and they probably give great advice, but you can’t seek validation from them for all your dates.

There will always be some form of bias and at the end of the day, your dating life is between you and the other person you’re dating – nobody else. Ask for their opinion when things are getting serious but until then, hold off.

13. Follow your instincts and move on if you don’t think it is going anywhere

Our gut instincts tend to be really strong, so this is one of the pieces of dating advice for women you shouldn’t ignore. Not every date is going to be perfect.

In fact, there may be many where you know in the first five minutes that they are not the man for you. Maybe you spot the red flags right away, or something just feels off.

In this case, once the date ends, you’ll know that they weren’t the guy for you. It’s better to move on to the next than stay with someone you don’t enjoy dating!

14. Wait for him to contact you

Of course, there is no reason why a woman can’t contact a guy first, but you know that if he likes you he’ll get in touch.

So why not just leave it to him and get on with your day? He’ll eventually call you when the time is right and if not, it’s his loss anyway!

15. Keep in mind that dating isn't everything in life!

When it comes to dating, it may be incredibly simple to feel as though it's taking over your life and become too drawn in. Keep in mind that dating is not everything in life. It's okay if you need to take a vacation from it! Don't make your dating life your entire existence—just it's one part of it!

It does not diminish your value that you haven't found a date yet. The one dating tip for women you should never forget is this.

16. Avoid focusing exclusively on one individual.

Not that you should stop taking dating seriously and start having fun, but the goal of dating is to meet your ideal match.

You must therefore be prepared to date people for a considerable amount of time in order to do that. You'll discover your options when you date folks with varying personalities and temperaments.

17. Recognize your redlines.

One of the dating tips for women you should abide by when dating someone is to never forget your standards and deal-breakers. No man is worth lowering your standards for, no matter how handsome or tall he is.

Keep in mind your deal-breakers if you truly want to have the ideal dating experience. So, if a guy you meet doesn't satisfy all of your expectations, turn around and go right away. Long term, you'll be grateful to yourself.

18. Ensure that you are prepared

You should make sure you're prepared before you start dating. Have the wounds from your former relationship healed? Are you certain that you are psychologically and emotionally prepared? Have you gotten over your ex yet? Before starting a new relationship, you should ask yourself these questions.

We can't always say whether we're ready since, more often than not, we utilize dating as a means to get away from our problems and baggage. If you're not yet prepared, your dating life will be a complete chaos.

The dating scene is a really bizarre one. But if you heed these dating counsel for women, you'll enjoy yourself more on each date and perhaps even meet a terrific guy!


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