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10 personality traits almost all toxic people have in common

by Chaos Adjacent 7 months ago in list

::disclaimer I have no psychiatric experience:: and this should not be used in a situation in regards to mental health

taken by me

by. Edward Odren

1.Manipulation and misdirection

when dealing with a toxic person you should always be weary of most everything they say. misdirection is a key tool that they will use to manipulate you along with fake tears or bouts of rage misdirection and manipulation are hard to spot at first but remember taking a step back and look at the whole picture this can in the long run help you make collected and rational decisions.

2.Blames everyone else for there problems

toxic people almost never take the blame for anything it is always someone else's fault. if you try to call them out on anything be ready for them to snap.

3.pathological liars

this is one of the things you have to look out for when they first weasel there way in to your life it could be something as simple as a tiny white lie if caught they will try to cover it up or deny it completely

4.Plays the victim well

when it comes to toxic people they either play the rage card when confronted or they play the victim. playing the victim can get them out of a lot of situations and can also turn a situation around when they are caught in a lie or caught in a less than ideal predicament.

5.Your needs mean nothing

when you constantly feel like your needs are on the back burner it may be because you are being held back by a toxic person. them making sure you cant focus on your needs means more time and energy to look after there needs.

6.They never apologize

with a toxic person its never i'm sorry and if they do say it its not im sorry i did that thing it means i'm sorry i got caught

7.They will give you ultimatums or make u prove yourself

if your unlucky enough to be with a toxic person they will constantly make you prove yourself to them whether it be how much you love them or how much you spent yesterday at the store. then there is the ultimatums making you choose something over them.

8.They make you defend yourself constantly

you will have to constantly defend yourself and explain everything for fear of them not believing you or because there misdirecting something they did at you

9.They are the kings of being judgmental

listen for a lot of criticism and judgment where none is needed it makes others look worse than they actually are and in a twisted way making the toxic person feel better about themself

10.They will do whatever it takes to get what they want

this is where things get bad for if you are in a toxic persons way they will not hesitate to take you out of the equation so the goal or object they are after is easier to get to. Be careful the will go as far as they have to.

Chaos Adjacent
Chaos Adjacent
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