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The Blue Elephant

by Gulla Balla 9 months ago in psychological
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A Realistic Story Of A Psychiatrist

The hero of our story is a psychiatrist called (Yahya Rashid), Yahya is a doctor who works in Abbasiya Hospital for the treatment of mental and neurological diseases, which is a very famous hospital in the Arab Republic of Egypt, but Yahya in fact refrained from going to his work in the hospital and stopped working for about 5 years, and the reason behind this is his feeling of guilt about what he caused to his wife (Nermin) and his daughter.

Doctor Yahya was the type who likes to drink alcohol until he gets drunk. One day, while he was driving his car at a crazy speed, he lost control of the car due to the influence of alcohol, and this led to the car overturning, killing his wife and daughter, and he lived with this guilt that remained his companion throughout his life. Yahya did not forget that he was the main reason for the loss of his wife and daughter. After the doctor's vacations run out, Yahya is forced to return to his work in the hospital.

Doctor Yahya's return was not a natural one. Doctor Yahya works in the department responsible for determining the mental powers of the perpetrators. This may seem normal, but the strange thing is that Doctor Yahya meets upon his return an old friend of his called (Sharif Al-Kurdi), Sharif accused of killing his wife, and although Sharif claims that he is not the killer, but there is an evil spirit living inside him that did this.

Yahya's task was to prove his friend's innocence with the help of his friend Sharif's sister, whose name was (Lubna), although the doctor Yahya loved Lubna, Lubna was married to another man and had a young daughter named (Hania), Yahya and Lubna discovered that there was a genie (Nael). He lives inside Sharif's body and is the main cause of Sharif's killing his wife, but the strange thing is how the genie Nael transferred to Sharif's body.

In fact, there is a woman called Deja who drew a tattoo on the body of Sharif's wife, on the pretext that this tattoo will make Sharif's wife feel physical pleasure with her husband, but the truth is that this tattoo is nothing but a magic spell that will transfer the genie Nael to Sharif's body so that Nael will kill Sharif's wife later, and what is even more strange is the appearance of another tattoo on Sharif's body as an indication of the presence of the genie Nael.

Doctor Yahya discovered that the genie Nael caused Sharif to be completely absent from reality, and Nael became the controller of Sharif’s body and thus killed Sharif’s wife. (The Blue Elephant), and these pills help to reach the gap between fact and fiction.

Blue Elephant pills contain DMT, a substance secreted by the brain during the death of a person, where Yahya can reach the Genie Nael, who reaches humans through a tattoo. To destroy the genie, Nael, so that Doctor Sherif returns to his normal state again.

After that, Lubna separated from her husband to continue her life with Doctor Yahya, and we come to the end of the story where Doctor Yahya wakes up one day to find himself not remembering anything from the previous period of his life, and what makes the matter more terrifying is that Doctor Yahya discovers that there is a tattoo on his body that is the same The tattoo that was drawn on the body of his friend Sharif.

This is the end of our realistic story.

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