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The Haunted House

Horror story

By Renuga kannanPublished 9 months ago • 3 min read


The old mansion on the hill had always been a subject of fascination for the townspeople of Millfield. It was said to be haunted by the ghost of a former resident, a wealthy businessman who had died under mysterious circumstances. Many had tried to enter the house, but none had ever returned. It was a place to be avoided, a place that was best left alone.

But for Sarah, a young and curious journalist, the haunted mansion was too tempting to resist. She had always been drawn to the supernatural, and she was determined to uncover the truth about the ghost that supposedly haunted the house. So one dark and stormy night, she decided to investigate.

The Investigation

As Sarah approached the mansion, she could feel her nerves beginning to get the better of her. She had always been a brave person, but there was something about this place that made her feel uneasy. She took a deep breath and tried to steady her nerves. She was a professional, and she was determined to see this through to the end.

Sarah made her way up the long and winding driveway, the rain pounding against her umbrella. The mansion loomed in front of her, dark and foreboding. She could see the windows, covered in cobwebs and dust, and she knew that no one had been inside the house in years.

She reached the front door and hesitated for a moment. This was it, she thought to herself. There was no turning back now. She took another deep breath and pushed the door open. It creaked on its hinges, the sound echoing through the empty hallway.

Sarah stepped inside, her flashlight beam cutting through the darkness. The interior of the mansion was just as she had imagined it - grand and ornate, with high ceilings and marble floors. But it was also derelict and abandoned, with cobwebs covering every surface and dust accumulating on the furniture.

As she walked through the house, Sarah couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched. She tried to brush it off as her imagination getting the better of her, but the feeling persisted. She could feel eyes on her, even though she was alone in the house.

The Attic

Sarah made her way up to the attic, her flashlight beam flickering as she climbed the rickety stairs. The attic was cramped and cramped, filled with old boxes and discarded furniture. But it was also the place where the ghost had been spotted the most.

Sarah shone her flashlight around the attic, her heart racing. She could feel the presence of the ghost, she was sure of it. She walked over to a dusty old trunk and opened it, hoping to find some clues about the ghost.

But as she rummaged through the trunk, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around, her flashlight beam shaking, and saw a figure standing in the corner of the attic. It was the ghost, she was sure of it.

Sarah's heart pounded in her chest as the ghost approached her. She tried to run, but her legs felt like they were made of lead. She was trapped, and there was nothing she could do.

The Revelation

The ghost stopped in front of her, its pale and gaunt face inches from hers. Sarah tried to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. The ghost spoke, its voice a hoarse whisper.

"I'm not a ghost," it said. "I'm a man, just like you. My name is Edward, and I was wrongfully accused of a crime I didn't commit."


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