Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 3)

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Chapter 3: A Familiar Past

Vik: A Vampire's Tale (Chapter 3)

Vik began to scan the pages of the book. He ran past his family's lineage and the early history of his father. His father, a brute of a man, had not a shred of compassion in him. King of Vallerian, he followed the line to the throne. The sharp memories of his father torturing him as a child, along with his two older brothers, pierced through Vik's mind. Those accounts of torture were written here. So was the death of his entire family. All of a sudden, Vik collapsed onto the floor; fainted.

Vik awoke in what seemed like an old, run down tavern. However, this tavern looked to be centuries old. He knew this was a dream. Or was it? Everything around him felt so real. He walked the ruins looking for any clue as to why he would awake here, until a deep voice came from the shadows of what used to be the bar.

"Hello, Vik," the voice said softly.

Vik turned around quickly towards the direction of the voice. There was something familiar about it.

"Show yourself," Vik demanded as he stood there, unafraid.

Out of the shadows came a figure, roughly about seven feet in height. Vik looked up. He noticed the eyes were red, but that was the only thing he could make out. Finally, the figure came into light and Vik stumbled back at who he was standing in front of.

"It can't be. Sagitarius? I watched you die," Vik said, now intrigued.

Sagitarius looked at Vik, "I am dead. You're visioning. You should know that trick by now," he said with a smile.

Vik nodded, "Why you? Why have you come?" He said concerned.

Sagitarius looked away, "A warning, Vik. I know you have the book and I am here to point you to the right direction, but you may not like what is coming," he warned.

Vik looked perplexed. What could he not be ready for? He fought and destroyed all of his enemies. There was no one left. If there was another war coming, the humans would be outnumbered.

"Tell me," Vik shot back.

Sagitarius looked down in sadness, "From the day I turned you, I told you that I would guide you and I haven't done a good job at that. This new enemy will hit you like a ton of boulders. Helena is coming for you," he said solemnly.

At the moment he said her name, Vik felt a pain in his heart. He didn't know how, but that sting was something he never felt before. How? How could she be alive? She died in his arms? Why was she coming for him? He tried to save her.

"Thats not all," Sagitarius interrupted. "She isn't alone. She is leading an army of hellish fiends. Her general is your father."

Vik's eyes grew wide. They also turned red with rage. He killed his father once after he tried to kill Helena. He was coming back. Vik would have the pleasure to kill his father once more.

"My father will fall," Vik said through gritted teeth.

Sagitarius looked at him, "What are you going to do about Helena? I have not the slightest idea why she is after you, but it seems like she is about to start a war," he finished.

Vik though for a moment, "I will try to find out why Helena is after me. Can you still manifest yourself to the others of my kind?" Vik asked.

Sagitarius nodded, "I can, but how is that going to help us?"

Vik looked at him, "You are going to help build my army. We are going to war," he said.

Sagitarius nodded and disappeared. Vik woke up from the vision. He turned to the pages of where he met Helena. Daughter of a werewolf, she became the first hybrid. Vik was confused. Why would you come for me? He thought. He remembered everything about her—her smell, her taste, her beauty. She was, after all, his wife.

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