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10 fun date ideas you have never heard of.

by Lexi Anderson about a year ago in dating

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10 fun date ideas you have never heard of.
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As a teen, I never had a problem coming up with fun date ideas. However, when I did need some inspiration, I would turn to the web and was embarrassed for the people who would post some of those ideas. Ideas such as: go for a walk, go out for a picnic! Go fishing. Do a scavenger hunt. Seriously? As if no one has ever thought of THAT before. Here are the top 10 date ideas I did as a teen that don’t break the bank, are extremely creative, and just plain fun.

#1 Video from 3 Objects

This one you can do pretty much anywhere. Choose two objects. You and your date each choose one thing. You can be more mysterious by not telling your date the purpose of these objects and then take them somewhere to film. Once you’ve arrived, you can then explain that you and your date will need to come up with a funny video idea with only those two objects. This date idea totally breaks the ice as you try to fumble through and stretch ideas to try to make the next hit YouTube video. Then you’ll go home and even if you just share it with your younger sister and mom, at least you still had fun!

#2 Big, Better, Best

This one is more fun to do with groups. However, you can still do this idea with just two individuals. Start off each team or individual with a penny, paper clip, or something else of little to no value. The key is to trade the object with a stranger for anything of more value. After the set time is up, groups or individuals compare to see who scored the better deal. You’ll be surprised what you can end up with. I once traded someone a GIANT sized teddy bear for an old jewelry box.

#3 Coin Flip, Car Ride

This idea works best when you are visiting a new area you and your date are unfamiliar with. You’re in a car and you want to impress your date with a spontaneous adventure. Take a coin out of the change compartment and hold it up for your date to see. “If the coin lands on heads, turn right. If it lands on tails, we turn left.” The passenger will flip the coin and you drive wherever it takes you. When you arrive, you can do anything from dance in front of the car headlights to go exploring!

#4 Frog Gigging!

This one is a date for night time. Wait until it’s dark and go out to a creek, a riverside, or a pond with two flash lights. A broad range light, and a very bright beam light. Stay very quiet, and when you hear a frog close by, shine the broad light. The light will reflect off the frogs eyes and it will freeze in result. While walking closer to it, make sure the light stays on it’s eyes or it will jump! This is when you switch to the bright beam, as they will stay frozen longer. Then you can catch em!

#5 Cow Painting

Yes, you read that right, cow painting. If you live in the country or a small town, this is a must. After doing everything there is to do in a small town, you have to start getting creative. And it’s not as cliche or crude as cow tipping! Get a local farmers permission of corse, grab some water guns, and go at it! You can load the water guns with paint, temporary dye, or just straight up paint those cows! Then take selfies with them. And of course, make sure you clean up after.

#6 Photo Checklist

This one is for sure a double date or group date idea. Prior to the date, make a list of 10 to 15 locations or situations the couple must take photos of. Some examples include: taking a photo of a woman walking a dog, a sign with the letter Z, or posing with a cat. The first group to come back with the list complete wins! Enjoy a good laugh while viewing all the rediculous photos each group has taken.

#7 Glow Stick Sardines

This one only works with a group as well. The most fun way to do this is in a cave. If you don’t have access to a self guided cave then find somewhere with lots of rocks to hide behind. If you’ve ever played sardines, the objective is the same, except this time you break glow sticks before hand and spray them all over yourself and the rocks. When it’s dark outside, the drops from the glow sticks look like stars! Make sure to wear cloths you don’t value very much. Remember to stay safe!

#8 Paint Twister!

You and and your date must dress in ALL white. Get an old white T-shirt you don’t care about getting paint on. Get an old twister game at your local thrift store or borrow one from a friend. Pour a different color of washable paint on each circle matching the color of the circle and be prepared to turn all sorts of colors! This makes for a good laugh.

#9 Build a what?

We’ve all heard of Build-A-Bear workshop. You choose an animal’s cotton skin and stuff it with cotton. But what if you did the same thing, only rearrange pre-existing stuffed animals? Take your date to a thrift store, choose three stuffed animal toys, and cut them up to rearrange the toy and make an animal all your own. Use a horse head and sew it to your cotton tail rabbit! At the end of the creation procees, insert a time capsule in the new pet you’ve created, and address it to your date or yourself to be opened on a future date.

#10 Three Skill Competition

Get some cheap molding clay, some chalk, and some scrap paper. Each person will get to create whatever they want with these materials one at a time. You can start with the clay, and compete with your date to see who can make the best creation. After each creation, you will put your creativity to the test by getting a stranger to judge your works scale of 1 to 10. The person ending with the least points has to buy the other person a milk shake.


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Lexi Anderson
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