13 Signs You're In a Toxic Relationship

Signs you're in a toxic relationship, but don't even know it

13 Signs You're In a Toxic Relationship

Being in a toxic relationship can feel like a living hell. You don’t know if you’re the crazy one or if they are.

That's a scary thought.. are you really as crazy as they make you seem or are they trying to push their craziness onto you?

But that's the problem, you don't see it until its too late. It's like they reel you in just enough to make sure you're blinded by love before they show their true colours.

Toxic relationships happen all the time and it's so sad! The mind games that get played make one feel absolutely insane!! You feel trapped and truly don't know what to do.

What is a Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship is a relationship that is mentally, emotionally or spiritually damaging.Toxic relationships are defined by the qualities of fear, submission/domination, and deception.

Here are signs you're in a toxic relationship without even knowing it.

You feel like you're walking on eggshells - you find yourself walking on eggshells all the time for fear of upsetting your partner. You're unsure of the right and wrong things to say, and have a hard time making conversation with you partner because you're unsure of what they may think or do. Sure, this can happen in healthy relationships too, but you're not always scared of making conversation.

It's always about them - you find that your relationship is always about pleasing, listening, or upholding the other person, but they never return the favor. You're constantly doing things for the other person but they never do things for you. Even if its just simple little things. You notice that when you ask for a favor its usually a no, but you jump for the other person if they ask you.

Feeling drained and depressed - you mostly feel drained and depressed around your partner due to the whirlwind of emotions. You're constantly feeling down when you're around them because their toxic energy weighs you down

Being taken advantage of - you find that your partner often takes advantage of you. Whether its financially, emotionally, mentally or sexually. It always seems like you're always the one suffering.

You're always agreeing with the - you always feel the need to agree with your partner in fear that there will be negative consequences. You don't feel like you have the opportunity to have your own opinion or are able to speak up for yourself. They always take control in the conversations.

Jealous of your success - instead of celebrating your milestones and accomplishments, your partner feels compelled to drag you down. They don't seem to ever be happy for you, instead they make you feel like its not important when really, it is and they should be celebrating will you!

No support - you aren't able turn to each other for emotional and mental support in the times that you need it the most. You feel like you can't rely on them the way you should as a partner.

They bring out the worst in you - you become easily agitated and frustrated when you're around them. You find that you can't seem to control your emotions and anger. But when you're away from them, you feel so much happier.

Suspicion & paranoia - you've caught them in one too many lies and the trust has been broken. When you're apart you're constantly worried about them, you feel like maybe they're cheating, or lying about where or what their doing. But you're afraid to speak your mind in fear of consequences it could have.

You're afraid of losing them - you know they've messed up and are in the wrong, but you're terrified to be without them. You're scared that if you try to confront them they'll leave you, and you'll be lost without them. They have a way of making you feel safe even when you know it's wrong.

They never do or say anything "nice" to you - they never seem to compliment you or buy you gifts. You find yourself always doing everything you can to please them but you never seem to get anything in return.

Domination - there are issues of control in your relationship and one person will suffer due to psychological games. In result they make you feel as if it's your fault, never theirs.

Justifying their behavior - you always find yourself trying to excuse or justify the selfish, immature or nasty behavior from your partner. You're always trying to pursued others that they're "really not as bad as they seem" and try to say some of the good things that they do.

Have you noticed that your relationship has a few (or a lot) of these red flags? I know it's a lot, and can be quite overwhelming reading that and realizing maybe you relationship is quite toxic after all. But don't know what to do?

A lot of people don't realize that their toxic, it's just their personality, and maybe that's why their previous relationships didn't work out. But when thinking of starting or continuing a life with these people scares you, its' time to get out.

Miranda Kukavica-Wilson
Miranda Kukavica-Wilson
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