10 Qualities I Require in A Partner

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Some things I've figured out that I need in a life partner

10 Qualities I Require in A Partner

What do I want in a partner? That's really a hard question that I struggle to answer. Honestly, I'm starting to think this is why all older people tell you to not get married until you're in your 30's, because you're still learning what you need and require in a partner. I'm assuming this based on the fact that I'm constantly figuring out and changing my opinion on what I require.

1. Honesty.

I put this first because I think that almost anything can be worked through except a lack of honesty. I'll admit I'm not always great with honesty either. It's something we all have to work at daily and make the choice to be an honest person. If my partner is willing to be honest with me regarding everything and anything then I think we can work through almost anything. I can't be with someone who lies to me.

2. Passion

This is something that I didn't realize was as important as it is to me until relatively recently. I know that sounds weird because everyone wants something passionate. But I thought I'd be okay with comfort and it turns out that I'm not. I want comfort... thats a different point though. However, I need passion. I want to feel irresistible and I want them to be that way to me. I want passion in everything we do. I want them to need me and for me to need them (in a more sexual basis not a co-dependancy)

3. Comfort

Well since I started this one above I guess I'll finish it. I want someone I'm totally comfortable with. That I can 100% be myself with without concern. Someone I can be sick near, I can make mistakes, I can be silly and never have to worry about judgement. I never have to worry about them realizing I'm not for them or thinking I'm gross or ugly. I need to be able to breakdown and have extreme highs without them having a problem with either.

4. Sexual compatibility

I am a hyper sexual person. I love sex both the physical, actual having of sex and just learning about sex in general. Sex around the world, the science everything. I LOVE sex. Finding someone who is compatible on all levels has proved to be difficult. All men think its hot until its in their face and their penis' can't keep up. (lol)

5. Good Parent

This one is pretty important to me. I already have a son and want more children in the future. So the ability to be a good parent not only to their own biological children but to my son is extremely important. It is a necessity for them to treat my son the same they would their children and for them to be a thoughtful and kind parent. But also someone who can lay down the law. Kind by fair.

6. Understanding

I can be a little hard to deal with at times. I have a lot of thoughts, I overthink and the things I love I love a lot. I'm a bit obsessive and need someone who is going to understand my feelings; or at least accept them and attempt to understand without judgement.

7. Kind

I want someone to takes pride in their kindness. I don't mean they have to be perfect. I like an edge. But they need to be able to put the kindness of others first. This is something I did not know was as important as it is until recently, but I am a kind person. I like to think about others and their feelings and how they ended up in situations. I would love to be with someone who does the same. Looks at people and the world for more than just face value.

8. Pushes me

I don't just want someone who pushes me, but I need someone who pushes me. Pushes me to be better, to get out of my comfort zone (just not too fast, that can backfire lol). I want someone who pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be. That pushes me to do all the things I want to in life and not let one day slip by me. I want someone who wants me to push them as well and together we can rule it all.

9. Animal Lover

I am a hard core animal lover. I love them all and want even more. I need someone who not only tolerates this but loves it and wants to be apart of it. I want someone who accepts my animals now and later and loves them, the good and bad about them as much as I do.

10. Accepting

I want someone who is accepting of things in life. Accepts me in every form and loves me for it. Someone who can accept life as it comes and work through it as a partnership.

All in all I want a best friend. Someone I can trust with my life and my children. Someone I can trust with all my secrets and lean on in the good and bad times. I want someone to be my soul mate, partner, lover. My everything. Someone to hold me on cold and lonely days and dance with me during the good times. I want someone who loves my quirks not just tolerates them. I want someone who finds me beautiful and irresistible. Someone who holds my hand when we are out and will kiss me in the rain. Corny I know, but I want my own fairy tale. I want to feel like a princess, but like a badass princess.

Michaela B
Michaela B
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