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THE DARK PARADISE: The Story of the Cursed Island

Chapter: 1

By vini D VPublished 17 days ago 3 min read

The Dark Paradise

Chapter 1

In the middle of the sea at midnight, a profound stillness blankets the vast expanse of water. The moon, if present, casts a silvery glow upon the gently undulating waves, creating a surreal and mysterious atmosphere. The horizon is an indistinct line where the dark waters meet the night sky, with only the occasional twinkle of distant stars breaking the monotony. A boat is moving silently with a crew of six fishermen. The old man named Salomon lead the crew. The other five members are Xavier, John, Sam, Alex and Leonard. Among these Five, Xavier is the youngest one. He is very curious to know everything. They did not have any family; they consider their crew as their family. Salomon is a father figure to all of them. He only raised them from their childhood. Salomon is a wise man. He knows everything about the sea. He also like to explore the various island and also learn various information about the sea and the places around it. They have caught a good amount of fishing on that day and now they are separating the fish on the basis of its variety. Finally, they complete all their works properly and plan to relax after the hectic day of fishing.

The crew is leisurely sit together and talking among them. They are joking around and enjoying their drink. Suddenly the atmosphere around them become abnormally silent. This brought suspicion to Salomon. So, he starts to observe his surroundings. By looking at one direction he becomes so tensed and terrified. He rings the warning bell and rushes to the crew members. He ordered his crew to turn the boat immediately. When the crew tries to turn the ship the air blow violently and the waves are become more ferocious, they struggled to control the boat. From nowhere the sharks surround their boat, and the place becomes darker. They get bad vibes from the place. The boat is moving towards the desolate island cloaked in an eternal mist, there stood an ancient mansion that bore witness to centuries of haunting. The Island looks haunted and very terrifying. The island is fully covered with fog. The Island is filled poisonous creatures and plants. They starts observe the dark spirit at the entrance of the island, it starts to drag the boat towards them. The whole crew were terrified by the appearance of the island and also the dark spirits in the Island. Xavier starts to cry aloud and others are shivering in fear. The five of them did not able to anticipate what they are witnessing. These are completely new to them. Salomon understands the upcoming danger. He starts to pray to God and seek the help of Him to escape from this haunted place. The place is mysterious and they stifled to control the situation. After hours of struggle, they could control the boat and move away from there.

The entire crew is terrified by the incident and they take some time to come out from the shock. The only sane person is Salomon who now silently driving the boat. The moon moves to her house and earth happily welcomes the sun. the first to relieve from the shock is Xavier soon after come out of the shock he questions Salomon about the reason for the incidents happens at night. Salomon silently observes his crew members for some time and open his mouth and said,

"It is the Cursed Island and its name is 'Dark Paradise'

By hearing the name itself every gets curious and ask about the Island and how it is cursed.

So, Salomon starts to narrate the history of the cursed Island, “The Dark Paradise”.

The island which holds the mystery of centuries…

The island is waiting for the person to relieve its curse….

The island which is withhold the power to control the entire world….

To be continued…


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