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The Werewolf Man Ghost is Real!

by Victoria Ramos 3 months ago in supernatural
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The Ghost of Nahaul de Mexico

Photo By Pablo Elices from Pixabay

“The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle had been burning in the window,” Charles said.

Charles Welsh Winston is known throughout high school, as the best ghost storyteller when it comes to ghost stories. In fact, each year, everyone in town looks forward to the first month of summertime, when school is out on summer break and all the local residents go camping at the nearby Lake Elsinore campgrounds park.

Everyone was going to be there. From the Mayor and his wife to the entire student body at Lake Elsinore High School. Not to mention, Sarah Crew. Sarah is Charles’s high school sweetheart. They have been dating since elementary school. The once happy and popular couple is now the center of attention. Rumors have been spread rapidly among everyone in school about the couple being on the verge of breaking up.

“This is big news!” Students said.

Although no one wants to ask why?

Charles has assured everyone that it’s simply not true because to him his reputation depends on it. Sarah on the other hand hasn’t been seen at school for weeks now. Not even on the last day of school.

It’s not clear what is going on with them if, there is really trouble in paradise with the couple.

Or it’s just all part of Charles’s elaborated ghost story, to get everyone pumped for tonight’s get-together. Whatever it is, everyone can’t stop talking about it and so far, it’s working.

To make matters stranger, Sarah’s friends have deliberately made a TikTok thread about the whole thing. It now has approximately 602.6M views and that’s not even people who live in Lake Elsinore.

Many followers suggested, that it probably has to do with the unsolved mystery of the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico. Legend described the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico as being a strong Witcher with supernatural powers that can shapeshifter itself into any type of creature it wishes. The most common is a wolf.

Residents in Lake Elsinore are very familiar with the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico. To this day, they are scared to even mention it. To speak of it is unheard of. But they know something sinister is out there in the dark woods, howling, hunting, waiting to kill those who enter too far into the woods near the abandoned cabin.

A couple of years ago, in the late 70s, some teenagers took a dare and went into the woods, on a cold summer’s night. They made a pact among themselves to promise not to tell anyone where they were going. Before leaving their homes, each one of them for some odd reason felt they were never coming back home.

“We made a secret pact, no matter what happens to us, we are not leaving the dark woods, not until we come face to face with the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico!” The teenagers said.

As they headed on out. Nightfall had come much earlier than expected on that frightfully evening. Luckily everyone seemed to be prepared, but not quite. Although they had their backpacks, flashlights, tents, and sleeping bags. Nobody thought of carrying a concealed weapon of sorts. Too late now, there’s no turning back. At least some of them had certain stuff to document what had happened to them. One of the teenagers did carry a tape recorder. He wanted to have evidence, in case no one believes them. Another teenager had a polaroid camera, she took several group pictures by their tents, then by the river, close to the abandoned cabin.

Everyone looked to be in good spirits. What’s even more bizarre, no one was worried or scared about coming face to face with the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico.

Call it weird if you will, but they gave the impression of wanting to die!

It turns out, that some of the teenagers come from troubled homes. Two of them, are brothers who have an alcoholic father. He comes home every night drunk, beats them up, and falls asleep on the kitchen counter. The others have parents that are drug dealers. They make, sell, and distribute, to exclusive clients outside of town.

I guess, the harsh reality is, that the teenagers at this point didn’t care anymore.

Soon the last of the branches of twigs burned out in the campfire, the witching hour is upon them now. Everyone by this time stood up to form a tight circle, each holding one another’s hand. They begin chanting in Latin. Months before one of the teenagers in the group had gone frequently to the library to study more about the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico.

He read that in Mesoamerican mythology a Nahual, or guardian of the spirit world can be either good or evil. What is even more intriguing is, that the Mesoamerican Indians practice religious ceremonies and beliefs about how to become a Nahual. They believed only powerful men, that were strong leaders could transform themselves into an animal, to do evil with the dark power of magic sorcery.

Through the long weary hours of the evening, the teenagers were very exhausted but they would not stop chanting. Out of thin air, a gruesome movement of some kind was nearby. They were not alone. Sheer panic arose, from one teenager who could see from a distance, a candle flickering in the window inside the abandoned cabin. In no time, heavy panting can be heard behind the teenagers. No one dared to move, not even an inch. It was completely pitch black in the woods.

Without hesitation, one teenager let out a horrifying scream.

“Ghost of Nahual de Mexico, we have summoned you to take away our parents from the living! We worship the sacred ground you walk on. Please have mercy on our souls!” The teenager cried.

