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The Slaughter Of Benjamin Soul

By Carol TownendPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

The cabin in the woods had been abandoned for years, but one night, a candle burned in the window.

The cabin had been shored up, and my camping friends wanted to know why. I hesitated before telling them the truthful story about what happened on that fateful night when Benjamin Soul and his family mysteriously lost their lives. It was a story I had kept secret for many years so as to not stop campers from coming back here.

My friends insisted, and I have a story to tell.

Last season, we employed a caretaker to stay in the cabin and patrol the camp. We had a lot of problems with criminal gangs whose only goal was to destroy the camp. The caretaker was called Benjamin Soul, and he and his family stayed in the cabin throughout the Summer months in order to patrol the camp.

One Summers night, Benjamin and his family had taken a walk through the camp woods. The camp had been quiet and peaceful so the family decided that it was safe to take a break. They came back two hours later to find the door open and a candle burning in the window. Benjamin thought that he had forgotten to lock the door on his way out, though he had no idea why the candle was there. His wife thought that there might be an intruder and she insisted upon Benjamin calling the police. However, Benjamin thought that it might have been a mistake on his behalf, so he left his wife in the car with the children while he examined the situation.

Benjamin was nervous as he stepped inside the cabin. He looked all around him and he was horrified to see his sofa had been torn to shreds. He found smashed bottles and cigarette stubs all over the floor, his television had been stolen. However, the thing that bothered him was the words 'die' had been written on the wall above his writing desk. He checked to see if anything had been moved. His laptop was still there, though he picked it up and to his horror, he found a large toe with a knife pierced through it underneath. Benjamin screamed in horror, which triggered the following events.

Nails flew across the room and hammered their way into the door behind him, although there wasn't anyone throwing them. The candle was blown out even though there was no wind or a person about to do that, and the curtains on the cabin window shut violently, despite nobody actually closing them. Suddenly, the floor creaked heavily and Benjamin stepped back afraid. Sweat poured down his face, his body was shaking and his teeth were chattering violently. He attempted to light another candle with his lighter from his pocket, in order to see what the hell was going on around him; though a violent wind shook through the whole cabin, knocking him off his feet and blowing the candle out. There was a huge chill in the cabin, even though it was warm outside.

Benjamin decided that this was a bad idea, and he felt that he should get out and call the police after all. He took a step to the door, but a huge metal claw slammed into it right in front of him. He moved away from the door, aiming towards the window, thinking that if he could just move the curtain then he would be able to signal to his wife and get her to call the police. The claw slammed into the wall behind him. Benjamin was confused because there appeared to be nobody but himself in the cabin.

However, he had no time to think. He needed to get out now!

Benjamin tried moving his feet. When he did, over a thousand sharp nails ripped through the skin and bone. The pain felt like torture and he screamed aloud. He regretted this, as he felt two heavy arms lock around his waist. Benjamin tried to fight back, but he couldn't because the weight of the arms was too much. He had been lifted off his feet from where he stood, and the nails that were holding them, cut through his flesh like a chainsaw.

There was no point in screaming again, as his wife could not hear him. Besides screaming would only cause more pain, so he slammed his mouth shut.

He was carried to a cold, steel, table and slammed so hard onto it that his back almost broke. He heard the sound of a loud chainsaw coming from above his stomach.

"Please, no!" he cried.

I had just come back from a long walk myself when I heard violent screams coming from the cabin. I saw a car parked outside it and I decided to check it out.

I found a woman in the car whose head had been cut clean off.

I ran furiously toward the cabin and banged hard on the door, though there was no reply. I could hear machinery working inside the cabin, and the screams were getting louder. I tried calling the police, though it was impossible to get a signal out here in these woods. I banged on the door again, but the only words that I could hear were

"Please no! Don't kill me!" being screamed over and over again.

I suddenly heard the slashing of a machete knife and the screaming became more silent. I was terrified out here, and even more, terrified of what was happening to the man inside the cabin.

The screaming stopped after about four hours.

The curtains suddenly shot open and everything went silent. I peeked through the window, but all I could see was a candle burning there, so I attempted to open the door, though it wouldn't open even after I had tried using the emergency key to open it.

I headed back to my tent at the camp and grabbed my huge clawhammer. I ran all the way back to the cabin and used my clawhammer in order to damage the door. I managed to rip the door off,

Though what I saw before my eyes were more horrific than anything I had ever seen happen in this camp since I started working here.

The whole room was bathed in blood, flesh, bone and body parts were strewn all over the floor, and half of a body was laid on a steel table with a machete and a chainsaw driven into it.

I ran from the cabin and I vomited six times. Panicking, sweating and stammering, I managed to get my phone to connect to the police who arrived within minutes of me calling.

When the police got here; a police officer entered the cabin in order to investigate the crime. The door was nailed shut again, and the police officer let out a huge scream.

He never came out.

Four more officers entered the cabin, and there were more violent screams. They never came out either.

The cabin in the camp in the woods remains shored up today. Nobody ever found out what happened to the man or the officers, and nobody dare enter the cabin in order to investigate it.

Check out my other cabin stories here, and thankyou for reading!


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  • Sindy Leah Fitz2 years ago

    Wickedly gruesome! So exciting. I loved it! Great writing.

  • SM Nolan2 years ago

    Woah! Exhilarating from start to finish! Great stuff Carol! -SM

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