The Butcher's Pride

by Daniella Farras about a year ago in slasher

A Horror Story

The Butcher's Pride

I was a child then, not the monster I am now. I remember it like it was yesterday. It burns in my mind till this very day. I was six years old going on seven, it was raining the day it happened, so that’s why I despise any kind of rain, even a storm, it just reminds me too much of that day. And it was on my birthday so I hate my birthday also …. It was that day, I found my dad dead in the kitchen, with a knife stuck in his back. But I didn’t know my mother had done it till I was ten. Five years had to pass for me to know, she even confessed it, that crazy woman confessed it. I feared her from then on. It was not until I turned ten that I knew I could call somebody, but who? To take my mother away and get her some help so she won’t do this again.

But when I did call she called me a rotten child, and that was the first time she ever hit me. I knew from then on, I had to become who I am now, it was her that made me this way, I was fine, I was happy with the life I used to have when my father was alive, I would play and have fun. But that’s all over now.

Like I said about calling somebody, I finally got the courage to call a rehab center for my mother while she was asleep. They came and got her the next day, she was furious with me that I had done that, but I didn’t care she had ruined my childhood from then on. My name is Chris by the way, Christopher James Peterson.

I took over my dad’s business when I turned 18, it was a butcher shop, so I had nice scary tools to cut meat with. But little did my customers know that I used the meat of criminals for food, so yeah, I know what you’re thinking you’re doing a little bit of good by killing bad people and making them into food. But that wasn’t the half of it. I was plotting my revenge on my high-strung, no-brained mother.

And that is to kill her, torture her, do something to make her see that I suffered, I wanted her to suffer like I had all those many years ago. I am now 22 years old, I have found the perfect plan to make my mother suffer, she is cleared and out of jail and rehab, she is supposedly a new person, but I don’t care if she’s changed or not, I don’t care if she has a new husband or boyfriend, I just want her to suffer like I did, seeing my dad die right in front of me.

So, I find out that my mother, Susan Charise Peterson, has a new boyfriend. None the less I have found my prey. I have figured out my perfect plan, I was going to kidnap her boyfriend and put him in my cellar and kill him and accuse my mother of the crime, wearing the very gloves she wore to kill my father. I was very good at sneaking about, it was my specialty.

I was waiting for her boyfriend to come home from work, I was waiting and hiding in his front yard, then I struck and captured him. I then took him in my truck and went to my shop and hid him in the cellar, he struggled as I tied him to the table I use to cut the meats.

“Don’t move, it’ll only hurt more,” I said to him.

Her boyfriend’s name was Henry Jay Hopkins.

“I’ll do anything you say just don’t hurt me!” Henry begged.

“Not a chance, you deserve to be on my shit list Henry,” I said to him picking up a saw.

“What the fuck did I ever do to you man!?” Henry was afraid.

I put the saw to his neck.

“It’s not what you did punk it’s what your crummy girlfriend did to me!!” I said.

“What are you talking about?” Henry asked.

“Oh, my mother didn’t tell you what she did to my father?” I asked.

“No, she didn’t say why?” Henry asked.

“She killed him! With a kitchen knife! I was merely a child!” I said.

“Dude I’m sorry that must have sucked,” Henry says.

“You have no idea!!” I said coldly.

“So, what do you want with me? Then…” Henry asked.

“You, dead as a doornail!” I said in his face.

“Why me?” Henry asked.

“So, I could blame my mother and get her arrested again,” I said smirking.

“You’re a monster!” Henry yelled.

I just laughed as I got my tools ready to torture him.

Then I thought of something devious.

“Maybe I don’t have to kill you, Henry? You would like that wouldn’t you?” I asked.

“What do you want then?” Henry asked.

“My damn mother dead as shit!” I yelled.

“I know your upset dude but torturing me and killing her won’t do you any good,” Henry said.

“Why not?” I said smirking, holding a knife up at him.

“Because! She’s changed that’s why!” Henry said.

“I don’t believe you at all,” I said.

“Trust me she’s done doing that ever since she went to rehab,” Henry mentioned.

“Don’t tell me it’s cause you’re in love with her!” I said.

Henry quivered in fear, I taped his mouth shut so he wouldn’t say anything else.

Then I killed him.

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