What happened next is not sure?

The tape recorder stopped.

The following day the teenagers' parents were outraged, coming out of their homes. They yelled at each other back and forth for hours in the middle of the streets. It became a constant battle of the blame game, telling each other off, and eventually, silence took over.

”It’s no use fighting, we need to take matters into our hands and go looking for them right now!” The parents said.

All the parents agreed.

They formed a search party with the entire town of Lake Elsinore residents by their side. However, the police tried very hard to stop them.

“Leave this matter to us, all of you go back home right now!” The Chief of Police demand.

The parents of the teenagers and the m0b crowd of people in the town wouldn’t pudge. They managed to overpower the police station and take all the guns, bullets, walkie-talkies, police scanners, and anything else they could find to fight off the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico.

Anger is a strong powerful emotion, it leads to doing things based on impulse, you allow it to take over, and rather than taking a step back in being calm, you tend to make wrong decisions. This case is no exception, everyone was out of control.

Meanwhile, the police were held up at gunpoint by one of the teenagers’ parents’ it was the father of the boys who would beat them.

“Listen to me carefully Chief Willams, I know I’m a terrible father to my boys. Everyone knows that, but those boys are my flesh and blood! I’ll be dammed if, I stand around here and do nothing.“ The boys' father said.

Chief Willams nodded, as he stepped back and allowed the parents to take whatever they wanted. The other policemen did the same and continued to keep their hands up, in a complicated situation like this, it’s best to remain calm under pressure. Chief Willams knows this firsthand, back in the day when he was a young rookie, his partner was too eager to impress his fellow officers. He wanted more than anything to one day become the next Chief of police of Lake Elsinore. But fate had other plans for him. He disobeyed orders, went on hot pursuit of a gunman at a local market, and was shot multiple times as he entered the market.

Since then, Chief Willams never forgot about his partner, he learned a valuable lesson, no matter what the circumstances are always protect yourself and your fellow officers at all costs. Once everyone left, he had no choice, but to do the right thing, make the call, not just any call, reinforcements of higher authority, the F.B.I.

They arrived within seconds by helicopters, unmarked military tanks, black sedans with dark tinted windows, and large military trucks.

A tall brawny tall slender man named F.B.I. Agent Mason came into the police station, he now took over the entire investigation.

“The first line of business, get the parents out of the dark woods. Next, we need to close off all the surrounding perimeters in the area, call our top forensics teams to comb the area from head to toe. I want each one of them to collect, document, photograph, preserve, everything they find. Let’s get the blood hounds out there fast, so they can pick up their scent. Finally no trespassing of any kind. I mean it, no trespassing! Alright now, listen up, gentlemen pay attention. We are looking for six teenagers gone missing in the woods, since last night. Two of them are twin brothers, the others are three girls and one more boy. They all go to the same school, Earl Warren Elementary School it’s located on Rosetta Canyon Drive. I want someone to get in contact with the school’s Principal Mr. Cory right now! I need him to give us access to the students records, yearbooks, classrooms, and most importantly their lockers.” F.B.I. Agent Mason command.

Those 48 hours, turned into days, then days turned into weeks. Before long, weeks become months and by the end of the year, there was still no trace or evidence of any kind of the teenagers. Hope was not only lost, it was forgotten.

Tragically the twins' father had committed suicide, the girls' parents overdosed, and the one boy‘s parents died in a fatal car accident on Christmas Eve.

On top of that, no bodies were ever found. The case turned cold. Nothing, I mean, nothing ever turned up. It’s as if, the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico was not just real, but it was a curse! And whatever happened out there, was meant not to be found or disturbed.

Sadly enough, on Christmas Day all the military, F.B.I., volunteers, and other law enforcement were ordered to leave the premises, as soon as possible. F.B.I. Agent Mason had no choice, but to follow orders from The President of the United States.

“Never in my years as an F.B.I. Agent, have I ever come up empty-handed. In my line of work, I always solve a case! I feel like, a complete failure. Honesty, this is beyond my control. It’s almost as if, the earth opened up and swallowed the missing teenagers. Perhaps there are just unexplained phenomenon cases, that are simply not meant to be solved.” F.B.I. Agent Mason confesses.

Many years later a newly appointed park ranger by the name of Rickshaw came across a disfigured rock by an oak tree, near the abandoned cabin in the woods. He parked, got off, took a crack hammer, and used all his mighty strength in striking the bottom of the rock, it split in half, not damaging the oak tree beside it. What he found was heart-wrenching, the polaroid pictures of the missing teenagers were neatly folded inside a pink backpack, then a tape recorder.

