The Christmas Monster

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Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Monster

What's better for the holidays than spending time with your family under a big green Christmas tree looking at the sparkly lights. Well, for little miss Scarlett, this was a different more depressing story. It all started a few weeks before Christmas while 10-year-old Scarlett was at school with her friends making the traditional Christmas ornaments they make every year. All of her friend’s sighed as they squirt some glue on their crappy little snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks and construction paper.

"This is so stupid that we still do this," one of Scarlett's friends said, looking at the rest of their little pack. "We're getting to old for stupid stuff like this."

"Well, Santa isn't even real so what's the point?" another girl chimed in. "It's only fun to get presents from your family anyway." Scarlett's eyes get as big as walnuts when she heard that because she thought Santa was real. Is Santa not real or are her friends just confused with what they might have heard?

Her one friend noticed Scarlett's eyes and asked, "What’s wrong Scarlett? Oh yeah, I forgot you still believe in Santa. Well guess what, he's not real!"

"But you know what is real?" the other girl chimed back in. "The Christmas monster. He comes in at Christmas Eve and looks around your house to find anything he can eat like cookies or milk, but if there's not anything to satisfy him, he will take some bites out of you, and see if you're tasty enough to eat."

All of a sudden, the bell rings and Scarlett jumps out of her skin. All of her friends laugh and leave the room to catch their buses. Scarlett sits their frozen in her seat until the teacher comes over to bring her back to reality. Scarlett looks at the teacher, jumps out of her seat, and runs out the door to catch her bus.

She sat on the bus, still thinking about what her friends were saying about the Christmas monster. Could it be true? Was they’re actually a monster that takes little bites out of people while they slept? The bus came to a stop and Scarlett got off and walked up her driveway to her house. She opened the door to see her mom and dad setting up the tree.

Her mom looked at her with a smile, "We're decorating the tree tonight, we need to get it ready for Santa." Her mother noticed that Scarlett had a worried look on her face and her mother asked why.

She replied with a sigh, "Is Santa real? Is there a monster that comes on Christmas Eve to eat anything thy find in the house including us."

Her mother laughed and answered with a no, explaining how he comes down from a ladder to give her a big hug. After that Scarlett has no words for her mother or father, so she head up to her room, dropping all of her books right on to the floor and running to her laptop. She started to type frantically as she looked for answers to this monster she just heard about. The internet did not provide her with any comfort. She was not looking forward to this Christmas at all, so she made a plan. Her plan was to set traps all over the house so the Christmas monster doesn't eat her whole family.

The next day Scarlett looked throughout the house to see what she could use to trap this monster and make Christmas fun again. She found an axe and a rope she was going to tie on the ceiling, then she found a bunch of rat traps and thought she could set them in the hallways. Then she would hear him coming down the hallway to her room and her parents' room. She felt more secure knowing she was going to keep her family safe from the monster.

A few weeks passed. It's Christmas Eve night. Scarlett already dealt with all the texts from her friends, telling her to watch out for the Christmas monster tonight, but little did her friends know she was ready for it to come and she was going to kill it. Scarlett put a knife in her nightstand and waited in her bed for the sounds of the traps going off. Midnight passes and Scarlett drifts off to sleep. All of a sudden, she wakes up to screaming in the hallway. She bursts up and grabs her knife and runs in the hallway, but stops as soon as she opens her door because she sees her friend with her foot stuck in the trap. Scarlett is confused by what she sees and lowers her knife, but something behind her grabs her knife, grabs her, and pulled her back into her room. Scarlett turned around to see her two friends looking right at her holding her knife.

"Who puts rat traps in their hallway," one friend said. "Her foot's broken now! Oh and by the way, Scarlett, we never liked you, and the Christmas monster isn't even real. We're just going to kill you and your parents instead. I mean, nobody is going to think that five 10-year-old girls killed an entire family."

All of a sudden, a shrieking scream came from Scarlett's parents’ room. Scarlett burst out in tears and tried to scream for help, but the one girl covered her mouth with her hand.

Her friends argued to who gets to kill her, but then a huge black monster comes flying in from the window, attacking the girls who have Scarlett as Scarlett dropped to the ground with her eyes shut tight, not looking at what was happening. All she felt was blood splashing on her as her so-called friends bodies hit the floor. Then a drop of silence hits the air and Scarlett felt a hand on her back. The hand surprisingly brought her comfort so she looked up at this tall dark shadow. She took his hand and left the blood-stained house with him.

Five years have passed, and to this day, they still don't know what happened in that abandoned house that left seven bodies and multiple unsolved murders. They still don't know what happened to Scarlett on that Christmas Eve night.

Shelby Spencer
Shelby Spencer
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