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School horror story

Walking alone form school horror story

By Sports trending Published about a year ago 3 min read

School horror stories

This instead happened to me one year ago our final exam coming up and I still needed to do lot more preparation usually our school library would close by five but because of the exams school decided that the library would be kept open until midnight so that if kids wanted they could

stay to study and prepare for the exams my house wasn't far away form the school instead of studying at home I preferred studying in the quiet calm library and mostly prepared for the exams there that day I left my house at six o,'clock and soon reached the library to prepare for the exams I was so absorbed and studying I didn't realize that it was now 10 o'clock

I had never stayed in the library for that long usevally I would be on my way home at around 8 even at eight o'clock there would be at least some students in library but at 10 there was absolute silence I only had about 10 to 15 minutes of work left

So I decided l'll just finish is this quickly and then return home I was completely lost in my work when I heard someone limping I quickly crafted my books

And ran out of the library there is very long corridor

Out side our school library at the end of that corridor when you trun right you l'll find the school exit door I went through the corridor and was quickly getting near the exit when l saw a woman standing

at the end of that corridor I didn't know who she but as I got nearer I felt and more uncomfortable

I got so uncomfortable that ij called out who's there

I soon as I said that she was gone within few seconds I cite a breath of relief and continued out of front door due to exhaustion and hunger I couldn't even walk properly but I noticed that the street I was strangely completely empty which was extremely odd because the street was normally busy at night you can see people walking on the street due to panic and fear I kept looking around while walking

I i was nearly home when suddenly I saw showdow on the ground stretching out to me even though there was no one around me when I lefted my head I saw woman walking in front of me I found here very strange she looked as if she disabled and she was

have trouble walking and she was walking so slowly that I caught up to her in no time now I was so close to her that I could see her celarly she was wearing tattered dirty clothes and her hands and feet were twisted also her hari look very messy

I found so strange that I stopped my tracks

My gut telling me over and over not go any closer to and this woman I didn't even have the courage to overtake her and walk on I was frozen I couldn't utter a word due to shock my brain went numb I didn't know how to answer her strange question fear I pointed far far away to the woman over there I just her to go away

she limped to where I had pointed to her and she walked so far away that I couldn't see any more I was terrified of the thought that she might appear in for t of me again so I ran as fast I could at that ponited my brain couldn't think about anything else other then finding someone who could help me or car a person or anyone and then that moment I

I heard that woman screaming form far away she is! Here ofrter thar I remember nothing when I became conscious I found out that my neighbor found me passed out on the ground and he brought me home I found this out form him that in 1998 there was a 32 year old woman named Agatha she had ten year old daughter who also went eden Hill school one day while playing with her friends she had an accident and died antha couldn't bear the thought of losing her child after that antha ghost was seen roaming

Around eden hill school and the surrounding are looking for her lost child she 's wordering hoping to be a reunited with her daughter once once again

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  • Jay LeTron Dobbinsabout a year ago

    Good read. I saw some minor errors. I do the same as well. Read your stories to yourself and you can pick up on errors! Keep writing

  • Memet Kaymazabout a year ago

    Good story, congra...

  • Priestess Ganesaabout a year ago

    Good story! Support me too and read https://vocal.media/fiction/priestess-patina-pochoir-and-her-missing-guardian-raptor

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