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The Abandoned House

A Tale of Terro

By Kailash SinghPublished 11 months ago 5 min read
The Abandoned House

The old house at the end of the street had been abandoned for years. It had been the talk of the town for as long as anyone could remember. Some said that the house was cursed, while others believed that it was haunted by the ghost of its former owner.

One day, a group of teenagers dared each other to spend the night in an abandoned house. They were convinced that there was nothing to be afraid of and that all of the stories were just rumors.

As the sun began to set, the teenagers entered the house. The doors creaked open, and they were immediately hit by the musty smell of old furniture and dust. They set up camp in the living room, and tried to make themselves as comfortable as possible.

As the night wore on, strange things began to happen. The floorboards creaked, and doors slammed shut on their own. The teenagers tried to convince themselves that it was just the wind, but deep down, they knew that something was wrong.

Suddenly, a bloodcurdling scream echoed through the house. The teenagers froze in terror as they realized that they were not alone. They huddled together, praying for the night to end.

As the hours ticked by, the teenagers became more and more frightened. They could hear footsteps coming from the upstairs, and the sound of something dragging across the floor. They were convinced that the ghost of the former owner had come to claim them.

As the first light of dawn began to creep through the windows, the teenagers decided that they couldn't take it anymore. They gathered their things and ran out of the house as fast as they could.

As they stood outside, gasping for breath, they heard a voice from inside the house. It was a low, eerie voice that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. "You shouldn't have come here," it said. "Now, you'll never leave."

The teenagers never spoke of their experience again. They knew that nobody would believe them, and that they would be seen as crazy if they tried to explain what had happened. But deep down, they knew that the abandoned house was not just a place of rumors and ghost stories. It was a place of real terror, where the spirits of the dead roamed free and the living were never safe.

The rumors about the abandoned house had always been a part of the town's folklore. People said that the house had been owned by a madman who had experimented on his family and neighbors. Others believed that it had been built on an ancient burial ground and that the spirits of the dead had been awakened by the construction.

Whatever the truth was, nobody had dared to enter the house for years. It stood at the end of the street, looming over the other houses like a dark cloud. The windows were boarded up, and the front door was padlocked.

But the teenagers were different. They were convinced that they could handle whatever the house had in store for them. They were fearless and curious, and they believed that they would be able to solve the mystery of the abandoned house once and for all.

As they huddled together outside the house, the teenagers realized that they had made a terrible mistake. They had been foolish to think that they could conquer their fears, and now they were paying the price.

But as they stood there, waiting for the sun to rise, they began to hear strange noises coming from inside the house. It was as if something was moving around, searching for them. They could feel the cold breath of the spirits on their necks, and they knew that they were in grave danger.

Suddenly, one of them realized that they had left their phone inside the house. They knew that they had to go back in and get it, but the thought of entering the house again was almost too much to bear.

In the end, they drew straws to see who would go back in. It was the quietest of the group, a girl named Emily, who drew the short straw. She took a deep breath, and stepped back into the darkness.

As she made her way through the house, Emily could feel the spirits closing in on her. She saw shadows moving across the walls, and heard whispers coming from the corners of the room. But she kept moving forward, determined to retrieve her phone and get out of the house alive.

Finally, she found her phone lying on a table in the living room. She picked it up, and turned to leave. But as she did, she saw something that froze her in her tracks.

There, standing in front of her, was the ghost of the former owner of the house. He was a tall, gaunt figure with sunken eyes and a pale face. He stared at her with a cold, empty gaze, and she knew that he would not let her leave.

Emily tried to run, but the ghost was too fast. He reached out and grabbed her by the arm, pulling her back into the darkness. She screamed for help, but nobody came. The rest of the teenagers had fled, leaving her to face the horrors of the abandoned house alone.

In the end, Emily was never seen again. The police searched the house, but they found no trace of her. The rumors about the abandoned house continued to spread, and people whispered about the ghost of the former owner and the teenagers who had dared to enter the house.

But nobody ever went back inside. The abandoned house remained a place of darkness and terror, a reminder of the dangers that lurked in the shadows of the world. And the spirits of the dead continued to roam free, waiting for their next victim to enter the house of horrors.

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