The End of the World or the Beginning of a New One?

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The End of the World or the Beginning of a New One?

Chico Xavier was a Brazilian medium who was said to have the ability to talk to diseased people. According to him, once we lose our physical body, consciousness remains unaltered and indestructible. You may choose to believe or deny it. Perhaps it is one of those events you must live in order to accept or dismiss. However, many life circumstances serve as "evidence" to make this person, at minimum, credible.

Born Francisco Candido Xavier in Uberaba, Brazil, he would tell those around him that he could perceive people who were no longer part of this physical world. This included his own mother, whom he had lost at an early age. He was discriminated against and judged for making such statements. He was forced to keep quiet and completely avoid any mention of it. His family was concerned about what people would think and refused to deal with prejudice.

According to Xavier, July 20th, 2019 could be either the end of the world or the beginning of a new one. At exactly the 50-year anniversary of men landing on the moon, everything will change, for better or worse. As long as humanity avoids massive destruction that causes a third world war, aliens from other areas of the universe will become visible and assist mankind with reveling information for advances in technology and medicine, including cures for seemingly incurable diseases.

So what is different about him? Why trust or believe in his words? What sets him apart from those apocalypses freaks who already made up 50 non-existent "end of the world" conspiracies? Most would agree he deserves credit and at least a chance due to his honesty, dedication, and selflessness.

This simple man dedicated his life to others in a very altruistic way, as he never accepted a penny from anybody whose soul he touched. Born into a poor family, he was close to illiterate because he had to quit elementary school to begin working as a young boy. However, he spent most of his life writing and "lending" his hand to existing souls in the spiritual realm. At first, nobody believed him, but he proved everyone wrong once and again and all over again, year after year, during decades.

Chico Xavier in His Home Communicating with 'The Other Side'

"Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it is not there. You can't see the future, yet you know it will come, you cant see the air, yet you continue to breathe" (Claire London)

Chico said he could not only see souls, but also allow them to use his hand in order for them to write messages. He would close his eyes and begin writing letters. His hand would suddenly and effortlessly move. They call this automatic writing. He did not have a slight clue what was written until each letter or text was finished. Then, he would read its contents out loud. He usually had several rows of chairs in front of him for all the families attending. They had all lost somebody they loved and were hopeful to find answers. Everyone was invited; anybody who wanted to either prove him wrong or test him, only to accept the undeniable reality. Each time he did this, somebody or a group of family members or friends would automatically recognize the information. Messages were not generic and included specific anecdotes, names, and events that only those who closely knew the person would know. He would then give the letter to whoever stood up crying. The handwriting and signatures in the letters matched the handwriting of the deceased person identified and was always recognized by those who once met them.

Although his original writing was not proficient, he published close to 400 higher-level writing books. Once again, he was "just the messenger" and not the original source of information. He wrote in several languages and several fields. Profits from his books were entirely donated to charity. He was a public employee for a living and died poor. Nosso Nar or Astral City was the most watched movie in Brazilian history and was based on one of his books. Years before his death, he said the spirits told him he would die a day all of Brazil would be happy. He died the same day Brazil won the FIFA World Cup in 2002.

One of the most interesting events took place when he used his sixth sense to help solve a homicide accusation during a trial. In 1976, two young Brazilian men, Mauricio Garcez Henrique and Jose Divino Nunes, went hunting together. Unfortunately, Henrique got accidentally shot and Nunes was accused of homicide. Both claimed it was an accident. Chico Xavier wrote a letter in Henrique's behalf. The letter said it truly was an accident and his friend never had any intention of killing him. Both the handwriting and signature were recognized first by his parents and then confirmed of being legitimate by a graphologist expert, Dr. Carlos Augusto Perandrea. During an interview, he said that this experience meant strong evidence life after death indeed exists and it changed the way he looked at life ever since. The judge accepted the letter as evidence and decided to absolve him. Of course, this hit the news all over Brazil as everyone was in shock. Chico also helped other dead witnesses testify in other cases. As a result of this event, he was invited to a famous TV show Pingo Fogo in which he was interrogated about many different subjects and fields.

Shocking News Along with the Actual Letter Compared to Henrique's ID

At first, he shocked his father, siblings, and neighbors. He then shocked his teacher as a very young boy because he could recite unbelievable poems only a talented adult could write. He shocked people by revealing information nobody had told him. He shocked his neighborhood priest when he was sent to him to help "cure" his "mental disease" only to surprise him like he did with everybody else. He allowed dead witnesses to testify. He could have become rich, but instead decided to give all the money he made—and needed—to charity. This was money he made dedicating countless hours, days, months, years, and decades of his life. Yet he always stated that a gift that was given to him for free, should also be shared with others for free. He never accepted anything from people who tried to pay him.

Based on his actions over the years, this altruistic warm-hatred man deserves to be listened to. All he did was give love and expected nothing in return. Let's just hope the world becomes a better place rather than worse. Let's hope John Lennon's dream comes true. Unless we blow up the Earth, we can, and will, eventually evolve. Perhaps aliens are not evil monsters such as those portrayed in horror movies, and don't forget we are, in fact, a grain of sand in comparison to the universe. Who are we to think we are the only ones, or to assume no other beings could be more powerful and more intelligent than we are? So may I ask...why not believe him?

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