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The Bloodcry Manor


By just4funPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Bloodcry Manor
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The remote northern town was enveloped in a dead silence on that cold night, with only the howling wind sweeping through the empty streets. This town, situated in a remote area with sparse population, seemed isolated from the world. However, hidden in this desolate land lay an ancient and terrifying manor—the Bloodcry Manor.

The history of Bloodcry Manor can be traced back several centuries when it was owned by a powerful aristocratic family. It was said that this family was once prosperous and influential, with members holding important positions in politics and business. However, as time passed, the family's fortunes began to reverse. A sudden disaster struck, causing the family members to perish one by one, leaving behind only a young heir.

This young heir, named Edmund, inherited the family's wealth and status, but could not escape the family's curse. Strange cries and moans began to emanate from within the manor, said to be the voices of the deceased family members whose restless spirits could not find peace due to their resentment in life. Edmund sought help from countless sorcerers and priests, attempting to appease the angry spirits, but to no avail. Eventually, he chose to abandon the manor, leaving this terrifying place to the dust of time.

Centuries passed, and the Bloodcry Manor became a forgotten legend in the small town. However, when five curious young people stepped through its gates, the terrifying legend was awakened once again.

One night, while chatting in a local tavern, they inadvertently overheard the legend of Bloodcry Manor. Driven by curiosity, they decided to explore the abandoned manor and uncover its secrets. They arrived at the manor's gates, pushed open the heavy iron doors, and entered this cursed land. At first, they noticed nothing unusual, except for a sense of inexplicable oppression and chill. However, as they ventured deeper into the manor, strange things began to happen.

In a hidden room, they discovered a pale infant girl, her cries shrill and mournful. They also found strange clues, such as blood-stained walls, torn portraits, and scattered jewels, suggesting a brutal crime had once occurred. They tried to find the source of the sound, but the closer they got, the louder it became, until finally, they witnessed an unbelievable sight.

In a corner of the room, a towering figure slowly manifested. It was a ghost clad in a black robe, its face twisted, its eyes burning with resentment and fury. It slowly approached them, holding a blood-stained dagger.

"You should not have come here!" the ghost bellowed in a muffled, terrifying voice. "This is a cursed place, and you will pay the price!"

The five young people fled in terror, but the ghost followed, relentlessly howling. They were consumed by endless fear as if death itself was closing in on them. Just as the ghost was about to catch them, a mysterious force emerged from deep within the manor, instantly dispersing the ghost. The five escaped the manor, but their souls were forever imprinted with profound fear.

They left the town, but the terrifying legend of Bloodcry Manor remained etched in their minds forever. They knew they had only uncovered a corner of the manor's veil of horror, and the secrets and terrors hidden within were far more profound and dreadful than they could have imagined.

Years passed, and the five young people had each embarked on different paths in life. However, the terrifying legend of Bloodcry Manor lingered in their minds, unable to be forgotten.

Alica became a psychologist, attempting to rid herself of her fears by treating patients with psychological trauma. However, she found herself unable to escape the manor's shadow, hearing the pale infant's cries echoing in her ears every night.

Tom became an explorer, venturing to unknown realms across the world. Yet, no matter where he went, the shadow of Bloodcry Manor followed him, leaving him unable to shake the fear and unease.

Lily chose to forget, trying to erase the horrific memory through a busy life. However, every time she closed her eyes, the towering figure of the ghost would appear in her dreams, denying her peace.

Jack became a writer, attempting to express his fears and anxieties through words. He wrote a novel about Bloodcry Manor, trying to forever seal that horrific memory in the written word.

Michael chose to return, going back to the small town and facing his fears. He found that the townspeople still lived in fear of the legend of Bloodcry Manor, and no one dared approach the manor. Michael decided to enter the manor again, seeking a way to break the curse and bring peace to the town and himself.


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