Payne of the Bites (Pt. 3)

From the Payne of the Bite: Short Stories Series

Payne of the Bites (Pt. 3)

“From deep underground, a lab assistant and her boss finally stop pacing back and forth to celebrate their latest discovery of scientific findings. They were getting off the phone with the Umbrella Corporation, a company specializing in bio-warfare, when the request to begin testing on the new specimen itself had arrived. The bio-specimens the underground lab had continuously been working on truly began developing into the successor to the Legendary Hitman Agent 47, and the Baba Yaga himself, John Wick. The purpose of these bio-specimens is so that when the day arrives where world governments finally unite, there would be a weapon of mass destruction to tear the very fabric of the One World Government, leaving it in crumbled shambles.”

As the three remaining survivors of our tale finally managed to leave the Blood Harvest Cabin in North Carolina, the road for them had only just begun. The survivors before, finished watching their fallen ex-navy comrade Bill become completely devoured and slaughtered by the undead. Moans and roars bellowed from within the pale walkers, all that could be heard from Bill that night was the loud screeches of pain and terror. Where Bill had transferred to in the afterlife had only been a different type of hell within itself. As the remaining survivors managed to fuel up and hot wire a pale grey mini van to escape the Blood Harvest Cabin, thoughts of what life was like before the outbreak hit—for someone like Louis—became ideal.

As Zoey and Francis rode in the front, Louis counted his ammo and rations for the hours and days ahead in the back of the van. As Louis tried to find happier times to fall back on during the apocalypse, he thought perhaps a power nap could suffice. Louis reminisced on him and his sister Veronica, and how they used to play in the hospital their parents worked at named Mercy Hospital. Louis thought long and hard that night on the day Veronica had played an intense game of hide and seek with him in the hospital. On this particular day, Louis had gotten trapped within a morgue locker filled with frozen corpses. Veronica had locked Louis inside playing a joke; it was unannounced to her that Louis had also been locked with all the cutting equipment as well. When the lights in the locker flickered on and off, Louis swore to this day he saw a woman with plastic wrapped around her head coming at Louis with a bone saw. When Veronica finally opened the door, Louis had been frightened to death in a corner, swearing he been attacked. There had been no one else in the locker besides the two siblings and the frozen corpses. Yet, a cut across Louis head had been bleeding profusely. Perhaps the night of shooting and running made Louis bounce from happy to sad in a moment's notice.

One thing is for certain, Louis knew he definitely was one member out of the four survivors who truly wished he knew about the undead outbreak sooner. Back when life was more stable than peaceful, Louis had lived the life of a white-collared office worker who once was an army veteran. Growing up around many doctors and nurses in his family led Louis typically to become known as the black sheep of his family. For wanting to join the service and kill others, and not heal them, put Louis's family to ironic shame. The only person Louis truly loved in this life was his twin sister named Veronica. The two of them were born identical siblings, living a life where they felt as if they'd grow up and die together. The two had a strange, keen ability to always know each other's thoughts and feelings. Experiencing an almost fatal car accident in her mid-twenties led doctors to prescribe Veronica with a lethal dosage of painkiller medication. While Louis was deployed overseas, Veronica’s pill addiction grew stronger. Weeks before Louis was stationed to return home, Veronica had overdosed at work during one of her night shifts. When Louis finally got a chance to say his goodbyes at Veronica’s grave site, he had just received the news from base that within a few hours there would be full blown media coverage about an undead outbreak. Gathering all his belongings that night, Louis eventually managed to link up with Bill, Zoey, and Francis at an intersection in the city.

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