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The Bloodcry Manor

Return to the Manor

By just4funPublished about a month ago 3 min read
The Bloodcry Manor
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Michael's footsteps echoed through the long corridors of Weeping Manor, each step a tread upon the dust of history. The mansion's walls bore faded murals that seemed to whisper tales of past grandeur and tragedy. He passed through vacant chambers, each window a portal into the past, through which Michael could almost see the departed souls silently recounting their stories.

In the manor's library, Michael discovered a heavy tome of genealogy, its pages yellowed and edges worn by time. He pored over it, seeking a clue to break the curse. Suddenly, a chill wind swept through the room, turning the pages of their own accord and stopping at an illustration depicting an ancient ceremony performed at the manor. Michael stared at the image, a sense of foreboding creeping into his heart. He realized that this ritual may hold a direct connection to the manor's curse.

As his investigation deepened, Michael uncovered a hidden door concealed behind a fireplace. He cautiously opened it, revealing a stone staircase spiraling downwards. At its end lay a secret chamber, its walls adorned with strange artifacts and an ancient grimoire. Michael opened the grimoire, finding within it numerous rituals for lifting curses, but each required specific items and sacrifices.

In the manor's gardens, Michael stumbled upon a forgotten graveyard. The headstones bore the names of the manor's former inhabitants, both masters and servants from centuries past. A profound sadness washed over Michael, and he resolved to find peace for these lost souls. He searched the graveyard for names that might be linked to the curse, hoping to find a clue.

Just then, Michael heard a faint sound of weeping. He looked around but saw no one. The sound seemed to come from beneath the ground, sending shivers down his spine. He followed the noise, leading him to a seemingly ordinary tombstone. The earth beneath it was unusually loose, and Michael took his shovel to dig. Soon, a dilapidated wooden chest emerged from the soil.

Inside the chest lay ancient relics, including a photograph, a key, and a sealed letter. The photograph depicted a beautiful manor, a family of three standing before it. Michael studied it closely, recognizing the manor as the manor in its former glory. The people in the photo must have been the original owners. Michael then opened the letter, finding it to be a deathbed confession penned by a former master of the manor. It read

"My dearest successor,

If you have opened this letter, it means that you have begun your search for a way to break the curse. I must tell you that the curse that plagues this manor originates from a secretive family and the mysteries they guard.

This family possesses an ancient lineage, and they have safeguarded a powerful secret for generations—a secret that grants them dominion over life and death. However, this secret has also brought forth a terrible curse, tormenting the family members and casting an ominous shadow over the manor.

I once attempted to break this curse, but I failed. The power of the curse was too strong, and it consumed my soul. Now, I can only place my hope in you, in the hope that you will find a way to break the curse and free this family and the manor from its grasp.

At the end of the letter, the former master left a few enigmatic words: "Remember, the key to breaking the curse lies in uncovering the family's secret and locating the ancient artifact that they have hidden. Only by finding it can you truly dispel the curse and restore peace to the manor."


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  • Shirleyabout a month ago

    Well done

  • Thomasabout a month ago

    Looks a bit clichéd, waiting for a follow-up update

  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Well done you are doing great with full of passion

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