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THE DARK PARADISE: The Story of the Cursed Island


By vini D VPublished 17 days ago 5 min read

The Dark Paradise

Chapter 2

Long long ago there is an Island in the middle of the cerulean sea. The island rises like a forgotten gem from the embrace of the cerulean sea, its silhouette an enchanting blend of lush greenery and rocky crags. A sentinel of nature's artistry, it beckons with a siren's call, promising mysteries concealed within its verdant bosom. The Island is home to a group of pirates, they named the Island as “Dark Paradise”. The leader of the pirate is Bartholomew Roberts. He is a greedy man for power and wealth. He is merciless and do anything to rise his wealth. He killed plenty of innocent people. He is the strong believer of super natural powers. He builds a mansion for himself in the middle of the island and dominate the whole clan from there. The mansion is the place where he stores his wealth. They used to attack the Ship passing near the Island and rob from them. They never spare any lives from the ship. They brutally kill all the inhabitants in the ship.

It is a warm sunny day; a grand passenger ship approaches their island. The pirates get alerted and ready to attack the ship but the ship disappears suddenly and a single man appeared before them. He is a figure draped in robes woven from the fabric of the cosmos. The garments, a swirling tapestry of deep indigos and shimmering stardust, seem to absorb and reflect the ambient light, creating an ever-shifting display of celestial patterns. The fabric flows like liquid around the wizard, responding to unseen currents of magic that emanate from their very being. The pirates are surprised by his power and appearance. He bravely comes to the pirates and insist to meet their leader. His eyes radiate his wisdom and experience. Roberts was impressed by his appearance and enquired about him. He introduced himself as a great wizard, Grimmald the Grim. And he further explains about his reason for the visit in this island.

Grim for years searching for a book which contains the detail of the elixir stone. The stone has the power to make a man immortal and also through this stone, one can get immense wealth and power to control the entire world. Grim seeks the help of the pirates to search the book and to expropriate the stone. They make deal among themselves that once they find the stone, they can share the power of the stone among themselves.

Robert’s greed for power and wealth makes him agree for this immediately without thinking much. They separate into four group and start to search the book in four directions. The first group is headed by Robert’s most trusted friend Balthazar, they move towards north and the second group is headed by Grim, they move towards the east, the third group is headed by Robert’s brother Jack, they move towards west, the fourth crew is headed by Roberts, they move towards south.

The first group reaches the Egypt, they search everywhere, they talk to the old people, scholars but they did not get any detail about the book. They even searched inside the pyramids without others notice but they didn’t get any information regarding the stone. They return to the island with empty hand.

The second group reaches China, Grim talks with various masters and monks about the book. They search in every hook and corner in China. They even read the books “Shadowmancer's Lexicon”, “the Secret of Hei mofa” and other books found in China, but they couldn’t about to reach the book about the stone.

The third group reaches South Africa. They meet so many tribal heads and inquire them about the stone. But all their efforts went vain and they also return back to the Island. The fourth group plans to go to Cambodia. On their way the ship is attacked by a storm and unknowingly reach the southern border of India. At first, they are confused and plans to take some rest there and start their journey towards Cambodia. While talking to the natives, they came to know about a famous wizard in Kerala. So, they plan to seek his help to reach the book. The next day, they meet the wizard in the cave near Lakkidi hilly region. His name is Malayala Nambudri. By seeing their face itself, the Namburi narrate the reason for their visit to him. He said,

“I have what you are searching for, but I will never give it to you” He also shows some manuscript to them which he gets from his ancestors. The manuscripts were actually belonged to some wanderers, they gifted it to his ancestors. He refused to give the manuscripts to them and He chased them away. So, Roberts plans to kill the Nambudri, to get the manuscripts. The next day while he taking in the nearby lake, Roberts kill him mercilessly. After that they steal the manuscript from the cave and sneak out from the place without any one’s notice. They happily start their journey to the Island and hand over the manuscript to Grim. By seeing the content in the manuscripts, Grim feels elated and starts to dance. He shouted as “I am Immortal”. When Roberts inquired about the reason of his happiness, he explains that the manuscript contains the whereabout of the stone.

The stone is actually belonged to the group of mermen who are the followers of Triton who is the son of sea god Poseidon. The stone is a gift from Poseidon to the mermen. The manuscript also provides the route map to the merman town. So Grim, Roberts, his brother Jack and his friend Balthazar plan to go to the merman town.

Next, we will meet in the merman town….

Is it easy to steal the stone from the powerful merman?

Will the pirates achieve their goal of stealing the stone?

Is the Curse of the Island is related to the Merman?

To be continued…


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