Why does it seem so real?

by Bri Gilsoul 2 years ago in paranormal

A true story on night terrors.

Why does it seem so real?

Why does it feel like a bit of me died inside? It seems like every night it just gets worse and worse....

Let me start by saying this: I don't know what the hell it is or what it wants but I know it's got my attention. I was young when these dreams got vivid. I'd see your typical slasher film villain trying to attack me or a monster trying to eat me, you know, the usual kid nightmares, but when I got older it got worse. I always had trouble sleeping when I was young and I always believed something wasn't all together, like something paranormal was always watching me...

I was 14 years old when it got worse. We moved to a small town, my family and I. I hated it but what can you do? I went on everyday normally until this night... I fell asleep quite late due to my sleeping disorder but then suddenly it felt like I was up but I couldn't move any part of my body.

I started to hear the whispers and then my head turned toward the door where I saw black, long, and slender hands moving around my door. I felt my heart race and I started to panic. I felt like I was going to die and the hands seemed to move from the door and creep across my hardwood floor. I jolted awake and was in a cold sweat gasping for air. I told my mom the next morning but all I got was an, "Oh, I'm so sorry honey! But it's just a dream, don't worry about it too much."

I was livid but over some time I let it go. A couple months went by and it seemed normal but I ended up having yet another one of these "bad dreams." This time though, there was no hands. I was again motionless on my bed but I felt something crawling up my bed. I couldn't move to look but only stare at my door. I felt panic seeping in as I heard a little girl giggling. I tried shutting my eyes or even screaming but I just couldn't. The little girl was breathing right next to my ear. She whispered in my ear, "Don't look" and the rest I couldn't remember. I woke up yet again breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. I told my mom the morning after but this time her eyes got a little wide and she was silent for a second.

"...No honey, all of it is a dream. That's a really weird dream but none of it is real."

She then walked away from me. Again. She doesn't believe me again??? No one ever believed me. It just felt so... so real... there is no way no one can believe me! Oh well, I let it go again.

Weeks pass, and I just have nightmares. My old house having a demon hiding behind a couch; me walking through our old yard where the sky is blood red and black as lifeless hands are trying to grab me from the nature preserve; demons killing my parents then when my little brother and I try running away, the demon grabs his legs and drags him towards it and I can do nothing to try to stop it. You know, the usual nightmares a normal person gets. I was getting worried with these weird dreams but I kept them to myself for so long.

We ended up moving to a new house years later and I was doing so good with just having normal nightmares until it happened again. I couldn't move but my head was facing the door in my room. My room was pitch black and my door was opening up. I could see something white. Then suddenly she appeared. The little girl appeared in white. She had long black hair and black eyes. She was smiling at me. Then she suddenly started giggling and running down the hallway and I jolted up again. What the hell was that? Why did she run away? And what did she want? She looked vaguely familiar but where did she come from? To this day I thought she looked like my best friend in first grade who passed away from cancer. But I guess I'll never know...

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