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10 Women Ask Their Crushes Out On Dates. The Responses Will Have You Screaming.

by Jide Okonjo 12 months ago in dating

"I'd Rather Not."

It all started so innocently.

Twitter user, @Oloni, asked a simple request of her followers.

Easy enough right?

Well, the ladies obliged and the responses that followed were too good I couldn't stop laughing.

Prepare to go on a roller-coaster of heartbreak, laughter, and a whole lot of screaming!

1. Baby Got Blocked.


Twitter user, @Dykeike was the first one to take the plunge. This response! 😂😂 I will be left with no choice but to throw myself in the ocean.

Dykeike took it in stride though. She captioned the picture, "Never doing this again" and if you think the boy ever reopened his DMs, think again.

Sorry DykeIke. Maybe next time.

2. Massimos

Where DykeIke was blocked, Twitter user, Samimi got herself a date!

Huhn. I guess sometimes this bravery of a thing does Imagine my surprise.

3. Gbas Gbos!

I-- Can somebody point me in the direction of the closest river, I just want to see something.

Can you imagine putting yourself out there and getting a response like this? Whoa!

4. Red Handed

This one has part 1 and 2.

😂😂I don't even know what to say about this. On the one hand, it's cool that he was in on the challenge so that the rejection stings less and is funny.

But on the other hand, why no?

And also, can we talk about the girl's response to his "No".😂😂 Not "Hoe ass bitch" 😂😂 I actually spat out my Sprite.

This was GOLD!

5. Sometimes The Punch Comes Out of Nowhere.

This type is the type that they say that this type is the type that they say.

Are you kidding me?! 😂😂 It started off so well. See how somebody will wake up in the morning only to get punched in the left eye from nowhere. Ah ah!

6. You Can Put The Blame On Me

😂😂A clever girl! You throw that imaginary friend under the bus, that's what they call what? Playing the game called You Will Not Embarrass Me Today.

These are just too funny. Ready for more? We'll go on in a bit. But I'll like to turn it to you now. Do you think you could ever participate in this kind of challenge?

7. In The Middle of The Ocean, There My Pride Lay.

My God! When I tell you I'm crying at these responses. 😂😂

What is this?! Not him first asking Biology question before rejecting the poor girl like this. Some people honestly deserve jail time I swear. 😂

8. Out From the River I Came, Back To The River I Go.

This whole story is just...😂😂😂 Why are people like this? So this girl knowing fully well that she's rejected this boy before still carried hopeful legs to go and ask him out on a date TWO WHOLE YEARS later. Then, she's also now trying to play it smart. This is too hilarious. This is just too hilarious!

9. Bait And Switch

Who doesn't love a come-back story. Yes! Let somebody get a happy ending for once.

10. But Alas, We're Still Very Much In This Place Called Earth.

Ha, one cannot celebrate for too long these days oh. Last last, for all the yeses, there are all the other nos.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. The full Twitter thread is still available online and can you can find it here. There are many more replies if you want to keep the fun going. Personally, I find the ones above to be the most entertaining of the bunch so you're welcome because you don't have to go through the whole thread to find these hidden gems. I've done the work for you.

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Until next time, have a wonderful rest of your day!

Jide Okonjo
Jide Okonjo
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