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That house across the street

A real life ghost story.

By SRenaSPublished 11 months ago 5 min read
That house across the street
Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash

My grandparents lived in a three story house. With a small yard and swings on the rooftop. My grandfather loved plants, trees, gardening and everything about it. His yard was basically like a garden and on the rooftop he also planted so many types of flowers, fruit trees and plants. It was always so nice there. Fresh air, greens around, during summer a nice sunny day, during winter a nice cold day and during monsoon a nice rainy day, who wouldn’t miss it once leaving? Mind you, they lived in the city.

Every vacation, holiday we went to visit our grandparents. That’s what we looked forward to everytime, and that’s what we were always excited about. We would always wait for every vacation or holiday, just to go there. And always would be sad once our vacations would be over as we had to come back.

Our family and my Aunt’s family, we all would go there during these days. So during that time, the house would be so packed with people, and that’s what we enjoyed, the company of one and another.

Just beside my grandparents there was a another house, it was of my grandfather’s sister, my grandfather has a lot of siblings. It was just bit taller than my grandparents house. The two houses were very close to eachother. The gap between was very small, but not small enough for a human to jump over, just a little more than that.

Across the road was another house that was of another one of my grandfather’s sister. Since these three houses were so close to eachother. Our families were also very close. Our parents were very close to one another as they were cousins and always stayed in contact, which in result made us very close with their kids, our second cousins.

So during vacations, we would all gather there and just spend our days away from stress, daily life duties and so on.

Often during afternoons we the kids would gather up and play various kinds of games in a field near the three houses or sometimes we would go to house across the street, my one of my grandfather’s sister’s house, and just share some stories of our life, or just tell ghost stories or fairytales to eachother.

Sometimes I would just go to the rooftop with my siblings and just ride the swings one by one.

Growing up, I always heard so many stories surrounding that place. The elder would often tell us, “don’t go their at dark”, “don’t stay alone in an empty room”, “ don’t go to the yard or rooftop alone” and so many other. They would say that “this area is not good”, to which they meant bad entities or in other words Jins would roam around.

I personally never saw any of these. My grandparents knew these existed, and maybe once or maybe twice they even experienced it but they were never afraid. They were some of the most bravest persons I know. My grandma can stay alone in the entire house not even getting the slightest scare.

Out of the 3 houses, my grandparents’s house was the most calmest one. No sightings of Jins was here not even paranormal events. But the 2 houses across the street and beside were the most haunted ones and to this day it still is. Today, I want to share one of the scariest stories that I heard that happened there.

This story occurred in the house across the street and they told us about this.

They had a maid who stayed inside the house and would do all the household works. From cleaning to sometimes cooking. And one day she was in her room, minding her business. Then she heard someone call her name. She quickly went there to assist the person who was called her, she saw one of the kids, my second little cousin, called her. She asked, “how can I help you” to which he answered, “ I want to play! Come play with me. Follow me.” Since there was no work to do she agreed.

She saw that he was leading her to a room, where it was not the safest place to be after the afternoon. The elders said not to go to this room after dark. It was not the safest place, to be precise, Jins would apparently stay there.

Knowing this, she said, “let’s go play somewhere else. You know we are not allowed there.” To which he answered, “it’s okay! I know this place very well. Nothing will happen.” Believing his word she went into the room and started playing with him. But something was so off about him. He was playing with doll, like the usual but he gave such a weird and heavy energy. She ignored it.

He suddenly ran off and saying I will be back soon. She waited for a long time but he didn’t came. All his little dolls and toys were all over floor. She feared if someone saw this they would scold her, so she started cleaning it when suddenly a glass mug fell from the shelf in the hallway, shattering to pieces. A few minutes ago she heard running noises. She thought it was the cousin, running around and breaking things. She knew if someone saw this they would tell her to clean it up. So before someone said anything she went to clean it up.

The glass mug that broke was in front of a room. In that room of them, who were staying there during the vacations, meaning my second aunts and cousins, gathered and were just talking. The children were also there chitchatting. Upon hearing the shattering of the glass they all came out to check and saw that the maid was cleaning it up. They asked, “Did you break this?” To which she replied, “No! I think it was him” she pointed her fingers toward my second little cousin.

“What! I was right here, how would I break it?!” He said in his defence. The maid then explained her reason for thinking this and that he was lying. She explained that he was playing with her and abruptly left and after a while she heard noises like someone was running down the hallway and that’s why she thought it was him.

Hearing this they were all shocked as this whole time he was with them, inside the room. And they all heard the running noise but thought it was the maid.

Hearing this the maid froze in her place. She was scared. Who was she playing with, talking with this whole time? Needless to say, they all knew, it was a Jin.

After that incident, she fell ill. She had a high fever. Doctors checked her, gave her medicine, but she was still sick. And gradually she became better after a some time.

That was the End.

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Comments (2)

  • Ahamed Thousif10 months ago

    Nice horror story

  • Ahamed Thousif10 months ago

    Well written and this is a really real story for your life. Do you believe in ghosts?

SRenaSWritten by SRenaS

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