Vik: A Vampire's Tale

by Luke Wolfe 2 years ago in fiction

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Vampiric World

Vik: A Vampire's Tale

The city around him grew quiet when night fell. He had only just awoken from slumber a mere two hours ago. Dreams and nightmares of his past came rushing to him like wildfire spread, taking over mother nature. Vik sat on top of the tall bank building as he always did watching intently at the people below. He needed to feed.

He saw his target as the man progressed down a dark alley with a female companion. The female companion looked to be unwilling to comply what the man was saying. Vik could only assume that this man's intentions weren't pure. He began to move swiftly downward to the street.

As he moved, the flames in the street lamps blew out as he ran past them. He hit the cobblestone road so softly, only a feather could challenge such a landing. He brushed his hair back behind him and began to walk towards the alley. Horse drawn carriages passed him and he could hear the horse's hooves on top of the cobblestone so clear, it almost drowned out the sound of the hearts beating around him. He finally came to the entrance of the alley. The moment was at hand.

As Vik closed in on his target, he could see the man trying to kiss the woman he had pinned up against the wall. This man, clearly ignoring the cries for help from the woman, had not a ounce of compassion in him as he ripped the woman's dress. Vik hid in the shadows opposite of the man. He thought to himself is this how the Ripper did it, as he stalked his prey and before going in for the kill. He was now behind his target, ready for the moment.

The woman, who was squirming to get free, looked past the man's shoulder. She could see a silhouette of another man, only she could see his piercing blue eyes staring at them.

"Help me," She whimpered softly.

Vik's heart, even though a dead one, felt the desperation in her voice. It reminded him of another voice that came back to haunt him in a dream the day before. It was time. Suddenly, Vik stepped out of the shadows just behind the man. He grabbed the back of his neck and yanked him away. He plunged his blood thirsty fangs into the jugular of the man. Vik's eyes now a bright red.

The crimson liquid passed through the man and into Vik's mouth. The man yelled out a shriek, but Vik was quick to mute him. The man squirmed and try to wiggle free, but Vik's grasp was too strong. Seconds went by and the man's body went limp and collapsed to the ground.

Vik stood over the man and looked down at him. A tiny line of blood ran down his mouth and to his chin. His eyes went back to the blue that the woman once saw. He looked over to her. She was white with fear, then she let out a scream and ran for the exit of the alley.

Vik watched her as she ran. Normally, he would have stopped her and made sure she would have forgotten the whole ideal she just witnessed. Not this night. This night was different. Something in him stopped him from pursuing her. Vik was determined to find out what it was.

He ran the opposite direction, towards a cathedral. When he finally arrived, he scaled the building to an opening on top of the tallest tower. This was where he called home for the last century. He went to a desk in the the corner of the small corridor. He sat down, there was a simple book laying in front of him. He opened it up and began jotting down his thoughts.

Word would spread of a monster here in Whitechapel. He had to be swift to find out what this mystery was. Why didn't he stop her? Why were the flashbacks of his past coming back? Time was now short and he felt something was coming, but what? He knew where he had to go. He had to go to the city of London. There was a secret place, a place where vampires met, he knew he could find answers. He had to go to Blood Haven.

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