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Story Time: The house across the street 2

A real life ghost story

By SRenaSPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
Story Time: The house across the street 2
Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash

Today, I want to share another story of the house across the road from my grandparents’s house. As I said before, my grandfather and his two sisters all of them live in the same area, houses just beside one and another. One is a house beside my grandparents’s house, another one’s house is just across the road. Since these 3 houses are practically beside each other, we grew up very close to each other.

Among the 3 houses the houses of the two sisters, my grandfather’s sisters, the ones beside and across the road are the haunted one, well as they say. But the hauntings are bare-able. To this day, my relatives still leave there.

Now let’s start the story. This one is from the house across the street, one of my grandfather’s sister. Let’s call her grandma Rainy (this is not her real name).

This story is from a long time ago. Grandma Rainy has a 2 story house, where there is a small but not too small room was built on the rooftop. After doing some renovations they turned it into a bedroom.

One of grandma Rainy’s daughter, my aunt, had just recently got married. After a few days of their marriage, they came here to meet grandma Rainy. So after their arrival, they were given this room to stay in for the rest of their stay here.

During the day they all had a fun day. They were newly wedded couple, so everyone was excited in the house. But in the excitement, my aunt forgot to tell her newly wedded husband about the house being haunted.

At night everyone went to sleep in their own respective rooms. Now their room was on the rooftop. Everyone slept on the second floor, while they slept in the room of the rooftop. Now they had a few maid leaving inside that house. They were basically full-time maid, doing household works and so on.

That night, the husband came downstairs, the second floor, to drink a cup of water. So he made his way down to the second floor. He got a cup of water, he quenched his thirst, and then started making his way towards the staircase leading to the rooftop. He was about almost about to reach the staircase, when he saw a girl. She was going downstairs, to the first floor. It was dark, but not too dark enough to not able to see a person.

He recognised the girl as one of the maids. But nothing is was wrong with that, right? There are maids living inside the house so of course you will see them around. But the thing was, their bedroom was on the second floor along with everyone, then why was she going downstairs at this hour?

Wondering this, he unconsciously just looked down towards her feet. He froze in his place, with eyes widened, unable to stay anything. Her feet were backwards. The “maid” didn’t notice him at all. From where he stood, it was not too difficult to spot someone, even at dark. But she just went downstairs. Her movements didn’t look humane. It was strange and weird.

Suddenly, accidentally, he saw her eyes. They were bloodshot eyes, it was so red.

After he saw the “maid” go downstairs, he stood their and waiting if she will come upstairs again. After making sure she wouldn’t, he quickly went up the stairs, and headed straight towards the room. Upon entering the room he saw that his wife was awake, so he told her about this.

Upon hearing his experience, she was not shocked at all, to which the husband was confused. The she explained the haunting history of this house..

That is the End of this story.

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