The park ranger Rickshaw gasped with fright, staring at the tape recorder.

“It appears to be covered with dry traces of human blood on the stop button of the tape recorder!” The Park Ranger Rickshaw said.

Later on, a further investigation was made, and it had been discovered, that the missing teenagers were responsible for conjuring up the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico to come out. They desperately wanted the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico to kill their parents. Truthfully it did, the teenagers wished it, and it happened with them paying the ultimate price, their own lives were also taken. Despite everything, once again the remains of the teenagers were never found. Every year, A vigil for the deceased teenagers and their parents is held on the day the teenagers went missing.

Nowadays the residents of Lake Elsinore act like everything is normal.

They go about their daily business.

“Denial is the best way to cope with it,” Neighbors said.

Time stood still, for a long time, in the city of Lake Elsinore.

Until one day Charles's family moved in. They made everything better. Charles's father, Sir. Charles Winston made a huge investment in purchasing the entire acres of Lake Elsinore campgrounds park. He renovated it from the ground up, filled with rental log cabins, RV trailers, jet skis, taco trucks, ice cream/candy shops, carnival rides, and a built-in boardwalk, the list just goes on and on. The best part is it’s all year round! It’s like that one movie, you know, Umm…

Anyways there’s a slight catch, you must be a local resident of Lake Elsinore to attend. Mr. Winston for the time being doesn’t want any outside visitors or tourists.

Mr. Winston says, “Lake Elsinore campgrounds park is now, open for business 7 days a week, even holidays. This city has suffered enough! We must move forward, it’s what the late teenagers and parents would have wanted us to do.”

So with that being said, Let’s get back to the way we were, with Charles’s ghost story.

On this first official day of summer break, Charles’s family wanted to celebrate, by giving back to the community, so they decided not to charge for this week’s rental at the Lake Elsinore campgrounds park. It’s their way of saying thank you, for welcoming them to the city.

Waiting for tonight, is on everybody’s mind, especially Charles. He knew the timing had to be perfect! The only minor setback he worried about was if, Sarah was going to show up or not?

A month prior to the campfire get-together at the Lake Elsinore campgrounds park. Charles and Sarah agreed to take a dare from their group of friends, by going to the abandoned cabin in the woods alone at midnight. What seemed to be at first, a romantic night for young lovers, instead turns out to be a recurring nightmare for Sarah.

After that night, in the woods with Charles, Sarah wasn’t the same person, she found it difficult to sleep or be alone in her bedroom. On a positive note, she is trying her best and took the advice from her parents in getting the necessary therapy she needed to get better.

What does help, she goes on a regular basis early in the mornings to seek counseling, then gets homeschooled privately at home, to avoid seeing anyone, including Charles. However, her therapist Mrs. Casey wants her to find the strength and courage to attend tonight’s get-together.

At first, Sarah disagreed with Mrs. Casey but realized she needed to overcome her fears, especially if she ever wanted to be normal again. Besides, she did promise Charles, that no matter what happened, they were still a couple, and couples do on occasion fight, but still get back together.

During this time, Charles was desperate, he needed to act fast, the get-together was going to take place in a couple of hours, so he ordered long red stem roses, Godiva chocolates, and Chanel perfume for Sarah, and paid for the same day delivery. Within an hour later, he received confirmation, that it arrived at Sarah’s house.

Sarah sends Charles a text message it read, “Babe, thank you so much for all my beautiful gifts, see you tonight. I Love you, Sarah.”

A sigh of relief overcame Charles, he smiled with confidence now, because he always gets what he wants, so now everything was set in place. But in the back of his selfish mind, he wasn’t too sure.

Suddenly Charles's mood changed, he felt anger take over, believe it or not, Charles was still upset with Sarah over the going into the woods dare. He wanted more than anything to be with her that night. Well, tonight it will happen. He will make sure of it. Charles Welsh Winston will not be made a fool again, you can count on that!

A breathless, interminable evening had arrived for tonight’s get-together. The night before, the Charles family ordered more than usual plenty of liquor, food, live entertainment, and of course more security guards. They wanted everyone to feel safe, and know everything was under control.

In a short while, the Lake Elsinore campgrounds park was completely full. Children were eating ice cream/candies, laughing, and playing everywhere. They were having so much fun going on all the carnival rides, while their parents were eating tacos and drinking with others on the campgrounds.

Hours had passed, it was almost the witching hour.

