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Priestess Patina Pochoir and Her Missing Guardian Raptor

The Heroes of This Galaxy series, second installment

By Priestess GanesaPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Priestess Patina Pochoir was incredibly worried, and she never worried. Her beloved guardian raptor, Mau’e’leilei, had gone missing. She had been out on a routine flight when something must have gone wrong, because she didn’t return at the usual time. In fact, she didn’t return at all that day. So Priestess Patina searched everywhere in her dimension and all the others in her parish, but there was still no sign of her beloved companion.

As she was searching somewhere in the woods in th 19th dimension, she heard a commotion coming from the nearby meadow. Curious, she went to investigate and found Byron the baby blue bison clumsily wiping off Mau’e’leilei's dinner from his fur. Priestess Patina's heart sank as she realized what had happened. She was sure Byron had accidentally ruined Mau’e’leilei's dinner in a clumsy accidental stumble or fall, and in a fit of anger, the raptor had surely flown away.

Priestess Patina was desperate to find Mau’e’leilei. She knew that the raptor was fiercely independent and would not return until she was ready, so Priestess Patina decided to enlist the help of the Heroes of this Galaxy, a group of powerful and brave warriors who had saved the galaxy from countless threats. They could probably very easily locate Mau’e’leilei. If she could at least just know where her beloved guardian was, and know that she was safe, then she could stop worrying.

The Heroes of this Galaxy were more than happy to help Priestess Patina find Mau’e’leilei. They searched high and low, but there was still no sign of the missing raptor. Just as they were about to give up, they received a distress call from Galaxy Goddess Ganache, who had been unable to assist them due to a crisis in her own dimension. Her stash of vegan marshmallows had gone missing, and she feared that something terrible had happened.

The Heroes of this Galaxy rushed to Goddess Ganache's aid, but when they arrived, they found that things had taken a turn for the worse. Lady Shadow del Mar, the breakdancing dog, had slipped on a steaming hot pile of fresh elephant poop during a performance for the king of the planet Kromius9, and was now lying injured on the ground, covered in elephant waste. The Heroes were confounded. Elephants did not exist in this dimension. Perplexed and horrified at Lady Shadow's condition, they knew they had to act fast.

As they were trying to help Lady Shadow, Raiden the red ram rowdily entered the scene. He was a fierce warrior, known for his hot temper, but also known for his great consideration towards others and most of all for his staunch protection of his friends and loved ones. He was on his own mission to help Goddess Ganache locate the missing vegan sweets. He immediately challenged the Heroes, believing that his fellow wariors were the ones responsible for the missing vegan marshmallows.

The Heroes tried to reason with Raiden, pointing out Lady Shadow's perilous state, but he was too angry to listen. A fierce battle ensued, with Raiden and the Heroes locked in a desperate struggle while Lady Shadow hung on for dear life. Just as it seemed that the Heroes were about to be defeated by one of their own, and that Lady Shadow couldn't hold on for much longer, a 20 ton dancing elephant appeared amongst them, stopping the fight immediately.

The elephant introduced itself as Mau’e’leilei and explained that she had flown away in anger after Byron had accidentally ruined her dinner. While flying through different dimensions to work out her anger, she came across a traveling galactic circus that featured a performer who was a monkey magic master. This magician proceeded to turn the raptor into a pachyderm! She begged him to turn her back into the raptor that she was, but the magician refused and the circus moved on to perform in another galaxy completely unknown to her. Mau’e’leilei was now an elephant! She didn't know the first thing about elephants! She was so big and heavy now, not able to do the same things or move the same way, and she felt so strange! How could she properly serve in her role as guardian in this state? She knew that she could never go back home as a pachyderm, so she decided to stay away. She didn’t realize her absence would have caused such trouble! But when she heard the commotion and saw them all fighting, she realized she needed to make things right again. First thing, they had to get Lady Shadow to a healer and eventually she wanted to go back home to Priestess Patina.

Once they got Lady Shadow to the healer, Goddess Ganache, Mau’e’leilei apologized to the Heroes for overreacting and said that she would help them find the missing vegan marshmallows. She actually knew something about their whereabouts. She was the one who had taken them. She apologized profusely. She was just so hungry and very unfamiliar with this dimension. The only place she was at all familiar with was Goddess Ganache's place and even though she didn't know where the kitchen was, she remembered where the vegan marshmallows were kept, so she took them and ate them for her dinner since Byron had ruined her last chance at a decent meal, even if it was an accident. Mau'e'leilei was planning on replacing the marshmallows, but obviously not soon enough. She promised to replace them ASAP.

Raiden, ashamed of his behavior, apologized to the Heroes. He promised he would put his considerate nature above his protectiveness in the future. Byron apologized for ruining dinner and replaced it with a delicious vegan feast fit for the heroes that they were. Mau’e’leilei replaced Goddess Ganache’s vegan marshmallows, apologized again to everyone for overreacting, and took a bunch of vegan treats, and a new outfit, to Lady Shadow when they visited her in the rehabilitation center.

The Heroes of this Galaxy were all relieved that everything had been resolved. Priestess Patina was overjoyed to have her beloved companion back by her side, even if she was a different species and many times larger now than she was before, she cared for her just the same!

In the end, everything turned out well. Goddess Ganache's vegan marshmallows were replaced with even tastier ones, Lady Shadow had a complete recovery, and Priestess Patina and her guardian, Mau’e’leilei, were reunited. The Heroes of this Galaxy had one more story to tell and one more victory to add to their list, and the galaxy was safe once again. Together, they all celebrated their victory then rode off into the atmosphere, each going their own way, ready for the next adventure.

MysterySeriesYoung AdultShort StorySci FiHumorfamilyFableAdventure

About the Creator

Priestess Ganesa

Artist, ordained minister, wellness empowerer and supporter. Plant based holistic services, resources, education, and reiki charged art.

Because we’re all connected, part of the same whole, I help others maintain the energy that connects us.

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