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10 Reasons You Should Hire a Texas Workers' Compensation Lawyer

You can deal with your work injuries on your own, but wouldn’t it be better if someone helps you who knows all the ins and outs of this job? Let’s learn more.

By smithpatrickPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

If you get mistreated at work, you are probably concerned that you require to hire a workers' comp lawyer and need to know whether or not hiring a lawyer help you with a work injury. After all, the law enables injured workers' to represent themselves on their claims and in court.

When you expose yourself to facing a workers’ compensation case because of a work-related injury, you may wonder if you need to engage an attorney to handle your case. In many cases, the answer is yes; a Texas workers' compensation lawyer can help you get all the advantages you deserve.

While every case is distinct, the injury’s severity, your case’s complexity, and the efforts of your employer and its insurance company can also be aspects of whether you need a lawyer.


Reasons to hire a workers’ comp lawyer

  • Your employer doesn’t report your injury

Your employer provides workers’ compensation benefits, but the insurance company typically pays them. Your employer must reveal your injury to its workers’ comp insurance carrier. Detailing can be done via phone or email, with paperwork filed as instructed and signed by you and your employer. An employer decreasing to report your injury can demonstrate potential “red flags” – most greatly that you need workers compensation lawyers.

  • Your employer denies paying

When you are injured while operating any work on behalf of your employer, you are authorized to workers’ compensation advantages. It comprises medical care, temporary disability, job retraining as required, permanent disability, and mileage reimbursement for medical treatment. It doesn’t matter who is at fault or the purpose of the accident.

You must speak with a well-qualified workers’ comp lawyer if your employer refuses the advantages.

  • Your employer denies your claim

Employers and their insurers frequently reject workers’ comp claims, speculating workers won’t appeal the decision. Workers Compensation Lawyers can help you fight and attain a fair settlement, if your claim has been denied.

  • Your employer’s settlement is not enough.

If your settlement errs in covering your lost wages and medical bills, you need to have an attorney conflicting for your rights and fair compensation.

  • You did not receive disability benefits.

Similar to the motive above, there are times when your employer approves in providing compensation for your medical care but rejects your disability benefits which enclose your lost wages. If you are incapable of working because of your injury, you are authorized to lose wages during your time out of work. If you are incompetent to work the same number of hours because of your injury, you are also qualified to lose wages. In case you are not receiving the disability benefits to which you are qualified, workers compensation lawyers can help.

  • Your medical issues prevent you from working.

If your disability is eternal – total or partial – you are perhaps authorized to a chunk sum payment or weekly payments to insure your lost wages. Because these settlements are expensive, many companies attempt to avoid compensating them.

If your illness or injury results in permanent disability, call on workers comp lawyers Dallas to discern whether you get the benefits you deserve.

You are not sure that you're receiving the benefits which you deserve.

Due to the complexity of the workers’ compensation system, numerous workers are unfamiliar with the benefits due to a work injury or illness. If all of your medical treatments (surgery appointments, therapy follow-ups), temporary disability, and permanent disability aren’t paid, workers comp lawyers Dallas can guide you through the procedure and help you get the necessary benefits.

You want to apply for future social security disability benefits.

If your workers’ compensation settlement is not handled correctly, it could limit or lower potential Social Security disability expenditures in the future. Your workers’ compensation attorney can structure your settlement to help you avoid this strategy.

Your employer retaliates.

If your employer retaliated – fired you, cut your hours, demoted you, decreased your salary or rate, or distinguished against you – as a result of your workers’ compensation claim, you need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights.

Your suffering results from serious misconduct by a third party or your employer

The workers’ compensation system got constructed to eliminate civil lawsuits related to workplace injuries. Circumstances will allow you to prosecute, such as when a third party contributed to your injuries, your employer’s delinquency causes your injury, or your employer does not hold up workers’ comp insurance. A well-qualified lawyer can clarify the specifics regarding your injury.


Work injuries happen every day. Some injured workers' do not hire a lawyer, but many turn to an experienced one for help with their claim. Workers' compensation lawyers understand all the privileges and how to put your case best concurrently and express it to the judge.

The utmost goal of a texas workers' compensation lawyer depicting the claimant—the injured worker—is to help that individual obtain benefits.

The objective of the workers' comp lawyer representing the defendant, which would be the employer or the employer's insurance company, is to mitigate the defendant's liability.


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