Meantime behind a private parking lot in the backseat of a black tinted BMW, Charles and Sarah were in a heat of passion, Charles would thrust back and forth inside Sarah for hours. he quickly pulls out on time, he doesn’t want to stop, but Charles knows it’s close to midnight. They still french kiss a few minutes longer before heading out to the campgrounds. They arrive putting all the rumors to rest, as everyone looked surprised watching the happy-in-love couple sit next to each other by the warm campfire.

Now the moment, Charles has been waiting for, has finally arrived. The opportunity is standing right in front of him because everyone has been drinking plenty of Tequila Herradura by the barrel. Most of them held a glass full as they gathered around closer by the campfire, Charles with a deep anguish voice starts telling his ghost story.

“On that night in the woods, a clear breathtaking full moon guided us further to the abandoned cabin in the woods. Sarah had a twinkle in one of her blue ocean eyes’ as we walked side by side holding each other’s hands. She kept looking around her, I reassured her with a long wet kiss, not to be frightened. Before long, we arrived at the abandoned cabin in the woods. The cabin now was painted, and remodeled from the inside out, with brand new furniture and expensive home decor. Not too far, stood perfectly still was the oak tree, where the polaroid pictures and the tape recorder were found. To date, neighbors come by daily to pay their respects to the late teenagers and their parents, by leaving a boutique of flowers, cards, animal plushies, and a lovely glass altar was built around the oak tree filled with pictures and candles. At once Sarah became overwhelmed with grief and sorrow, standing next to the oak tree. Shortly afterward, she tried to make me go back to the campgrounds, but I refused so, she ran away from me into the woods.” Charles said.

“She’s gone,” Charles said, screaming at the top of his lungs!

A startled loud cry among the group of friends can be heard throughout the campgrounds.

Sir. Charles’s Winston says, “It’s alright everyone, no need to worry, that’s my son the best ghost storyteller in the world!”

The group of friends no longer could refrain themselves, as they let out a burst of laughter including Charles. But in spite of that, Sarah was not amused, she couldn't keep her composure any longer, she screamed in terror like, out of a horror film from the 90s!

“It’s just no use,” Sarah whispered.

Charles smirked at her, she tries her best to hold it together.

“No, No, No!” cried Sarah.

She sobbed, nonstop and nobody within the group tried to console her, not even Charles.

Charles said, “Please shut up already!”

Everyone laughed at her.

Sarah, on the other hand, wasn’t going to take this sitting down anymore, she quickly got up turned her back, and walked away from them saying out loud “The Werewolf Man Ghost is real! If, you guys don’t believe me, go ahead go to the abandoned cabin in the woods and find out for yourselves!” Sarah yelled.

She then ran towards another friend's campground, nearby with her backpack still on her back.

Suddenly everyone’s mood changed. They stopped drinking and laughing.

“Go on, Charles tell us more on, what the hell happened out there with you and Sarah?” Everyone said.

“It was just all too real for Sarah, she couldn’t handle it. Of course, I ran after her. In a eerie moment, we both ended up right back where we started, by the abandoned cabin. I leaped in front of the window. Sarah, glanced with a petrified expression on her face, she witnessed a tall shadowy ghost figure, close to the burning candle, it was the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico starring right back at her with a satisfied grin. It was nodding it’s head, while licking it’s teeth with his own drool over and over again.” Charles stopped.

He notice one of his friend’s in the group, got up to go vomit. Eventually, all the friends did the same. Charles paused, then continues.

“Sarah and I ran as fast as we could through the dark misty woods, Sarah hears a growling sound behind us.” Charles panicked.

“Hurry Charles!” Sarah shouted.

“Let’s get the hell out of here!” Charles yelled.

“What?” Sarah asked, crying to Charles.

“Let’s get this over with,” he said, trying to sound brave.

“Please Charles, I beg of you don’t go back into the woods,” she said, pleading with him not to go back.

Too late, Charles went back into the woods, and Sarah fainted on the ground.

From nowhere, the park rangers come to Sarah’s rescue. Others went searching for Charles in the woods. They find him unharmed and alright. However, they didn’t want to take any chances, both were rushed to the nearest hospital.

“Why did the Ghost of Nahual de Mexico spare you guys?” The Friends asked.

“I, think it warned us.” Charles snarled.

“But why?” Everyone said.

Charles hesitates, he grinned his teeth, followed by a howling, then the color of his eyes turned into a true bloodshot red. Everyone screamed!


About the author

Victoria Ramos

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I write about characters who are problematic but solve their problems as the storylines are developed.

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